Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Presenting...'BLAG PARTY', the covers project!

Calling all vaguely musical Bloc Party fans...this is the chance for you to get your Bloc Party covers heard. All you have to do is record your version of any Bloc Party song - it could be a solo project or a band effort - and send it here.

There are no other restrictions, so express yourself in whatever way you so desire. If that means playing a recorder through your nose, then so be it! Banjos, accordions, finger cymbals and xylophones are also more than welcome, so get your creative juices flowing!

The best/most original cover versions will be added to the 'BLAG PARTY' collection for everyone to hear, and the plan is to send the Bloc boys a CD so that they can hear the fruits of your labour.


1. Slowbear The Great - Banquet

A beautiful version of 'Banquet' sent in by Slowbear The Great (a.k.a. Joe O'Callaghan). This bedroom recording uses double tracked vocals, giving it a smoky, Elliott Smith-esque feel. It's completely different to the original track (Banquet isn't a song you'd expect to hear an acoustic rendition of!) but it works extremely well.

2.The 90's - So Here We Are

The 90's is the work of Samuel Hemmilä from Sweden. He created this Lemon Jelly-esque remix by looping the hook of the song (the guitar parts in the beginning) whilst generating new beats and structure from scratch.

3. Igor Kurtagic - Blue Light

Igor Kurtagic, who resides in Sarajevo, Bosnia, has reworked the original 'Blue Light' into a lighters-aloft electro-anthem. The vocal melody of the original track is the only recognizable element – he's opted for piano loops, bass and beats instead of guitars.

4. Matoran - Chinese Burn

Matoran (the pseudonym of Richard Sallis from Australia) has covered this extremely rare Bloc Party song, no mean feat considering it only exists in the form of this grainy video. Matoran chose this track because it's one of his favourite Bloc songs and he wanted to hear a studio version, even if that meant having to record it himself!

5. Tempera[mental] - Like Eating Glass

Tempera[mental] (Gordi Shephard from Surrey, England) created this 'electremo' cover of 'Like Eating Glass' on his laptop using just a keyboard, a microphone and some nifty software. It's Bloc Party meets Daft Punk meets The Postal Service!

6. Jon Solo - Blue Light

A tender, folky take on 'Blue Light', recorded by Jon Solo in his Brooklyn home studio. Producers of 'The O.C.' take note...this needs to soundtrack your next series!

7. Noah Blackwell - Blue Light

Another cover of 'Blue Light'! This atmospheric acoustic version was created by Noah Blackwell in St. Louis, Missouri.

8. iamchemist - So Here We Are

A sublime version of 'So Here We Are' by Glaswegian electro artist iamchemist...the euphoric sound of robots falling in love to a soundtrack of celestial synths.

9. Robert Melhuish - She's Hearing Voices

A note-perfect instrumental cover of 'She's Hearing Voices', played by Robert Melhuish over a backing track.

10. Ethan Waters - I Still Remember

The first cover of any 'A Weekend In The City' tracks! This is a slow-burning, piano-led rendition of 'I Still Remember' performed by 20-year-old film student Ethan Waters from Auckland, New Zealand.

11. Dheavy - The Prayer

24-year-old Dave Heavyside from Adelaide, Australia, recorded this haunting, stripped-down acoustic version of 'The Prayer'.

12. Birch Street Project - Flux

Sweden's Birch Street Project replace the Euro-techno vibe of the original track with some Bossa Nova-styled rhythms, off-beat acoustic strums and sultry female vocals.

13. Of Yesteryears (ft. Karin Haase) - Flux

An acoustic version of 'Flux' recorded by Jeremiah Satterthwaite, aka 'Of Yesteryears', and also featuring his friend Karin Haase on backing vocals. The track is pretty much unrecognisable from the original, with hushed 'Iron & Wine'-esque vocals, finger-picked acoustic guitar and a smidgen of violin.

14. Sofie Vandeputte and Jozefien Vanherpe - Kreuzberg (live)

A beautiful stripped down live performance of 'Kreuzberg', recorded at the Kulak Proms, Belgium. Featuring Sofie Vandeputte on piano/vocals and Jozefien Vanherpe on cello.


Woahwoahwoah... Is this the AND project???????
I'm going into the studio on the weekend. Is it OK if I send something in after Monday?
yeah, of course...this'll be running for a while hopefully, so there's no rush!
Nice to see this properly taking off Jim!
I'm gonna actually do it now. :)
since it is an ongoing thing, will there be room for multiple interpretations of songs

i have great ideas for one but i am away from my recording equipment for about the next 2 weeks
yeah, that's fine :)
That banquet is terrible... That's not how the songs supposed to be. There's no energy in the cover!
I actually rather like the cover, brings a whole new beauty to the song
Totally dueting This Modern Love with my girlfriend. Probably on piano & bass!
the banquet cover sounds like the tuung version of pioneers
I like it!
that cover is ace! like mat said, totally new and more beautiful edge to the song. love those acoustic gits.
that cover is great

and as a hugely obsessive elliott smith fan i definetly see the comparison
I was gonna do Pioneers until I realised i didn't know how half or it went, SHWA but I kept stuffing it up. Maybe Compliments, Tulips, LEG or Helicopter. Or maybe even Blue Light. I dont know
I'm working on a version of Tulips now but im away from my recording equipment for another 2 weeks
Whoever did this Banquet cover, I think Tunng would like to have a word .... Not bad , would have been nice with more vocalists . 6.3/10
I just finished a version of Positive Tention. Not fantastic but it's something. I think the problem is I cant sing as high as Kele and I try to. I do the gordy bits ok though.
awesome! i might actually submit something.
When will be able to hear the submissions?
first of all it's Dionijs Robin van Loon biatches.. or DI-OEN
This is the new video for 'the prayer'
It's a nice idea. Shame he's got a crap voice. He can hold a tune but apparently can't carry off something like this.
these new covers are great, thanks for you guys who sent them in!
That Banquet cover's great, could do with some strings towards the end though!
i have to say.
the like eating glass remix is a bit good.
as is the chinese burn one.
I don't understand the point of wasting your time covering a band that has become popular by continuously copying a band more of you should research and worship - Gang Of Four.
the chinese burn cover is awesome.. but on the otherhand it's also one of the songs that stays very close too the original in which the others are better....
This Like Eating Glass cover is sweet! it totally rocks
wow, if you can email me more about either slowbear the great or igor and where i can find out more about them, that would be sweet.

keep up this incredible site.
Thanks for this. Put one of your covers on my blog ( and linked back to you.
I think it's very interesting that all of the covers went very mellow. Slowbear and a couple others remind me a lot of Sufjan Stevens.

gonna try to make a cover of Cain Said to Abel (my favourite song so far...not sure why it didn't get any attention)
i'd definitely cover Luno if i knew how to play an instrument.
that one or The Pioneers.
All these covers are amazing, brilliant addition to my bloc party collection. And Bloc Party, I'm pissed off you are not coming to Perth, Australia!
I'm working on a cover of Secrets right now with my band. We played it live the other day and people liked it so thats a good sign.
still no new album stuff come lets get cracking
hey everyone! not allowed to re-submit entries to this so i posted few on myspace.
dont bother adding it just have a listen n see what you think.
i made the "she's hearing voices cover" my new version's better quality and all but from drums + bass (dues to a lack of a drum kit and bass guitar) is made by me! hope you like
I absolutly NEED the Like Eating Glass cover by Tempera[mental]!!! I love this!( i think even more than the real version) someone please send it to me or something!!
Chinese burn cover is pretty sweet...hadnt heard the song before but think its brill!

Keep up the good work everyone :D
this is really great! i'm looking forward to a download-version of these great songs!?
kepp going!
Suggestions for someone more talented than me: piano and vocal only cover of Vision of Heaven, techno-free Idea for a Story, and a version of Ion square similar to the version of Kruezberg, and an accoustic, keyboard and guitar based cover of Two More Years.
I remixed 2 Bloc Party songs, drum&bass stylee...

The Prayer- Sean Monistat remixxx

Flux- Sean Monistat remixxx

the two tracks flow seamlessly into one another, but i split the track up incase someone wants to listen to one or the other independently.

let me know what you think! :)
hey, sent you an initial sketchy cover of Little Thoughts...see what you think :)
Hey, sent you the finished version (plus extra instruments now too!)
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