The Young Turks...From an Armenian's Perspective.

There's nothing like getting threatening and hateful emails from my Armenian counterparts. My absolute favorite emails include those that pose the question, "How can you work for the people who orchestrated the Armenian Genocide?"

Here's the thing, I have not let one angry Armenian email go unanswered. But my fingers are sore from writing back to those who have never watched or listened to "The Young Turks," and just assume we promote hate and genocide on the radio. Do you really think the FCC would permit something like that on national airwaves? Let's be realistic here!

Here is my advice to you: It's usually a good idea to do your research before accusing someone of anything offensive. But in this case I can understand how a name like "The Young Turks" can turn Armenians off to the show. I was raised like most traditional Armenian girls. I read Armenian, write Armenian, speak Armenian, cook, dance, and BREATHE Armenian every single day. I don't need a long explanation of what happened to the Armenians in 1915. I know about the Genocide, I don't support those who deny it, and I'm not a "self-hating moron," as some of my fine Armenian friends have claimed.

The truth is, The Young Turks is an awesome political commentary show on Air America Radio. Discussion about the Armenian Genocide is rare, and even in that case the show doesn't talk about denying how the genocide happened. We spend our time bashing the Bush Administration, talking about the latest in entertainment, and we even dabble with offbeat news...not Armenians. We talk about contemporary politics, and have a damn good time doing it!

This is my career and I make the decisions. "I'm the decision maker." (Bush, 2007) So stop hating, and do your homework on the show!

If Cenk ever said something offensive about Armenians or the genocide, I wouldn't be working for The Young Turks. The fact of the matter is, Cenk doesn't have anything negative to say about Armenians. He hired me, Anahit Misak Kasparian, and treats me with respect. That's all that matters.

I love listener feedback, but I don't love reading messages from people who are so blinded by their own pride that they can't look past the name of a show. Watch or listen to the show, and if you still think we promote hate toward the Armenians, shoot me an email. I would love to read it!

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Always remember that when it comes to those emails.

So are we, of course.

by jarett on 10/26/2007 05:55:39 PM EST

Maybe they don't like that an Armenian works for a Turk?

by acroso on 10/26/2007 07:43:14 PM EST

"Maybe they don't like that an Armenian works for a Turk?"

Don't worry; Ana's in her early 20's. If "they" listened to the show, they'd know that Cenk will probably be working for Ana someday.

by Dogger on 10/27/2007 10:06:31 AM EST

and why are those armenians sending those hateful e-mails?

by azmhyr on 05/16/2008 01:08:55 PM EST

Ana, Im Armenian and I watch the show on a regular basis. Obviously im not a big fan on the name, but it doesnt really matter. The show is great, funny, and interesting. You also make the show way better. Cenk has never said anything deamening to Armenians (from the time i started watchin way back in 2007)...His point of view on the genocide is my only concern (i've read articles about him denying it,then ive seen the video of him at the "Turks for Obama" event in which he also denies it,but this last time you guys talked about the protocols, he seemed more open minded),but that has nothing to do with you obviously. Keep up the good work and never leave the show!

by goldenshots on 10/28/2009 12:26:05 AM EST

If he can easily disregard historical facts for his own personal agendas, how many other facts is he not tell-telling about?  So, I don't think  it is just because he denies a genocide that would keep good people far from him,  and far from thinking this is  just being an Armenian/Turkish issue, unless you believe it is only Armenians who look  for creditably in the views..  
If folks can't see it is not the denial itself, it is what it represents then we got a big problem with humanity..

by AlanaKalanian on 03/26/2012 10:06:52 PM EST

Dear Ana,

Back in 1915 Armenians were working with Turks, look what happened. You working for a Turkish person to me is not a big deal. How ever it is  obvious that you have been brain washed in the most dramatic way.Now if you can not see and feel that then you are far gone.

by Mayata on 04/13/2012 04:05:24 PM EST