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Here's a bunch of great little films and shorts- The LA Film Festival  2003. Check out the Preview Page to get a taste of some of the films that were showcased this year. Visit iFilm and see some of last year's top LA Film Festival film and video shorts. 

Check out "Trapped in Freedom" a bizarre yet hilarious adventure in freedom and reality. Directed by Moh Azima, it features great editing and cinematography, including giving a new definition to the term fish eye lens.


I must confess this is a bit nerdy...well a  lot nerdy. After you given up on Macs and Windows, there is only one thing left to do...switch to Linux. Check out this animation hosted at ubergeek.tv. There's a bunch of other fun stuff there as well. Of course, if you are true Mac believer, check out this iBook switch ad. And if you don't really care which way to switch to, check out this Switch animation.



Apple Computer has been running a series of TV commercials urging people to switch from Windows computers to Macintosh. Check out this rebuttal video...

Are you a parent? Have you ever had to hang around with little kids? Do children drive you crazy? Need a solution? Well check out this short video Kid Stoned Commercial, hosted at funny videos page at FunnyBody.com. They have a great little assortment of very short video clips that are guaranteed to amuse you. As they are downloadable avi and mpeg clips, you can easily store them and share them with friends. The Flying Granny clip is also a hoot. By the way, FunnyBody.com also has funny songs, pictures and other humorous stuff.

Have you ever had a visitor or a house guest that ruined your life? A best friend that should have never come to visit...or stay? Check out "The Houseguest" at the Ingredient X web site. From the home page, go to Independent and then to Live. While you are there, make sure to check out some of the other extraordinarily cool videos and animations like "Dumb Things I Did" and "The Hurt Inner Child Show" in the MISC section. In the ad section, the "Mr. Misdemeanor" commercial is great and not to be missed.

What is the most powerful and most useful word in the English language? Could it be the F-word? Check out this cool video based on the classic Monty Python skit.

This is great example of a team using the web to promote a film. Checkout IronyInAction's "Stag", a  short 8 minute video in which an elderly woman reminisces about her youthful days as a porn star in stag films. Oddly funny and a bit dark,  you may never look at a senior citizen in the same way again. Adult themes and language.

Combine auto parts with sexy online chat and what do you get? It's 1-900 Car Tips, from the best of "The Rave", the same folk that brought you "Kill Them with Comedy."

Are you about to graduate from college? Looking for a career where you can make a difference and affect people's lives? Have you thought about becoming a professional political activist? Check out this classic short video from the Best of the Rave.

Just posted - Voodoo TV Repair - what happens when your TV goes on the fritz and conventional appliance repair services can  not be reached?

Have you ever had bad roommates?  Drove you crazy? Bad experiences in the college dorm? Check out the winning iMovie "Behind the iMovie" from the University of Emory iMovieFest contest. The second place finisher, "SmithBall" is also pretty funny. While you are there, checkout the other entries as well as the winners from the 2001 contest. All you need is a DV camcorder, a Mac computer, and the free iMovie video editing software. 

If These Thumbs Could Talk is a hilarious take-off on those over-dramatic and over-produced sports documentaries. Chris "Big Play" Ley helped put the 'Play' in Playstation. Follow the rise and fall of the greatest sports video game champion the world has ever known. While you are there on the ThoseGuysOnline web site, also check out 

GrandFather II - sometimes it is hard to figure out just what the big boss wants. Follow the adventures of these mobsters and the government agents trying to put them away. This was produced and directed by: Ain Embry and Dan Chesterfield and stars the entire Those Guys Online crew and their friends - Dan Chesterfield, Ain Embry, Kevin Connors, Chris Ley, Ward Poulos and Weston Radcliffe

You have got to see this!. "Unbakeable" by Paul Salamoff is brilliant. It is beautifully shot, edited and produced.   In this parody of M. Night Shyamalan's Unbreakable,    David Done, after surviving the mother of all benders, discovers he is incapable of getting stoned.   Warning - it includes adult themes regarding drugs, drugs and more drugs.  Substitute death for drugs and you get the point.  This slick looking parody features Orlando Jones (The Time Machine), with Elaine Hendrix (The Parent Trap) and Eric Winzenreid (Zoolander). Don't miss the outtakes at the end of the video. 

Are you a rock and roller? Do you have any talent? Nope, then you probably play air guitar like all us other no-talent wannabe musicians. Checkout "Come On, Breathe The Noise" and watch this interview with the guy who created air guitar. While you are on The Sync site, also check out some of the other great documentaries and videos.

Check out Cupidity - this nine minute short film by Keith Thomson is funny and not what you might expect. Very professionally produced and shot. Answering a want ad in a local paper, a man meets Cupid - supposedly the Cupid - who is getting ready to retire. 

Have you ever wanted to be a movie star. Well, you can't! Watch this fake trailer from Trailervision about "Why Can't I Be a Movie Star." Some of us are born to be normal...

Sack The Writer is a brand new interactive sketch comedy from ETVcentre.com streamed by Virtue Broadcasting and is a recent BBC Talent Finalist for sketch writing and performance. Written and performed by Mike Brown, Jamie Wortley and Sadie Kaye, this show gives you the chance to 'Sack or back' the writer, so if they're any good they'll carry on and shoot some new episodes according to voting and creative feed-back from you - if not, give 'em the boot! Three episodes so far. Check them out!

Do you commute to work? Part of a car pool? Check out 101 at 8am, a  short film hosted on the RCOM TV web site.  Go to their Framed - The Independent Short Film Channel. 101 at 8am is a soap opera of sorts combined with some bizarre conceptual interludes all presented in a  very unique format. While you are there, don't miss some of the other great videos on the site like Marisa, the serious and thought provoking story of a woman who considers her revenge against her abusive boyfriend, and Just Deserts, a funny film that bends and plays with some classic Mafia film stereotypes. RCOM TV has spent a good deal of time and skill cherry picking some of the best short films around as well as offering a plethora of other news, entertainment and educational content.

Do you like to collect cool little videos and share them with your friends? Check out "Catch The Tree", hosted on the Funny Videos page of Charlie Tubble's Little House of Humor. It's better than Fear Factor, better than Survivor and a lot shorter. Also check some of the other videos including Stinky Monkey  and the best beer commercial ever, "Twist to Open". These are all MPEG videos that you can download to your computer, regardless of connection speed, and play over and over.

I just love fake trailers for fake movies...check this out, hosted on the new MP4 web site, it is "Baquette the Movie Trailer". Violence, cultural insensitivity and starch, it has it all. You will find a range of  film and TV content on the MP4 site including action, adventure, comedies, commercials, horror, sci fi & fantasy, etc.  There is also lots of music videos, animations and even computer games. Pretty cool. If you love silly cartons and animation, make sure you watch  "Deep Fried, Live!" with Tako the Octopus, the first cartoon cooking show hosted by an appetizer.

What was the best part of this year's Oscar Awards? The fashions, the make-up, the droning speeches of the winners or the production numbers? Was it the anticipation to see who would win?   Nah, clearly stealing the show was the short film starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. Here it is, Owen and Ben's 2002 Oscar sketch. , courtesy of iFilm.com.

Are you a computer user who has ever had to call tech support? Are you an Avid user who has needed just a teeny bit of guidance during a project?  Well then check out Avid Confidential, a hilarious little flick that sheds a little light on the tech support - video editor relationship.

The "Al Queda - Recruiting Video" is a  great new animation from MondoMedia. This is FUNNY!!!   While you are on the MondoMedia site,  check out some of their other "MiniByte" productions as well as some of their ongoing Internet productions.




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