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December 19th, 2001 Philip Dawdy | News

A Close Shave

Gary Carson Brown is among five skinheads charged in the beating of Lindsay Ulrich.Duane Lamotte

Earlier this month, in advance of Tom Metzger's return visit to Portland, local anti-racist activists publicly warned of the potential for white-power-related violence. They had no idea how close the city had already come to just such a clash.

On Dec. 14, a Multnomah County grand jury returned indictments against at least five skinheads, two of them women, in connection with the beating of Lindsay Ulrich, 18. The charges, which range from first-degree assault to second-degree kidnapping (both Measure 11 crimes), stem from an incident in early November, one of the few outward signs that Portland skinheads may be ready to go to war.

Details of the incident remain sketchy, but, based upon police records and interviews of law-enforcement sources, a young woman was severely beaten by racist skinheads when she failed to carry out a Nov. 1 assault outside the Beulahland club in Northeast Portland. Police believe Ulrich was pressured to take part in an attack on an anti-racist skinhead at the behest of several local skinheads.

Sources say that Ulrich suffered a severe head injury two years ago and that, ever since, it's been very easy for people to influence her decisions. Late this summer, she moved into her own apartment in Clackamas. She fell in with a group of skinheads, according to sources familiar with the case. One of those who lived at her apartment was Gary Carson Brown, 32, a longtime local skinhead who's spent time in prison for making death threats.

Somehow, Ulrich became convinced she was a skinhead lady and adopted the boots-and-jacket regalia of bonehead pride. On Nov. 1, she was driven to Beulahland, a well-known hangout for local anti-racists skinheads. In effect, the racists were asking her to go to war for them with the anti-racists.

But Ulrich reportedly backed down, though several skinheads did go inside and tangle with clubgoers. Afterward, Ulrich was taken to a Southeast Portland apartment, beaten and stripped of all her skinhead insignia. She was then taken to her Clackamas apartment building, where she was held against her will. Four days later, on Nov. 5, Ulrich slipped out of the apartment and called police. Clackamas County deputies responded and found Ulrich so badly beaten that they couldn't discern her jawline.

The beating allegedly took place at the hands of Sheila McKenzie, 25, of Portland, and Pamela Bailey, who resides in the Los Angeles area. Both now stand accused of first-degree assault. Two other men, Dimitri Tash of the Los Angeles area and James Torkelson of Portland, were also indicted, but the office of the Multnomah County district attorney would not comment on the men's charges. Brown was slapped with 13 counts, including second-degree kidnapping and second-degree assault. He's currently at the downtown Justice Center jail.

Ever since the re-emergence of Volksfront, the secretive group that brought white-power warrior Tom Metzger to town for an invitation-only gathering, earlier this year, local anti-racist groups such as Oregon Spotlight have been convinced that racist skinheads were ready to take Portland back to the bad old days of the late-1980s, when the two sides often clashed--and some see the Ulrich beating as a warning sign.

In addition, Brown's alleged involvement provides a link to Volksfront. As the Dec. 8 Metzger event ended, Portland Police arrested Brown in connection with the Ulrich case.

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11.29.1999 at 11:00 Reply
Lidsay Skinhead for Over 3 years I find this story of Lidsay Ulrich, very disturbing and scary. I think that if the media can concact a story so untrue, that i should be able to make a slander campaign on the person that wrote it. but since i am a decent person, i will not fall so low to even consider, doing sinking as low as my enemy is. I have known Lidsay for many years, and she has had that tatoo(WHITE POWER), which i noticed was not mentioned, for over 3 years now, and i also know that the fact she is married to a skinhead, and is currently raising her son, with the help of her skinhead husband. I would hope the true facts will come out someday, but with our media that is highly doubtful. —Eric Cross


12.19.2001 at 07:49 Reply
Phil is liar and Jerry Springer Wannabe oh, phil, please stop the lies and unfounded insinuations, this is getting ridiculous —Meir Kahane


12.19.2001 at 05:47 Reply
False article Philip: I thought you to be one of the journalists that didn't exploit, or publish non-truths. I guess I was wrong. You don't even know the facts on this case so you publish garbage?To start out, the photo you have up there on that article isn't even Gary Brown, what a fucking joke. Look at your police reports better. The girl "Lindsey" was a skinhead prior to any of them meeting her. She was never convinced by anyone to be a skin lady. She has had a Swastika tattoo on her back right above her ass, that's been there for years. We have people that can testify, and pictures of her that date back to 1998 with her wearing bomber jackets, and hanging out with skins. (Way before her accident). From what I heard when that fight broke out, her & one other Nazi got the shit kicked out of them by the Sharps because they were too wasted to fight, the others Nazis saved them by scraping them off the side walk after the fight, then took them back to her apartment, & nursed their wounds. She was seen the next day at a local area Target by employees that will testify she was in there at her own will, as well as the Winco foods store there on 82nd. (Where she walked outside & had a smoke, waiting for the other skins to finish their shopping).Lindsey was a slut. I know of 3 different instances where she got gang banged, (willingly) by 3 skinheads at a time. One in California, & 2 times up here, (all within a month) and there is pictures & a video tape she made, to prove that she was loving every minute of it. Apparently there was a squabble over one of the boys in that apartment between her & one of the other gals involved with the fabricated "beating". That


12.19.2001 at 06:39 Reply
Lies Since you wont allow any critical posts, let me just say that you a liar —VF


12.31.2001 at 01:06 Reply
What a joke! Thats real good, you cant even get the picture right, thats not Gary you idiot! But that just goes to show just how wrong you journalists usually are, you have all of your facts wrong, that girl had a white power tattoo on her lower back long before she met any of us. But as usual, write what you want to make us look bad, its what you have always done and probably always will. DEATH TO MEDIA SCUM AND LIARS!!!!!! —Rick Arden



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