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TStarGermany (2012-Jun-05 | 23:59)
check the Tm1 manuals, theyre almost identical to tm2
thetrackmaker (2012-Jun-05 | 11:34)
How do i do that?
TStarGermany (2012-Jun-05 | 00:19)
otherwise, you can just edit the details texture
TStarGermany (2012-Jun-05 | 00:19)
for 3d models, you must edit the complete car model
thetrackmaker (2012-Jun-04 | 16:05)
Looking to make a few custom rims;what's the best tool for doing that?
Vamosdikar (2012-Jun-03 | 18:14)
But I can't find it anymore.. anyone?
Vamosdikar (2012-Jun-03 | 18:14)
There used to be a topic on the forum of a guy who made some engine sounds..
Vamosdikar (2012-Jun-03 | 16:21)
Very nice layout, well done TSG.
lowfly (2012-May-30 | 17:03)
Hey TStar, New layout is very nice...Great Job!
road64 (2012-May-27 | 18:21)
I like the color and the new présentation
TStarGermany (2012-May-26 | 13:32)
Hope you like the new layout. Try it on your mob phones :)
Corkscrew (2012-May-21 | 16:44)
there are some loading-bugs...
ShadowFox (2012-May-19 | 17:22)
Flux Pavilion ROX!
Pitti (2012-May-12 | 19:46)
Logic0 (2012-May-09 | 18:44)
ah ok
TStarGermany (2012-May-09 | 17:14)
sorry, i have no way to implement PSC here
Logic0 (2012-May-09 | 10:14)
is there a way to get a premium account by paysafecard?
TStarGermany (2012-May-06 | 22:40)
What error does it give?
Godsmack (2012-May-04 | 20:29)
Cant download sweden car skin????
Suerjuli (2012-Apr-29 | 22:24)
Marcel (2012-Apr-24 | 21:10)
Elmigo (2012-Apr-17 | 19:23)
Thank you guys! I have uploaded an other sign pack: Rough Roads (Sign Pack 7)!
Sticky (2012-Apr-14 | 12:50)
ME (2012-Apr-11 | 20:27)
Top Speeder (2012-Apr-11 | 19:02)
coo, these are nice skins!
nilakite2 (2012-Apr-03 | 17:01)
MarbalTm5 (2012-Mar-31 | 15:57)
Erwan92 (2012-Mar-30 | 19:53)
Nice signs, thank you
Adamacer100 (2012-Mar-27 | 13:04)
Elmigo (2012-Mar-11 | 01:58)
I uploaded cool signs for your game. Check them out :)
zZzZzZ (2012-Mar-09 | 21:08)
Elmigo (2012-Mar-09 | 14:48)
@benjuke I mean lol what's with tm2unlimiter?
Elmigo (2012-Mar-09 | 14:47)
@Mar08 what's with tm2unlimiter?
Elmigo (2012-Mar-09 | 14:46)
Zarexz (2012-Mar-09 | 07:34)
Well. it isn't a search bar. That's for sure xD
benjiken (2012-Mar-08 | 23:51)
Elmigo (2012-Mar-08 | 13:38)
Oh lol nice :D
Corkscrew (2012-Mar-08 | 10:51)
for nothing XD
Elmigo (2012-Mar-07 | 21:31)
Huh? I just discovered this message bar. What exactly is it for?
souvY (2012-Mar-03 | 21:59)
TStar (2012-Feb-22 | 12:13)
fixed it. seems TMU doesn't identify itself properly anymore -.-
WoW_GaZ (2012-Feb-21 | 15:14)
nice, 50 coppers paid for car...error 403...tut
MarbalTm5 (2012-Feb-18 | 19:16)
mistermystere94 (2012-Feb-16 | 09:06)
Thats inbeleiveble
Zarexz (2012-Feb-15 | 20:40)
Maybe things get bussy again with the arrival of QM and SM
TStar (2012-Feb-15 | 02:24)
time to think about a renewal or enhancement
Zarexz (2012-Feb-14 | 20:52)
TBH i wonder why i still log on here multiple times a day
Zarexz (2012-Feb-14 | 20:51)
Other then minipeace and blockmixing, nope...
TStarGermany (2012-Feb-14 | 19:10)
muah, not much going on
Joe frost (2012-Feb-06 | 11:22)
nice work love the signs . cant however get in to the garage =/
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Manuals TM Nations and United

go to tutorial list XAseco Installation


Author : Fool  eng fra ger ned
Translations : Fool Last updated : May 24 2012
Questions & Discussion : Forum  




Aseco stands for Automatic SErver COntrol. It saves records and provides a lot of nice player- and admincommands. XASECO stands for "Xymph's Aseco", a combined software of the old Aseco+RASP (which was a plugin-set).




At first you have to download Xaseco and Xampp.

Download Xaseco

Download Xampp here


Unpack these *.rar Files (for example.with  "WinRar")

Install Xampp. During the installation you will see the question appear, which components you want to install. Mark "Install MySQL".




After this installation you have to open Xampp Control Center. Behind MySql you should see "running". If not, press "start". Now click on "start" behind "apache2". "Running" should appear, too.

If "running" just blinks for a few moments, Skype is started on your PC. Turn off Skype and try again.


This it, how it should look like:

Apache2 gestartet


Passwort erstellen

Doubleclick on you browser and type . Now click on your native langue to see the next pages it.


Type http://localhost/security/xamppsecurity.php into you browser.


Create a password and keep it by heart, because it will be important later. Now save the password and go on.


Passwort erstellen
Beneath you have to create a second account. Here you have to set "root" as user. Retype the password, you set before and save it.

Time to get closer to Xaseco.

Passwort erstellen

Go into the folder xaseco. There you have to change into the folder newinstall. Copy all these files into the folder xaseco, except "jfreu.config.php", "rasp.settings.php" and "votes.config.php".


These three files have to be copied in the folder "includes" which you see, when you ho back to the xaseco folder.


Change into the folder xaseco and open the file "config.xml" with a texteditor (Notepad, OpenOffice, Word, Notepad++).


So let's get started:



    <!-- ip:port in tmlogin only needed when joining server over LAN -->

    <!-- ipaddress can be specified to guard each login against      -->

    <!-- unauthorized use of admin commands from other IP addresses  -->

    <tmlogin>no_lolmaps</tmlogin> <ipaddress></ipaddress>



Instead of my login no_lolmaps you should enter yours to become MasterAdmin on your Server.




This is a security feature. Insert the IP address here, by which the account is supposed to login. Other IPs will not be accepted.




These are the colors, which are displayed by xaseco.


Now scroll beneath.


Scroll until you got this to see (at the end of config.xml):



Enter your data here. Your can look them up in the dedicated_cfg.txt, which you find  in your server's folder.

The port of the dedicated server tutorial in TMC in 5002. If you chose anotherone, look it up and enter it.




The means, your server is running on your PC.

Save config.xml and open localdatabase.xml:


<!-- MySQL Server Settings -->


Mysql_loginhas to be root. Between <mysql_password> and </mysql_password> enter the password you chose at the beginning of this tutorial. Mysql_database is aseco. (Really aseco, not xaseco)


<!-- Do you want XASECO to display newly driven records? -->


If you don't want xaseco to show newly driven records, type false instead of true.


<!-- Limit the highest record that will be displayed to all? -->
    <!-- If lower than $maxrecs, records above this limit will -->
    <!-- only be displayed to the pertaining player -->


<limit>50</limit> means, that 50 is the number publicly displayed, not the number of total records tracked by the system. Enter a number or leave it empty.


Save and exit.


Now rightclick aseco.bat and hit edit..

@echo off

rem ****** Set here your php path *******

set INSTPHP=C:\Programme\Apache2\Php5

rem *************************************

"%INSTPHP%\php.exe" aseco.php



Behind "set INSTPHP=" you have to choose you xampp installation folder. For me it looks like that:: set INSTPHP=D:\Programme\xampp\php

Save and exit.


Now open dedimania.xml. Scroll down, until this appears:




Enter the data of dedicated_cfg.txt.


Save and exit.

Passwort erstellen

Open your browser and type and hit phpmyadmin.


Passwort erstellen

Enter your login information and hit OK.


Passwort erstellen

A new site appears. Type aseco where you see the left arrow and hit the button, marked by the right arrow.


Passwort erstellen

A new site appears again. Hit import.


Passwort erstellen

Passwort erstellen

Now click on browse and choose the aseco.sql which you can find in the folder xaseco and there in localdb. Now hit OK.


Repeat this action with rasp.sql.


(Click on browse and choose the rasp.sql which you can find in the folder xaseco and there in localdb. Now hit OK.)

Now close your browser.


Start the trackmania server. Now start Xaseco with a doubleclick on the aseco.bat in the xaseco folder. If you followed this tutorial no error will appear. Post Questions in the Forum.


Now: Have fun and good luck.




do not block
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