douglas field


Welcome to Douglas Army Air Field. You could be flying AT-9s, AT-17s, or B-25s. We have lots of air space down here in southeastern Arizona.  Keep learning navigational principles.  I say that because a lot of pilots end up using the copper smelter stacks in Douglas as a navigation aid.  In addition, the folks in Yuma think they have a cool base logo, but we think ours is better.  When you have down time, enjoy Bisbee, Tombstone, and the Chiricahua Mountains.

Flight Training:

Advanced, Gunnery


19 miles North of Douglas, AZ

Keep ‘em Flying


We are always looking for more information regarding life at an Army Air Field. Let us know where you were stationed. Here are some other ways to help out. Please contact us if you have visited, or have any information on a crash site, aircraft wrecks, airplane crashes, plane mishaps, or aviation archaeology. Thanks!

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