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TStarGermany (2012-Jun-05 | 23:59)
check the Tm1 manuals, theyre almost identical to tm2
thetrackmaker (2012-Jun-05 | 11:34)
How do i do that?
TStarGermany (2012-Jun-05 | 00:19)
otherwise, you can just edit the details texture
TStarGermany (2012-Jun-05 | 00:19)
for 3d models, you must edit the complete car model
thetrackmaker (2012-Jun-04 | 16:05)
Looking to make a few custom rims;what's the best tool for doing that?
Vamosdikar (2012-Jun-03 | 18:14)
But I can't find it anymore.. anyone?
Vamosdikar (2012-Jun-03 | 18:14)
There used to be a topic on the forum of a guy who made some engine sounds..
Vamosdikar (2012-Jun-03 | 16:21)
Very nice layout, well done TSG.
lowfly (2012-May-30 | 17:03)
Hey TStar, New layout is very nice...Great Job!
road64 (2012-May-27 | 18:21)
I like the color and the new présentation
TStarGermany (2012-May-26 | 13:32)
Hope you like the new layout. Try it on your mob phones :)
Corkscrew (2012-May-21 | 16:44)
there are some loading-bugs...
ShadowFox (2012-May-19 | 17:22)
Flux Pavilion ROX!
Pitti (2012-May-12 | 19:46)
Logic0 (2012-May-09 | 18:44)
ah ok
TStarGermany (2012-May-09 | 17:14)
sorry, i have no way to implement PSC here
Logic0 (2012-May-09 | 10:14)
is there a way to get a premium account by paysafecard?
TStarGermany (2012-May-06 | 22:40)
What error does it give?
Godsmack (2012-May-04 | 20:29)
Cant download sweden car skin????
Suerjuli (2012-Apr-29 | 22:24)
Marcel (2012-Apr-24 | 21:10)
Elmigo (2012-Apr-17 | 19:23)
Thank you guys! I have uploaded an other sign pack: Rough Roads (Sign Pack 7)!
Sticky (2012-Apr-14 | 12:50)
ME (2012-Apr-11 | 20:27)
Top Speeder (2012-Apr-11 | 19:02)
coo, these are nice skins!
nilakite2 (2012-Apr-03 | 17:01)
MarbalTm5 (2012-Mar-31 | 15:57)
Erwan92 (2012-Mar-30 | 19:53)
Nice signs, thank you
Adamacer100 (2012-Mar-27 | 13:04)
Elmigo (2012-Mar-11 | 01:58)
I uploaded cool signs for your game. Check them out :)
zZzZzZ (2012-Mar-09 | 21:08)
Elmigo (2012-Mar-09 | 14:48)
@benjuke I mean lol what's with tm2unlimiter?
Elmigo (2012-Mar-09 | 14:47)
@Mar08 what's with tm2unlimiter?
Elmigo (2012-Mar-09 | 14:46)
Zarexz (2012-Mar-09 | 07:34)
Well. it isn't a search bar. That's for sure xD
benjiken (2012-Mar-08 | 23:51)
Elmigo (2012-Mar-08 | 13:38)
Oh lol nice :D
Corkscrew (2012-Mar-08 | 10:51)
for nothing XD
Elmigo (2012-Mar-07 | 21:31)
Huh? I just discovered this message bar. What exactly is it for?
souvY (2012-Mar-03 | 21:59)
TStar (2012-Feb-22 | 12:13)
fixed it. seems TMU doesn't identify itself properly anymore -.-
WoW_GaZ (2012-Feb-21 | 15:14)
nice, 50 coppers paid for car...error 403...tut
MarbalTm5 (2012-Feb-18 | 19:16)
mistermystere94 (2012-Feb-16 | 09:06)
Thats inbeleiveble
Zarexz (2012-Feb-15 | 20:40)
Maybe things get bussy again with the arrival of QM and SM
TStar (2012-Feb-15 | 02:24)
time to think about a renewal or enhancement
Zarexz (2012-Feb-14 | 20:52)
TBH i wonder why i still log on here multiple times a day
Zarexz (2012-Feb-14 | 20:51)
Other then minipeace and blockmixing, nope...
TStarGermany (2012-Feb-14 | 19:10)
muah, not much going on
Joe frost (2012-Feb-06 | 11:22)
nice work love the signs . cant however get in to the garage =/
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Manuals TM Nations and United

go to tutorial list Manialink + Maniacode Introduction


Author : Trick  eng fra ger ned
Translations : Last updated : May 22 2012
Questions & Discussion : Forum  




ManiaLinks are the pages that you view when you open the in-game Browser. These pages will contain anything from links to other ManiaPages to basic downloadable content, such as, avatars, skins, new 3d models, replays, tracks, movie files etc. Think of them as web pages, and the Explorer is your browser.


Just like web pages, these pages reside on the internet. You must have internet file hosting capabilities for this whole thing to work and Nadeo doesn't provide this for you. Get all of that setup and you will be ready to publish your Manialinks for all TMUF players (TMNF doesn't support Manialinks).


ManiaCode is a special variety of a Manialink, able to interact directly with your game and make it perform certain actions, such as installing skins, mods,tracks etc...


Getting started


Manialink pages are not HTML files, but XML files. These files contain the instructions for a page to display the way it does.

Because these files are hosted on the internet, the path to the file can sometimes be very long. With the manialink registration system, you can assign a 'friendly' (code) name to each page UL hosted on the internet...


Type this code into the Ingame-Browser's URL box and the page assigned to that code will show. The main idea is to use these codes in your xml files to show your pages.


ingame browser

Example: Click on the in-game Explorer. Move the curser to the top left corner of the screen.

Where it says Manialink:Home, click. Now you can type in a 'code'. Type trick. The browser will now look to the internet path (URL) that I assigned to that code and display the xml file. In this case the file displays a few message boxes that wait for the user to press ok to continue.

So, all the user needed to know was a one word code to gain access to my mania-pages. If the URL to my host site changes, I just have to edit my codes to the xml files, the user never needs to worry.


TMF Player Page


ingame browser

In your web browser, go to the TMU-F Player page:


Sign in with your TMU account login and password, then you'll get this menu

Lots of info here, but we are concerned with the 'Views' box, lower left. Move your curser over Manialinks/ManiaCodes and click. This is where you will assign your own URLs to the general TM Manialink database.


View/Assign ManiaLink + ManiaCode pages


ingame browser

 The text entry boxes at the top of the page are ready for a new code to be entered.


After entering the code information, click the 'save this code' button. You should see a green message saying the code has been saved.

You see here, all of the codes that I have created, so far. As you can see, each code (left column), corresponds to an XML file that is hosted on the web.

My primary link is Trick. All of the other links+codes are named with that as it's prefix. You must create at least one code for people to gain access to at least one mania (XML) page. You don't have to use the codes to make your pages display, you could just enter the URL after the proper tag in the xml file, and thereby bypass the code system, but I prefer to use the codes. The URL to the file remains hidden this way.


In the case of my mania pages, Trick will give you links to trick:p1 (page one)  and trick:p2 (page two) and trick:p3  etc. Each of those pages will allow you to click to trick:p1c1s (page1, cell1, screenshot) etc.

If you want to change the name of a code, you can't. You must delete it and create the new one. 


Assign a Manialink


ingame browser

When you specify a code 'type' as a ManiaLink, with a coppers cost of zero, the code will execute with no intervention from the user.

You can put a coppers cost on a ManiaLink, but the user does not get any downloadable content (custom avatars, skins, tracks, replays, etc.) for the game this way.

This is the method used to link your pages from one to the next. In the screenshot, we see, that when the link to 'trick:p2c2s' is clicked, the code will execute and display the screenshot.xml file for page 2, cell 2.


Assign a ManiaCode


ingame browser

When you specify that a code 'type' is a Maniacode, with a coppers cost, the code will not execute until the user agrees to pay the coppers.

This is generally used to charge coppers for your downloadable content. The total coppers cost must be split between the beneficial players (thats you), with at least 10% going to Nadeo. When you want to remove or modify a coppers bonus, click the Remove or Modify button, before you click on Update this Code.


In the screenshot, we see, that when the link to 'trick:testcode' is clicked, the code will ask the user if they agree to pay the coppers for access to the code. This means the user agrees to paying the coppers for the xml file to execute. That file should contain tags for downloadable content, otherwise, the user just paid for nothing. Also, if the xml file has an error in it (uppercase, lowercase syntax is very important), the downloadable content might not get downloaded to the user, but they already paid for it. Always test your codes, before you make them puplic. Better yet, get a good friend to test them for you.


General hints


When you are planning your ManiaLink pages, keep these in mind:

-Use your player login as the primary code, all subsequent codes should use this as the prefix.

-When you use codes to link your pages, the user never sees the URL (by passing the curser over a link on the page, the link shows in the upper right of the screen).

-You must have at least the directory structure and the xml files, that the codes refer to, in place on your file hosting site before you create/edit your codes. If you do not, trying to save or update the code will create an error.


I will not try to explain what goes into an Manialink XML file, here. I suggest that you try this template:



I would like to thank 'Bla', I have used this template with great success, however, this template does not include any of the new Forever tags.


This was everything to get a first idea of how ManiaLinks are created... All this stuff is pretty technical, but we will surely be able to help you in the forum thread.




do not block
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