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TStarGermany (2012-Jun-05 | 23:59)
check the Tm1 manuals, theyre almost identical to tm2
thetrackmaker (2012-Jun-05 | 11:34)
How do i do that?
TStarGermany (2012-Jun-05 | 00:19)
otherwise, you can just edit the details texture
TStarGermany (2012-Jun-05 | 00:19)
for 3d models, you must edit the complete car model
thetrackmaker (2012-Jun-04 | 16:05)
Looking to make a few custom rims;what's the best tool for doing that?
Vamosdikar (2012-Jun-03 | 18:14)
But I can't find it anymore.. anyone?
Vamosdikar (2012-Jun-03 | 18:14)
There used to be a topic on the forum of a guy who made some engine sounds..
Vamosdikar (2012-Jun-03 | 16:21)
Very nice layout, well done TSG.
lowfly (2012-May-30 | 17:03)
Hey TStar, New layout is very nice...Great Job!
road64 (2012-May-27 | 18:21)
I like the color and the new présentation
TStarGermany (2012-May-26 | 13:32)
Hope you like the new layout. Try it on your mob phones :)
Corkscrew (2012-May-21 | 16:44)
there are some loading-bugs...
ShadowFox (2012-May-19 | 17:22)
Flux Pavilion ROX!
Pitti (2012-May-12 | 19:46)
Logic0 (2012-May-09 | 18:44)
ah ok
TStarGermany (2012-May-09 | 17:14)
sorry, i have no way to implement PSC here
Logic0 (2012-May-09 | 10:14)
is there a way to get a premium account by paysafecard?
TStarGermany (2012-May-06 | 22:40)
What error does it give?
Godsmack (2012-May-04 | 20:29)
Cant download sweden car skin????
Suerjuli (2012-Apr-29 | 22:24)
Marcel (2012-Apr-24 | 21:10)
Elmigo (2012-Apr-17 | 19:23)
Thank you guys! I have uploaded an other sign pack: Rough Roads (Sign Pack 7)!
Sticky (2012-Apr-14 | 12:50)
ME (2012-Apr-11 | 20:27)
Top Speeder (2012-Apr-11 | 19:02)
coo, these are nice skins!
nilakite2 (2012-Apr-03 | 17:01)
MarbalTm5 (2012-Mar-31 | 15:57)
Erwan92 (2012-Mar-30 | 19:53)
Nice signs, thank you
Adamacer100 (2012-Mar-27 | 13:04)
Elmigo (2012-Mar-11 | 01:58)
I uploaded cool signs for your game. Check them out :)
zZzZzZ (2012-Mar-09 | 21:08)
Elmigo (2012-Mar-09 | 14:48)
@benjuke I mean lol what's with tm2unlimiter?
Elmigo (2012-Mar-09 | 14:47)
@Mar08 what's with tm2unlimiter?
Elmigo (2012-Mar-09 | 14:46)
Zarexz (2012-Mar-09 | 07:34)
Well. it isn't a search bar. That's for sure xD
benjiken (2012-Mar-08 | 23:51)
Elmigo (2012-Mar-08 | 13:38)
Oh lol nice :D
Corkscrew (2012-Mar-08 | 10:51)
for nothing XD
Elmigo (2012-Mar-07 | 21:31)
Huh? I just discovered this message bar. What exactly is it for?
souvY (2012-Mar-03 | 21:59)
TStar (2012-Feb-22 | 12:13)
fixed it. seems TMU doesn't identify itself properly anymore -.-
WoW_GaZ (2012-Feb-21 | 15:14)
nice, 50 coppers paid for car...error 403...tut
MarbalTm5 (2012-Feb-18 | 19:16)
mistermystere94 (2012-Feb-16 | 09:06)
Thats inbeleiveble
Zarexz (2012-Feb-15 | 20:40)
Maybe things get bussy again with the arrival of QM and SM
TStar (2012-Feb-15 | 02:24)
time to think about a renewal or enhancement
Zarexz (2012-Feb-14 | 20:52)
TBH i wonder why i still log on here multiple times a day
Zarexz (2012-Feb-14 | 20:51)
Other then minipeace and blockmixing, nope...
TStarGermany (2012-Feb-14 | 19:10)
muah, not much going on
Joe frost (2012-Feb-06 | 11:22)
nice work love the signs . cant however get in to the garage =/
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Manuals TM Nations and United

go to tutorial list Building a Manialink page


Author : Marcel  eng fra ger ned
Translations : JonTheKiller, Marcel Last updated : May 22 2012
Questions & Discussion : Forum  
PAGE 1234


Table of contents
Differences between the game versions

Positioning and Alignment

The two types of positioning

The third dimension

Small example

Effects of halign and valign

Overview about the new elements

<frame> Group several elements

<quad> Display pictures and shapes

<format> Global definition of formats

<label> Display text and buttons

<entry> Simple entry field

<fileentry> Entry field for file upload

<timeout> Avoid caching

<include> Import another XML file

<music> Output of background music

<audio> Output of a audio file

<video> Output of a video file

Interesting aspects in the end

Known issues

Combination of old and new ManiaLinks

Complex example

Direct linking via TMTP protocol

Multilangual ManiaLinks

Using parameters in ManiaLinks



With the Forever Addon, the structure of ManiaLinks has basically changed compared to TMU.

Because of the new possibilities, the old narrow borders are broken up and you have much more flexibility in designing. Task of this tutorial is to explain you these new possibilities, so that you will be able to create a new Forever ManiaLink for your own.


The tutorial will start with a bit theory: Needed basic knowledge about the positioning of elements. After this, you will find in the second post a detailled description to each of the elements, including some examples. Finally I will mention some interesting aspects and give you a more complex example of a full (small) ManiaLink.

You can roughly say: There is no <line> and <cell> any longer, they are replaced by <quad>, <label> and <frame> which you can place whereever you want. But more about that later.


By the way: All old ManiaLinks created in TMU work in TMF, so don't panic. It is your part to decide, whether use the new ManiaLinks or stay at the old syntax.


What will not be explained in this tutorial


The basical creation of a ManiaLink-File

I will not describe, how to create a ManiaLink file and how to register it. Nothing changed in comparison to TMU, except the new PlayerPage, so you can look on other tutorials instead.


ManiaLinks for servers

I will limit this tutorial to the ManiaLinks shown in the TMF Explorer. Special things in relation to Server ManiaLinks will not be mentioned.


The new PlayerPage

TrackMania Forever has a new PlayerPage:

Neither the page itself nor the way of registering a code has changed, except the new URL.

The old TMU PlayerPage has already been shut down, and you will not be able to use registered codes in TMU. In the end phase of the beta all codes has been transmitted to TMF, so that all old ManiaLinks are available.


United vs. Nations: Differences between the game versions


TMUF as a paid game offers the complete use of the ManiaLink features, as they are known from TMU.

But TMNF as the free Forever version has some limitations you should know:


No registered ManiaLinks

TMNF players are neither able to register own ManiaLinks, nor to access other registered ManiaLinks. The ManiaLinks can only be visited by entering the complete URL of the XML-file. To make your ManiaLink fully compatible to TMNF, all links have to be done over the URLs.

By the way: There is no Explorer menu entry in TMNF. You can open the Explorer by moving the mouse to the top border of the screen and by clicking the left icon ;)


No ManiaCodes

TMNF players do not have the ability to use any ManiaCodes: The direct input of the URL was already denied in TMU, and access via registered codes is not supported, as said before. This means, that TMNF players cannot download any content from the ManiaLinks, even if it would be free (TMNF players have no Coppers). To say it directly: You can only stare on the ManiaLinks in TMNF ^^


Green is the world

In the ManiaLinks, you can directly use the menu textures from the game (via styles, see below). Because the menus in TMNF are nearly all green, the styles of the ManiaLinks are green, too, whereas in TMUF they have different colors. But this limitation is a very small one in comparison to the others.

Notice: If you log in into TMNF with a TMUF account, you only have the third (small) limitation. The first two points are always related to the account type, and not to the game version.

The functionality of the elements is not affected by the game: TMNF players can use all the features of Entries and FileEntries and so on ;)


PAGE 1234


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