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TStarGermany (2012-Jun-05 | 23:59)
check the Tm1 manuals, theyre almost identical to tm2
thetrackmaker (2012-Jun-05 | 11:34)
How do i do that?
TStarGermany (2012-Jun-05 | 00:19)
otherwise, you can just edit the details texture
TStarGermany (2012-Jun-05 | 00:19)
for 3d models, you must edit the complete car model
thetrackmaker (2012-Jun-04 | 16:05)
Looking to make a few custom rims;what's the best tool for doing that?
Vamosdikar (2012-Jun-03 | 18:14)
But I can't find it anymore.. anyone?
Vamosdikar (2012-Jun-03 | 18:14)
There used to be a topic on the forum of a guy who made some engine sounds..
Vamosdikar (2012-Jun-03 | 16:21)
Very nice layout, well done TSG.
lowfly (2012-May-30 | 17:03)
Hey TStar, New layout is very nice...Great Job!
road64 (2012-May-27 | 18:21)
I like the color and the new présentation
TStarGermany (2012-May-26 | 13:32)
Hope you like the new layout. Try it on your mob phones :)
Corkscrew (2012-May-21 | 16:44)
there are some loading-bugs...
ShadowFox (2012-May-19 | 17:22)
Flux Pavilion ROX!
Pitti (2012-May-12 | 19:46)
Logic0 (2012-May-09 | 18:44)
ah ok
TStarGermany (2012-May-09 | 17:14)
sorry, i have no way to implement PSC here
Logic0 (2012-May-09 | 10:14)
is there a way to get a premium account by paysafecard?
TStarGermany (2012-May-06 | 22:40)
What error does it give?
Godsmack (2012-May-04 | 20:29)
Cant download sweden car skin????
Suerjuli (2012-Apr-29 | 22:24)
Marcel (2012-Apr-24 | 21:10)
Elmigo (2012-Apr-17 | 19:23)
Thank you guys! I have uploaded an other sign pack: Rough Roads (Sign Pack 7)!
Sticky (2012-Apr-14 | 12:50)
ME (2012-Apr-11 | 20:27)
Top Speeder (2012-Apr-11 | 19:02)
coo, these are nice skins!
nilakite2 (2012-Apr-03 | 17:01)
MarbalTm5 (2012-Mar-31 | 15:57)
Erwan92 (2012-Mar-30 | 19:53)
Nice signs, thank you
Adamacer100 (2012-Mar-27 | 13:04)
Elmigo (2012-Mar-11 | 01:58)
I uploaded cool signs for your game. Check them out :)
zZzZzZ (2012-Mar-09 | 21:08)
Elmigo (2012-Mar-09 | 14:48)
@benjuke I mean lol what's with tm2unlimiter?
Elmigo (2012-Mar-09 | 14:47)
@Mar08 what's with tm2unlimiter?
Elmigo (2012-Mar-09 | 14:46)
Zarexz (2012-Mar-09 | 07:34)
Well. it isn't a search bar. That's for sure xD
benjiken (2012-Mar-08 | 23:51)
Elmigo (2012-Mar-08 | 13:38)
Oh lol nice :D
Corkscrew (2012-Mar-08 | 10:51)
for nothing XD
Elmigo (2012-Mar-07 | 21:31)
Huh? I just discovered this message bar. What exactly is it for?
souvY (2012-Mar-03 | 21:59)
TStar (2012-Feb-22 | 12:13)
fixed it. seems TMU doesn't identify itself properly anymore -.-
WoW_GaZ (2012-Feb-21 | 15:14)
nice, 50 coppers paid for car...error 403...tut
MarbalTm5 (2012-Feb-18 | 19:16)
mistermystere94 (2012-Feb-16 | 09:06)
Thats inbeleiveble
Zarexz (2012-Feb-15 | 20:40)
Maybe things get bussy again with the arrival of QM and SM
TStar (2012-Feb-15 | 02:24)
time to think about a renewal or enhancement
Zarexz (2012-Feb-14 | 20:52)
TBH i wonder why i still log on here multiple times a day
Zarexz (2012-Feb-14 | 20:51)
Other then minipeace and blockmixing, nope...
TStarGermany (2012-Feb-14 | 19:10)
muah, not much going on
Joe frost (2012-Feb-06 | 11:22)
nice work love the signs . cant however get in to the garage =/
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Manuals TM Nations and United

go to tutorial list Dedicated Server


Author : SmashingDeluXe  eng fra ger ned
Translations : TStarGermany, Vallandil Last updated : May 24 2012
Questions & Discussion : Forum  




A dedicated Server is a Computer or Software, which is solely used for a certain purpose. Using a dedicated Trackmania server is a good platform for publishing newly made tracks.


Required software 


A Text editor (like Notepad, which comes with WIndows, or Notepad++ (Freeware))

A Deflating Software to decompress ZIP archives (e.g. 7zip (Freeware)).




First of all, load the Dedicated Server Software from the Nadeo servers...

Actual Server Version (TM-Forum)


If you have the game installed as well (which is not the case on an external, comercial dedicated game server), you can put the content of the archive into the same folder where your TM game is located, because the folder structure of the game and the server software are identical.


This will give you some advantage, since both programs can share some common resources.

You don't have to do this, you can also create a separate program folder for your server.




Open the folder of the server software.First you should go to "\Gamedata\Config", where you will find the "dedicated_cfg.txt" file and edit it with a text editor.


Step-by-Step configuration









Later on, when you install Aseco (a server control program with additional features), this account data will be used for accessing the server controls.


Create a new "server account"


Each server logs on to the Trackmania system with the help of a simple user account ! Theoretically you could use your regular user account to run the server, but then you couldn't run the server and play TM at the same time, so you should create a new free user account.


When creating that account, note that the Land/Zone of the account will be used as the location, where your server will be found in the online server listing later on !


Only if you install Aseco later on, you can again change the Nation, in which's listing the server will appear.



If you want to run a TMUF server, you must go to , login there with your Multiplayercode (to be found at the back of your written manual or beeing supplied via email if you bought TM online)

When beeing logged in, click "Add" and create your TMUF Dedicated Server Account.

Hint: maybe your regular password won't be accepted, try another one.


As soon as you created your new account, edit these lines in the "dedicated_cfg.txt".







No need to enter something at "validation_key" the moment. Common servers don't need that.


Some more changes



        <name>DESIRED SERVERNAME</name>

        <comment>Comment for the Server</comment>



Name & comment for the servers, as it's supposed to be displayed in the game (text formatting included).

If you want the server always to be visible to users, leave the hide server value at "0".










The maximum number of players and spectators, along with passwords required to join. The ladder mode will enforce a permanent connection from your server to Nadeo's master server, which administrates the player's ladder and points.


The following lines are important for the functionality of your server. Make a backup of your "dedicated_cfg.txt" before you change them.





Change the port to 2352, so it won't interfere with your TM game.




Change the port to 3452, so it won't interfere with your TM game.










Change the port to 5002, so it won't interfere with your TM game.




Only set this this to "true", if Aseco/Fast/Other tools access the server from outside. If not, set it to "false" for security reasons.




Important for TMUF users !

If you want to run a TMUF server, delete the "stadium" between the tags.


Now save the "dedicated_cfg.txt".


About the ports again: If you don't change the default values, your server won't run properly, because your TM game will try to use the same ports.


And don't forget, that your Router/Firewall is required to accept/pass data transfer on these new ports as well or nobody will see your server online.




do not block
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