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Phrealon is a bootable linux CD based on Slackware Linux 8.0 (now 9.0)designed to allow the easy imaging of multiple workstations. It utilizes the udpcast set of Linux tools to accomplish this.



Ha. . . It has been forever. Phrealon soon to be reborn as a Debian based bootable CD. Plans to include PXE boot in the works. :)

01-29-2004 The unzipped 0.96 ISO image. Added DHCP server ability.

08-11-2003 The zipped Phrealon 0.90 ISO image. This has quite a few improvements over the 0.82 release. It has been upgraded to the 2.4.20 kernel via a new base takenfrom slackware 9. It has pcmcia support now; image those laptops folks! Also it ejects the CD again. Things aregoing nicely. Let me know what you think.

02-27-2003 The zipped Phrealon 0.82 ISO image. This has quite a few improvements over the 0.81 release. All of the modules are available, though not allare autoscanned, so you'll have to do things semi-manually for some cards. There is an attempt at NFS, but it does not do anything of use yet. Also the scripts udp-up, init-up, and nfs-up exist on the CD directly instead of initrd.img for easier modification. Let me know of any new/old problems, please. More to come.

The zipped Phrealon 0.81 ISO image. You will have to decompress this and burn it to a cd. This is the old tried and true version.

The Phrealon CD label as a jpeg.

If you like Phrealon and find a good use for it and you would like to donate money to me for it you can do that through payal.

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