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Rafflecopter is the best thing that's come out for hosting giveaways since blog giveaways themselves. I was a little skeptical at first, but you have great customer service and answered my questions! Darcy Zalewski, DarcyAndBrian.com

Not only do I sing praises as a blogger who does giveaways... but also as an active participant in entering giveaways on other blogs. Saves me so much time! “Libby” Neas, Libby's Library

I love Rafflecopter! It makes setting up giveaways fast, easy, and painless for bloggers! Jerri, Simply Sweet Home

Rafflecopter is a fantastic way to run contests. From start to finish, everything runs smoothly. Amanda, Ninth Street Notions

I couldn't imagine going back. Amber, Thrifty Ninja

I 100% LOVE Rafflecopter! It's Quick, Easy & Effective -- highly recommended! Bobbie Crawford, Nurture Your Books

Wish it was mandatory to use Rafflecopter when running a giveaway :) Cee, SmookieStyle.com

Rafflecopter is my TOP tool as a review blogger! The ease of setting up a giveaway and entering for my readers has resulted in many more entries. Tree Lindsay, MotherOfPearlItIs.ccom

I have been using Rafflecopter for over 5 months and I cannot run a contest without it. Eileen Burmester, Books 'r Us Online

Once the widget is set up and inserted into your post, you don't have to think about it again until it's time to select a winner. No comments to monitor, no counting, no stress. Heather, RamblingsNMore.com

Rafflecopter has simplified everything you need for holding a successful giveaway. Meghan, JaMonkey.com

You won't find an easier giveaway application for bloggers or Facebook! Polly, Polly Picks

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