Jun 7, 2012

More Wonky Circles

I just found these awesome wonky circles from my Wonky Bee friends
in my mail box!!!

From Christine...

From Jodi....

and from Teressa...

I Love Them!!!!

And these are Leah's blocks... from last month!

and in my fabrics...

I just love squares...
....and circles

Jun 5, 2012

Yester-Year Challenge

Christine over at Quilt Monster In My Closet started the Yester-Year Challenge
to get some of those UFOs older than five years finished....
and of course, there are a few of those in my closet!!!
so this month, I finished this little baby quilt that was a mystery quilt project
with my Honeybees Guild back in... okay, I know it's been more than five years,
but exactly when??? can't say.... lol!

And it was perfect timing...
it made a perfect baby gift for one of my co-workers!

Last year, Edyta Sitar was a guest on The Quilt Show and talked about her book
Friendship Strips & Scraps and gave ideas on hosting a strip exchange...
Yeah, I had to join their strip exchange!
I also started one with my Cherry Blossom Quilters Guild.
This is how we're using the strips for one of the quilts in the book
(2 of the girls have already finished theirs!)

I added some peaches in honor of my sweet Georgia
and modified the pattern's doors and windows just a bit.
My next step is adding a little more detail to the "glass"
and then will be ready to stitch down the appliques, Yay!

This is my favorite one with the little kids in the windows!

You can watch Edyta's interview show free here!

Visit Christine's blog to join the fun and inspiration,


May 24, 2012

Busy Wonky Bees...

My Wonky Bee gals have been very busy...

These are Bea's

 and here are Laurel's

I am so happy with them...
...can't wait to see the finished quilt!

May 23, 2012

Fab Little Pincushion...

I joined the Fab Little Pincushion Swap on Flickr this Spring
and made this for my partner who loves strawberries
The pincushion is supposed to be a strawberry flower...
I used a pattern I found in the Spring 2008 Issue of Quilts and more

Do you keep magazines for that long? lol...
yeah, I have somelots older than that, he he!

I made the strawberry pin toppers with beads found at JoAnn's,
extra long pins, and a little super glue..
and made the little needle case using this pattern from The Happy Zombie

Then today, I receive this sweet little guy in the mail from my partner
Isn't he cute? Her work in perfect...
I love him :-)

Now, I've been digging in my pattern stash looking for pincushions...
yeah, I have a few I just have to make, ha!

May 14, 2012

On my design wall today is...

and I'm so happy with it! All the appliques are ready to be blanket stitched!

oops, last block needs one more little strip of fabric....
I've already picked out the matching thread and have started stitching away!

Want to see some beautiful projects in progress? Check out Judy's blog!

Happy quilting,