The Occupied Times Continues Post-Eviction

You can’t evict an idea – and so just as Occupy continues beyond the St Paul’s site, so too does The Occupied Times.

The first issue of the publication to be printed following the clearance of the St Paul’s camp rolls off the press this Thursday, with all the usual news, comment and features – as well as some special content to highlight the achievements of the movement to date and give an insight into plans for the future.

Issue eleven will pay tribute to the origins of Occupy London and the camp atSt Paul’s with a centre-fold photo collage and a timeline infographic mapping notable events since the movement emerged last year as part of a concerted, global response to social, economic and environmental injustice.

OT #11 will also include a section dedicated to the issue of homelessness, including interviews with homeless people who have been staying at Occupy camps and features looking at how the state is failing homeless people and how we can address the issue.

News will focus on the recent clearance of theSt Paul’s camp; which, at the time of eviction this week, was the world’s longest-standing Occupy site. The issue will also feature headlines on the eviction of the School of Ideas, the ongoing Finsbury Square eco project and the recent School of Rockupy initiative – which saw Occupation Records work with musicians Kate Nash and Sam Duckworth to make music with schoolchildren from across the capital.

The finance pages will see the return of Money Talks, featuring Greek economist Yanis Varoufakis, as well as articles on the Jubilee Debt and Move Your Money campaigns.

Featured in the international section are pieces on the trouble inSyria and Greece and the second wave of Egypt’s stuttering revolution.

Other articles of note in this issue are a piece on ‘future people’ by Green Party politician and academic, Rupert Read, and a forward-thinking piece by American sociologist, novelist and political writer, Todd Gitlin on ‘Occupy After the Camps’.

Distribution of OT #11 will compliment the wider outreach drive of the Occupy movement. Marking a first for the paper, distribution will extend beyond the City and into our communities, with a number of independent businesses across the capital participating to stock copies. You will find copies of The Occupied Times at locations including Come The Revolution CafeCafe CremaSister RayRough TradeFreedom BookshopLondon Review BookshopBlack Gull Books and Housemans – Radical Booksellers.

As Occupy moves beyond its origin at the London Stock Exchange, The Occupied Times is also gearing to the future. Plans are underway for further development of the non-profit, ad-free publication and its digital front; to support the causes of Occupy and to offer a credible media outlet for the voices of the 99%. To make these plans a reality, the publication is launching a funding drive with Sponsume for readers and supporters to help keep the printers rolling with any donations they may be able to spare.

5 thoughts on “The Occupied Times Continues Post-Eviction

  1. Any chance we can get a few copies sent up to Occupy Nottingham?
    Would be greatly appreciated and also be useful in our impending Eviction process.
    Solidarity from Occupy Nottingham!!!

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  3. Dear friends

    Ottawa, Canada, 6:15pm, 28th February 2012

    London LSX – Hurrah! – A few words of celebration – Re: Post-eviction General Assembly at 7pm at St. Paul’s tonight: This is only the beginning

    My heart with you – my body being here in Ottawa.

    Occupy LSX live son in all of us and, thus, in everything: you cannot evict an idea . . . and, thus, the experience of peaceful proposition, peaceful consensus, peaceful action, reflection, audit, appraisal and celebration lives on.

    London LSX thus is and becomes the most important thing – among a host of most important things – that has occurred in the UK (and world) during the past year.

    My heart and thanks! for it.


    – in and for co-operation/la cooperation
    – fully hyphenated!



  4. Update from OCCUPY Birmingham (occupying since October 15th 2011). We are currently leaving the area and are re-planting the grass and clearing the area with the council. The assistance and co-operation has been filmed and archived and will be shown at film festivals through out the world.
    Thanks to Occupy LSX, OWS and all the occupy movements for having the courage to ‘camp’ and be counted. This is just the start…..

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