DVD Recorder/VCR Combo
One-touch, two-way copying
1080p Upconversion with HDMI
VIErA Link and HDMI simple connection
Integrated DVB tuner (SD)
Price (RRP) - $499


One-touch two-way transfer between DVD and VHS

Save VHS recording to DVD with even greater quality. At the push of a button, you are able to quickly transfer between DVD and VHS media, so you can easily record your entire VHS collection to DVD for archiving.

Easy operation with VIERALink and simple a HDMI connection

Connect your Panasonic DVD recorder to your VIERA TV via an HDMI cable and the channel setting information is automatically downloaded to the recorder. This means you can record the program you're watching by just pressing the Record button on the VIERA remote. With VIERALink, you don't have to worry about setting the recorder to the right channel every time you want to record something.

Integrated DVB-T digital tuner (SD) for high quality digital television

The DMR-EZ48V features an integrated DVB Digital Tuner (SD) for viewing enjoyment. The integrated tuner allows for digital broadcasting reception without the use of an external tuner incorporated into a set-top box. High quality digital television enjoyment has never been easier with a Panasonic DVD-Recorder.

7-day EPG
Direct Navigator for Easy and Quick Search
DV-Input for Auto-Recording and Playlist Creation
HDMI Connection
Integrated DVB-T Digital Tuner (SD)
Integrated DVB-T Digital Tuner (SD)
One-Touch 2-Way Transfer between DVD & VHS
Progressive Scan (PAL/NTSC)
Super-Multi Format Recording & Playback
Super-Multi Format Recording & Playback

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