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Swedish man to prove to Norway he's not female

Swedish man to prove to Norway he's not female

Published: 20 Apr 12 08:28 CET | Double click on a word to get a translation
Online: http://www.thelocal.se/40376/20120420/

Swedish father-of-two Daniel Pohjantähti recently found himself in a spot of bother when Norwegian officials refused to believe he was a man, despite his hirsute face and masculine features.

“Couldn’t they tell from the beard?” Pohjantähti said to daily Aftonbladet.

Pohjantähti, who is a baker, had travelled from southern Sweden where he lives with his wife and two children, to a small town south of Norwegian city Bergen, where he was going to work.

But in order to do that he needed a Norwegian personal ID number.

He read up on what to do on the internet and duly presented himself at the offices at the Norwegian social benefits agency Nav.

With him, he had his Swedish ID card and papers from the Swedish Tax Authority, verifying his identity.

However, the first question the female official asked him was whether he was a woman. Pohjantähti was perplexed.

“I looked like a bear when I got there, surely the beard must have given it away,” he told the paper.

But even his ID card, his driver’s licence and his tax papers weren’t enough to convince the woman that he was in fact male.

Neither did the fact that Pohjantähti is married and has fathered two children.

“I tried every way I could think of to prove that I am a man,” said Pohjantähti to the paper.

He can’t see what it was the official thought that he could win from “impersonating” a man.

There was nothing else that Pohjantähti could do but to return to Sweden to fetch his passport, the only proof of sex that the Norwegian officials were prepared to accept.

To top it all off, the hirsute Swede found out that he had applied at the wrong agency and should have approached the Norwegian Tax Authority in the first place, reports the paper.

The Local/Rebecca Martin

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08:49 April 20, 2012 by rfmann
"I tried every way I could think of to prove that I am a man,"

Really? If that is true, then either he didn't think hard enough and missed the most obvious proof, or the article is leaving out the most (only?) interesting part of the story...
09:01 April 20, 2012 by JulieLou40
Yes, my thoughts exactly.

Plus I can't believe there is no photo on this "article"!
09:07 April 20, 2012 by budaboy
Next time he should just whip "it" out..
09:15 April 20, 2012 by jan.petras
So wait, he actually went back to Sweden to get his passport instead of pulling down his pants?
09:32 April 20, 2012 by gpafledthis
At last a point for the weegies-clearly sweedie male behavior denies the mere appearance !! Even in US we know that it's reindeer that "prance" not men !!Act like a duck-quack like a duck then people will think you a duck!! Otherwise-even norwegians-confused as they are- will call it as they see it!! Sweedies take this as a "wake up call" !!!!!
10:07 April 20, 2012 by Old Trafford
"I tried every way I could think of to prove that I am a man,"

...are you kidding me?

Why dont he just wack off his pants and show the lady 'his tool' rather than traveling that loooooong distance to get his passport
10:29 April 20, 2012 by JulieLou40
Finally.....they put a photo with the article. Sigh, slipshod at best.

Re the photo, I think it's fairly obviously a man!
10:37 April 20, 2012 by Da Goat
she must have been an ugly Norwegian other wise he could have offered her a demonstration!

Maybe she was just blind and not only Blonde!
11:03 April 20, 2012 by Snoopy!
I'm not convinced , I have seen some very scary looking woman ; )
11:32 April 20, 2012 by wolverine2k
Did he show his di*k to the female officer? Maybe she needed a taste of it... :P
11:59 April 20, 2012 by bobalong
I cannot believe the prat travelled to another country in the first place without his passport!

He deserved the hassle he got.

There is no love lost between the two countries anyway, so he should have known better.
12:04 April 20, 2012 by dizzy09
somehow i beleive the norwegian authorities, his documents could be fake.all he had to do was just show them his tool.
12:56 April 20, 2012 by karex
#11 One should be able to travel anywhere within Europe with just the ID card, if you are a European Union member. However, Norway isn't in the European Union right? On the other hand, hasn't it been possible to travel between Norway, Sweden and Denmark with your driver's license or other ID even before this? Quite strange.

I also agree with some comments: he could have chosen the most obvious proof. LOL
13:18 April 20, 2012 by OUIJA
Perhaps his most ovbious tool was not too obvious and ight have been falsified. One never knows. His wife might be a fake and his sons were actually hired to perform as his sons. Nevertheless, another funny story from The Local.The moral of this "story": Never travel to Norway without checking your tools.
15:18 April 20, 2012 by Tanskalainen
@gpfledthis You are obviously homophobic in the extreme. What exactly are you nervous about? Why don't you move to Georgia with the other redneck freaks?
15:33 April 20, 2012 by tompaq
And who said Norwegians are a little dimwitted....Hilarious, pencil pushing bureaucrat that lacks common sense.
16:39 April 20, 2012 by forwardtherapy
Another example of the ridiculousness of using male / female as a way of identifying individuals. In an era of supposed 'equality' why is it even necessary that tax offices, social security departments or employers know whether a person is female or male, a woman or a man? Having such an identifier on driver's licences, passports and ID cards only distinguishes you from 50% of the population anyway, it doesn't describe you in any unique way. The sooner this antiquated requirement is abandoned the better.
18:28 April 20, 2012 by tadchem
Norway is hiring female officials who can't tell the difference between a man and a woman?

This raises doubts about the intelligence of the next generation of Norwegians - if there is one...
19:52 April 20, 2012 by surkova
Apart from the obvious male characteristics, it's a common knowledge that the third figure of the Swedish personal number (it's tail) indicates whether the person in question is male or female. Surely, Norwegians know about that.
09:54 April 21, 2012 by barock and roll
in this case I would suggest him to accept a *newegian* ID number as a female. Isn't it great to have anothe idenitity in another country?

i do not see any problem, since the country accept homosexual, he can still live w his wife ... they cannot fire him even if he is a woman on the paper (sex discrimination is forbidden). lots of benefit i can think of ; P
11:46 April 21, 2012 by Room for Rent
Dont Worry.. You went to Norway... and met a Nowegian..
19:45 April 21, 2012 by sleezypornorangutang
Rokkenroll ja munat pöytään!
13:59 April 22, 2012 by rise
Not once being in Norway I have seen such a bearded woman. But maybe they are more common in Norway than I really thought...
18:42 April 22, 2012 by philster61
Guess Norwegians have trouble distinguishing male apart from female with non Norwegians too. Some of the manliest women I have met are Norwegian.. Right down to the snus.....
22:41 April 22, 2012 by Just_Kidding
The lady just wanted to see his tool. Too bad that he disappointed her and came back to Sweden to pick up his passport.

By the way, how come the Norwegian officer didn't tell him that he is in the wrong place?
10:37 April 23, 2012 by John.Smith
Spanish women have beards too...
09:36 April 24, 2012 by netty
Thanks LOCAL and all participants - I got so BIG portion of Endorphins today! I laughed as mad! The comments are even more funny then the article itself!
07:32 June 6, 2012 by Praestantia
Wow. Just wow.
06:27 June 9, 2012 by cmbsweden
Just proves that good help is hard to find everywhere.
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