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What does your Sweden look like?

Discover Sweden through a selection of disparate YouTube clips about Swedes, Sweden and our funny language. What does your Sweden look like? Have your say on the Sweden.se Facebook page. Read more »

Battlefield biggest Swedish export hit since ABBA

Battlefield, Minecraft and Just Cause are three of the world's most popular computer games. But few players know that their favorite games have been developed by a number of high-tech firms in Stockholm, all within walking distance from one another. Read more »


Blog Update: Boston Blatte

14 June 00:59

Colbert Nåtion: Operation Artificial Swedener »

"So Colbert wants to twitter for @Sweden! I say HELVETE JA… let’s get him on board. (see TL article) Ask him to come to Sweden, record his report from Sweden and twitter about his experience while doing it. Sweden couldn’t ask for a better form of marketing exposure. According to Colbert, he’s got a following of..." READ »

'Swedishness can't only be about herring and potatoes'
Immigration would be helped by a sense of shared "Swedishness" argues contributor Jasenko Selimovic.
Manu/Wikipedia (File)
Swedish mum owns up to forest sex bunker
Photo: Sergei Grits/Scanpix
Swedish fans brave stark conditions for Euro 2012
Ulf Lundin/imagebank.sweden.se; Pawel Flato/Regeringen
Migration minister Tobias Billström explains why working in Sweden should be an obvious choice for every global citizen
Shakespeare tribute hits Stockholm stages
Shakespeare tribute hits Stockholm stages this summer
Marianne Lindberg de Geer
Robyn slams minister over 'racist' cake cutting
Photo: Kowitz/Flickr (file)
The Local delves into the nature of Segway Polo, as the finest teams from across the globe descend on Stockholm.
The Local Street Style - Stockholm
Street Style - The Local asks for the best place to go shopping in Stockholm.
Fredik Sandberg/Scanpix (File)
Joe Lynskey asks Sweden's top football writers about Sweden's prospects at the Euro 2012 tournament
What's On: The Local's guide to upcoming attractions and events in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.
Wikipedia (File)
Norway PM 'hated Sweden' for Nazi help
British flyer finds lost WWII plane on The Local
British flyer finds lost WWII plane on The Local
John Wallsten/Peace & Love (File)
Swedish summer music festival preview: June
Photo: Stockh
How Swedish research allows doctors to 'see pain'
Photo: Nikater
Saxony with InterRail: a gateway to central Europe
Photo: Contiki
Ten great reasons to travel this summer
Photo: Jan Videgren
How Bergman blazed a trail for Swedish film
Photo: AGS
Moving made easy: Top tips for your international move
Photo: Poker Listings
Ken Lennaárd Gets Sweden’s First Cash in the 2012 World Series of Poker
Photo: Stock image
Swedish university traditions make foreigners feel at home
Photo: EasyForex
Forex trading – how to make sure your money is secure
Highlights from Follow Sweden
Swedish word of the day



Lång means long, tall and can be used for height, distance or time.

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Highlights from Follow Sweden
New book about Sweden – get to know the country

Sweden – Up North, Down to Earth is a book about Sweden today. A country of natural beauty and open space, and a society focused on equality, human rights and sustainability. Meet regular and astonishing Swedes, supercars and indie rock bands, vampires and royalties.

Buy your copy of Sweden – Up North, Down to Earth from Sweden Bookshop

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