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Top 10 Disappointments of the Decade

Posted: Mar 5, 2010 | Views: 456,451
A quick historical lesson on what not to do when promising a gold gaming experience.
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Posted 6-10-2012 8:42am
Doom 3 wasn't that bad!
Posted 5-9-2012 3:47pm
Once they do another list for the decade ending in 2020, I hope Rage ends up on there
Posted 3-1-2012 1:48am
I would say Fable 2 is far more disapointing than Fable 1! Then of course Fable 3 was even more disappointing! I think Too Human should have taken it's place. Whilst not as in depth as Molineux said! Fable still had some interesting mechanics!
Posted 1-23-2012 12:04am
kantezkape said: wow, i just have to disagree.. Fable 1 is probly one of the best games i played in my life.. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, was a masterpiece.. i was BLOWN AWAY when Doom 3 came out.. and im left at my computer dumbfounded, yet again, by Gametrailers. and Daikatana was definitely overhyped. i own it, and yes it sucks, but it is playable.. its kinda like Quake 2, which i think should be on here, since its soooo different than the PC version (besides the graphics and weapons) overall, i wouldve done this whole video much, much different. defnitely with more professionalism. but? then again this is GT im talking about..

"Disappointing never means of poor quality". Watch the video again and you might actually hear that.
Posted 12-19-2011 8:34pm
kennethitchi said: biggest dissapointment ever = Command & Conquer 4

Fuck that, C&C; Generals FTW
Posted 12-18-2011 1:39pm
ADDY88 said: Doom3 should not be in this list.

Yeah it really shouldn't. Now Rage should. That game is by far the worst Id game ever made.
Posted 12-8-2011 6:46pm
Doom3 should not be in this list.
Posted 11-27-2011 10:01pm
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Posted 9-20-2011 7:27am
timmytim248 said: very pissed Doom 3, Fable, and MGS2 are on this list. All of these were great games even in there series.

Well that's fine and dandy, but this is about disappointments, not how bad these games are.
Posted 8-29-2011 10:15am
MGS2 more disappointing than DMC2? Not unless you count the butthurt from finding out you were playing as Raiden. Seriously fanboys, get over it, or you'll miss the actual game part, which is above and beyond MGS1's.
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