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Undiscovered Zhoushan

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Zhujiajian Island


Located to the southeast of Zhoushan Island, 72-square-kilometer Zhujiajian is the fifth largest island in Zhoushan Archipelago. It serves as a travel hub due to its proximity to both Putuoshan and Zhoushan islands. An airport serves many large cities and a 2.7-kilometer vehicle bridge linking Zhujiajian with Zhoushan Island enables drivers to cross to the island from the mainland. A vehicle ferry service runs between Zhoushan Island and Ningbo on the mainland. The island boasts the largest group of natural sandy beaches in East China.

If you travel by air, Zhujiajian Island is the first stop of your journey to explore the Zhoushan Archipelago, and it has its own pleasures – a chain of unspoiled beaches. The Zhoushan Airport on the island serves flights from Shanghai, Beijing, Xiamen, Jinjiang and Wuyishan.

It is also the most easily accessible island in the archipelago from the central Zhoushan Island. A spectacular 2.7-kilometer bridge links the two islands, ensuring a swift transit without ferries. And it is Putuoshan’s closest neighbor. A boat ride from Zhujiajian to Putuoshan takes only about five minutes.

However, apart from being a travel hub, Zhujiajian has other attractive yet virtually undiscovered sites -- intriguing seascapes, unmarred beaches, dense woods, sheer rock cliffs, hills for hiking, extraordinary seafood and displays of fisher folk culture.

The stretch of nine sandy beaches along the southeast coast of the island is its undoubted gem. One of them, Nansha (literally “South Bank”), is the venue for the annual Zhoushan International Sand Sculpture Festival from July to October (public displays open in September), with themes such as “Fairy Tales” and “Forever Love.”

Sculptures remain on the beach so that visitors can walk around them, such as Gulliver held down by the Lilliputians and Beauty and the Beast.

View enormous castles built of sand, then build your own, play in the sparkling waves, buy some snacks and relax under umbrellas. Surrounded by hills, the beach of fine sand is itself beautiful and clean. Visitors can even walk onto some sand sculptures, such as the 12 Chinese animal signs of the Zodiac.


Zhujiajian Tour Package
110 yuan (peak seasons)
80 yuan (off-peak)

The International Sand Sculpture Festival (July - August)
Tel: +86 0580 6631025

Nansha Beach
Admission: 30 yuan (off-peak seasons)/60 yuan (peak seasons July - October)
Tel: +86 0580 6631526

Wushitang and fishing boat cruises
Admission: 30 yuan
Tel: +86 0580 6031021

Mount Baishan
Admission: 30 yuan
Tel: +86 0580 6031033

Mount Daqing
Admission: 30 yuan
Tel: +86 0580 6634039

Lover’s Island
Admission: 50 yuan
Tel: +86 0580 6631143

Nearby is a sand sculpture park in a pine wood where Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the Lion King and other fairy tale figures greet you. Around each bend is a surprise tucked in the trees.

For holiday seekers or couples, there is a lovely islet called Lovers’ Isle just to the northeast of Nansha Beach. Linked by a white bridge with the main island, the small isle is even accessible during low tides. Covered in lush woods, it offers secluded accommodations in recently built luxury villas. A first-rate yacht dock is also planned to attract high-end visitors.

Another island attraction is a black pebble beach in a fishing-culture theme park, Wushitang (literally “Black Pebble Embankment”), containing replicas of ancient fishing boats with painted “eyes” on the bow, also known as “green eyebrows” for their color. It is said to be one of the world’s few beaches with black pebbles.

You can take a coastal cruise with fishermen and it’s a special pleasure to go for a boat ride just before sunset and to see the rocky coast of the small bay and formations which are said to resemble two giant dragons.

More rock formations and sheer rock cliffs appear around Mount Baishan at the northeast corner of the island. Some rocks look truly weird. One of them appears ramshackle and teetering above a rocky pedestal, ready to tumble into the sea with a slight touch. However, it was perfectly balanced by nature’s opposing forces for thousands of years. On a bare rock facing a main road, a huge fresco of Guan Yin, Goddess of Mercy (also believed to protect fishermen), looks on benevolently. Completed in 2001, the fresco was commissioned to commemorate Zhujiajian Island as an official supply base for Putuoshan since the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368).


Haitiantai Hotel ★★★
Tel: +86 0580 6631168

Jinsha Holiday Village ★★★
Tel: +86 0580 6631222

Danfenglin Holiday Village ★★★
Tel: +86 0580 6631228


Island Taxi Call Number: +86 0580 6032989

Zhoushan Airport: +86 0580 6093101

After the seaside, a winding road takes you up to Mount Daqing, the highest point on Zhujiajian Island at the south end. You can also hike. At about 380 meters, the summit is unspoiled and undeveloped, giving panoramic views. A lovely place if you have packed your lunch. The most attractive feature is a viewpoint where you can command a complete view of the so-called “Ten-Li Golden Sand” – the nearest five interlinked beaches to the north, including Nansha.

Exhausted after a day’s hiking? Come to Zhujiajian Town in the heart of the island and try a seafood restaurant. One shapes long white fish into rings and steams them as a good luck wedding dish. It also features a special dessert – a delicately carved sweet pumpkin stuffed with lotus root petals, red beans and raisins.


If you go from Shanghai to Zhujiajian Island:
Hongqiao Airport - Zhoushan Airport
2 flights daily
7:00am - 7:50am
9:20pm - 10:10pm
Price: 650 yuan
Reservation: +86 021 5385 2000

Zhoushan Airport:
+86 0580 6260555
Shenjiamen Air Ticket Office:
+86 0580 3019200
Dinghai Air Ticket Office:
+86 0580 2026799

If you go from Shenjiamen to Zhujiajian Island:
Shenjiamen Bus Station - Putuo No.2 Middle School - Zhujianjian Island
6:30 am - 6:30 pm 
Frequency: every 20 minutes
Price: 5 yuan

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