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15/06/12 4:10pm
twitter > facebook
15/06/12 1:41pm
i like twitter, it's super duper fast at breaking footy news/rumours :X
15/06/12 1:38pm
Jager I think Twitter is far better at bridging the gap between fans and their celebrities/favourite people etc, Facebook doesnt do that
15/06/12 11:03am
iv messaged him - i think he'll inbox you on here
15/06/12 10:55am
wasnt anything about that i just incited my opinion it was the same thing you described... i was right
15/06/12 9:52am
If you could would be appreicated !
15/06/12 9:42am
exile is in bulgaria danneth. I've got him on facebook - you want me to get him to message you?
15/06/12 9:31am
I'm inciting discussion; compared to twitter users telling everyone what they had for breakfast. Stop being butt hurt about me calling Ireland bad.
15/06/12 9:25am anyone know if this site is legit? I'm so huge i broke my chair :'Crying
15/06/12 9:04am
yeah but elysium, spain's goals were made from school boy errors, ireland are better than that..

Counterstrike 1.6 Season 16

Season 16 sign ups are now open, if your team wants to play in a league for fun, turn up to a game each week and have a bit of a laugh with your friends then you are more than welcome to join. GL HF

theSGL Champions League Playoff's

It's been a exciting Five weeks since theSGL Champs League started and now we move onto the business end of the season with the Groups completed its time for the playoff's to begin!!!

theSGL S15 Games outstanding

I have listed all games which are outstanding within season 15 so far. Alot of teams need to get there skates on and get them played you have until 4th December to play these games.

theSGL Season 15 Update!!

Time to clean up the league at its midway point, I have taken drastic measures to re-energise the season 15 which so far has been littered with defaults. Full details inside!!

BF3 ladders arrive.

Not one but two Battlefield ladders arrive for sign up today. Wether you prefer teh 4v4 rush game or are in for the long haul in an 8v8 conquest mode match up - the time to get involved is now!

theSGL Champions League Groups

We are proud to announce the seeds, groups and full fixtures for theSGL Champions League. We look forward to seeing some great matches. GL to all the teams involved!!!!

theSGL Season 15 Teams & Tables

So it begins, later today / tomorrow i will be posting up Season 15 divisions. Keep checking back as it could happen at any time. GL HF!!!

theSGL Champions League Qualifier

So tonight is the start of theSGL Champions League Qualifier. Sixteen teams go head to head this week for there chance of competing in theSGL Champions League!!!

theSGL Champions League

theSGL is proud to announce its first European Champions League, i wish all the teams participating the best of luck. There is also chance for your clan to qualify two just look inside :)

theSGL Season 15 Start Date Moved!!

Due to the lack of teams playing there ladder matches we have moved back the start of season 15 and given teams another week to play, all is explained in the news post :)