Kittens on Huffington Post,2012:/tag/kittens Huffington Post 'Meowbook' Offers Cats Online Social Network 2012-06-15T09:35:41Z 2012-06-15T09:50:30Z The Huffington Post News Team Given the unceasing popularity of cats on the internet, it was probably just a matter of time before felines got their own social networking site. <br /> <br /> ... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/weird-uk">Weird UK</a>, <a href="/tag/connection">Connection</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/cats">Cats</a>, <a href="/tag/kittens">Kittens</a>, <a href="/tag/social">Social</a>, <a href="/tag/weird-photos--videos">Weird Photos &amp; Videos</a>, <a href="/tag/animals-in-the-news">Animals in the News</a>, <a href="/tag/facebook">Facebook</a>, <a href="/tag/cute">Cute</a>, <a href="/weird-news">Weird News News</a></p> Alf LaMont: Cats: Help End a Vicious Interspecies Scam 2012-06-14T17:29:02Z 2012-06-14T17:30:39Z Alf LaMont Owning a cat is the equivalent of allowing a self obsessed and violent psychotic into your home. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/pets">Pets</a>, <a href="/tag/parasites">Parasites</a>, <a href="/tag/nyan-cat">Nyan Cat</a>, <a href="/tag/cats">Cats</a>, <a href="/tag/kitty">Kitty</a>, <a href="/tag/kittens">Kittens</a>, <a href="/tag/toxoplasmosis">Toxoplasmosis</a>, <a href="/tag/satire">Satire</a>, <a href="/tag/comedy">Comedy</a>, <a href="/comedy">Comedy News</a></p> LOOK: Adorable Kitten Rescued From Car Engine 2012-06-13T18:05:58Z 2012-06-13T19:13:20Z The Huffington Post News Team An adorable calico kitten has been given a second chance at life thanks to a quick-thinking New York man who rescued her from a car engine.<br /> <br /> Brookly... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/mercedes-kitten-rescued">Mercedes Kitten Rescued</a>, <a href="/tag/kittens">Kittens</a>, <a href="/tag/mercedes-kitten-saved">Mercedes Kitten Saved</a>, <a href="/tag/engine-kitten-saved">Engine Kitten Saved</a>, <a href="/tag/antonio-rosario-kitten-rescue">Antonio Rosario Kitten Rescue</a>, <a href="/tag/saving-strays">Saving Strays</a>, <a href="/tag/antonio-rosario-kitten">Antonio Rosario Kitten</a>, <a href="/tag/kitten-rescue-new-york">Kitten Rescue New York</a>, <a href="/tag/slideshow">Slideshow</a>, <a href="/tag/antonio-rosario-mercedes">Antonio Rosario Mercedes</a>, <a href="/tag/kitten-saved-from-engine">Kitten Saved From Engine</a>, <a href="/good-news">Good News News</a></p> WATCH: KITTEN OVERLOAD! 2012-06-04T12:44:00Z 2012-06-04T12:44:00Z The Huffington Post News Team If there's one thing we've learned from Maru and kittens in pots, it's that watching cats sit in places they don't belong is really freaking adorable.... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/cats">Cats</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/kittens">Kittens</a>, <a href="/tag/pets">Pets</a>, <a href="/tag/cat-videos">Cat Videos</a>, <a href="/tag/animal-videos">Animal Videos</a>, <a href="/tag/funny-videos">Funny Videos</a>, <a href="/tag/cuteridiculous-animal-video">Cute/Ridiculous Animal Video</a>, <a href="/tag/cute-animals">Cute Animals</a>, <a href="/tag/cute-animal-videos">Cute Animal Videos</a>, <a href="/comedy">Comedy News</a></p> 9 Kitty Sneak Attacks 2012-05-30T07:58:00Z 2012-05-30T07:59:13Z The Huffington Post News Team Cats are known for being, among other things, incredibly stealthy. Like little furry ninjas, they can sneak up on you without a sound and pounce befor... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/cute-cats">Cute Cats</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/cats">Cats</a>, <a href="/tag/kittens">Kittens</a>, <a href="/tag/cat-ninja">Cat Ninja</a>, <a href="/tag/sneaky-cat">Sneaky Cat</a>, <a href="/tag/funny-videos">Funny Videos</a>, <a href="/tag/cat-sneak-attack">Cat Sneak Attack</a>, <a href="/tag/stealthy-cat">Stealthy Cat</a>, <a href="/tag/comedy-slideshows">Comedy Slideshows</a>, <a href="/tag/funny-cats">Funny Cats</a>, <a href="/tag/slideexpand">Slideexpand</a>, <a href="/tag/kitten-sneaky">Kitten Sneaky</a>, <a href="/comedy">Comedy News</a></p> 21 Adorable Cat Hats 2012-05-14T12:03:56Z 2012-05-14T12:15:18Z The Huffington Post News Team Looking for the hottest spring fashion trend? Well look no further, because cat hats are THE hot ticket right now. Well, at least they would be if it ... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/kitten-hat">Kitten Hat</a>, <a href="/tag/cute-cats">Cute Cats</a>, <a href="/tag/cats">Cats</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/kittens">Kittens</a>, <a href="/tag/funny-pictures">Funny Pictures</a>, <a href="/tag/cat-hats">Cat Hats</a>, <a href="/tag/comedy-slideshows">Comedy Slideshows</a>, <a href="/tag/cat-hat">Cat Hat</a>, <a href="/tag/funny-cats">Funny Cats</a>, <a href="/tag/slideexpand">Slideexpand</a>, <a href="/tag/cat-sitting-on-your-head">Cat Sitting on Your Head</a>, <a href="/comedy">Comedy News</a></p> WATCH: Big Dogs Playing With Tiny Kittens 2012-05-12T10:15:44Z 2012-05-12T10:23:54Z The Huffington Post News Team Just because someone is a lot bigger than you doesn't mean you can't be friends. This is no more true among humans as it is with other animals. Case i... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/cute-cats">Cute Cats</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/kittens">Kittens</a>, <a href="/tag/kitten-playing-with-dog">Kitten Playing With Dog</a>, <a href="/tag/funny-videos">Funny Videos</a>, <a href="/tag/kitten-dog">Kitten Dog</a>, <a href="/tag/comedy-slideshows">Comedy Slideshows</a>, <a href="/tag/funny-cats">Funny Cats</a>, <a href="/tag/cat-playing-with-dog">Cat Playing With Dog</a>, <a href="/tag/funny-animals">Funny Animals</a>, <a href="/tag/cute-animals">Cute Animals</a>, <a href="/tag/dog-playing-with-kitten">Dog Playing With Kitten</a>, <a href="/tag/slideexpand">Slideexpand</a>, <a href="/tag/cats-dogs">Cats Dogs</a>, <a href="/tag/cute-kittens">Cute Kittens</a>, <a href="/comedy">Comedy News</a></p> Eric Wilson: It's Kitten Season (PHOTOS) 2012-05-10T11:36:18Z 2012-05-10T11:37:45Z Eric Wilson <a href="" target="_hplink"><img alt="2012-05-10-kittenseason300cm051012.jpg" src="" width="300" height="80" /> </a>Everyone loves a kitten! They're also a heck of a lot easier to photograph than puppies. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/photography">Photography</a>, <a href="/tag/kittens">Kittens</a>, <a href="/tag/pet-photography">Pet Photography</a>, <a href="/tag/exposure">Exposure</a>, <a href="/tag/cute-kittens">Cute Kittens</a>, <a href="/tag/cat-photos">Cat Photos</a>, <a href="/tag/pet-photos">Pet Photos</a>, <a href="/tag/kitten-photos">Kitten Photos</a>, <a href="/tag/animal-shelter">Animal Shelter</a>, <a href="/impact">Impact News</a></p> LOOK: Panther Kitty Forever Changed By Hit-And-Run 2012-05-10T10:03:08Z 2012-05-10T10:44:32Z The Huffington Post News Team One of Florida's official state animals -- the endangered Florida panther -- was hit by a car last month and left to die on the side on State Road 82 ... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/fwc">Fwc</a>, <a href="/tag/florida-panther-kitten">Florida Panther Kitten</a>, <a href="/tag/florida-news">Florida News</a>, <a href="/tag/florida-panther-kitten-rehab">Florida Panther Kitten Rehab</a>, <a href="/tag/florida-panther-hit-by-car">Florida Panther Hit by Car</a>, <a href="/tag/animals">Animals</a>, <a href="/tag/florida-panther">Florida Panther</a>, <a href="/tag/florida-panthers">Florida Panthers</a>, <a href="/tag/florida-panthers-deaths">Florida Panthers Deaths</a>, <a href="/tag/cats">Cats</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/panther-kitty-lowry-zoo">Panther Kitty Lowry Zoo</a>, <a href="/tag/florida-animals">Florida Animals</a>, <a href="/tag/endangered-species">Endangered Species</a>, <a href="/tag/panther-kitten-florida">Panther Kitten Florida</a>, <a href="/tag/kitten">Kitten</a>, <a href="/tag/panther-pictues">Panther Pictues</a>, <a href="/tag/florida-panther-kittens">Florida Panther Kittens</a>, <a href="/miami">Miami News</a></p> Woman Who Allegedly Squeezed 3 Kittens To Death On The Loose 2012-05-09T13:17:32Z 2012-05-09T13:58:23Z The Huffington Post News Team Hopped up on a friend's prescription pills, Ashley Barnes allegedly went on a rampage, squeezing three 2-week-old kittens so hard their intestines fel... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/animal-cruelty">Animal Cruelty</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/cats">Cats</a>, <a href="/tag/kittens">Kittens</a>, <a href="/tag/mug-shots">Mug Shots</a>, <a href="/tag/prescription-pills">Prescription Pills</a>, <a href="/tag/ashley-barnes-killed-3-kittens">Ashley Barnes Killed 3 Kittens</a>, <a href="/tag/animals-in-the-news">Animals in the News</a>, <a href="/tag/ashley-barnes">Ashley Barnes</a>, <a href="/crime">Crime News</a></p> Catherine Meeks, Ph.D.: The Gift of Kittens in a Flower Pot 2012-05-04T14:37:58Z 2012-05-04T14:38:32Z Catherine Meeks, Ph.D. Early in my life I was told to be careful how I treated strangers because I might be entertaining angels without realizing it. A few days ago a small clan of angels arrived on my patio without my invitation or knowledge. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/kittens">Kittens</a>, <a href="/tag/responsibility">Responsibility</a>, <a href="/tag/hospitality">Hospitality</a>, <a href="/tag/hope">Hope</a>, <a href="/tag/grace">Grace</a>, <a href="/tag/blessings">Blessings</a>, <a href="/tag/gift">Gift</a>, <a href="/tag/angels">Angels</a>, <a href="/tag/love">Love</a>, <a href="/tag/peace">Peace</a>, <a href="/tag/compassion">Compassion</a>, <a href="/tag/joy">Joy</a>, <a href="/tag/contentment">Contentment</a>, <a href="/green">Green News</a></p> 19 Adorable Cat Slumber Parties 2012-04-16T11:47:09Z 2012-04-16T13:03:33Z The Huffington Post News Team It's always fun inviting a few friends over to your house for a slumber party. You get to stay up late, play games, watch movies and pretend to be asl... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/cute-cats">Cute Cats</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/cats">Cats</a>, <a href="/tag/kittens">Kittens</a>, <a href="/tag/funny-pictures">Funny Pictures</a>, <a href="/tag/kittens-sleeping">Kittens Sleeping</a>, <a href="/tag/cat-nap">Cat Nap</a>, <a href="/tag/cat-slumber-party">Cat Slumber Party</a>, <a href="/tag/kitten-sleepover">Kitten Sleepover</a>, <a href="/tag/comedy-slideshows">Comedy Slideshows</a>, <a href="/tag/cats-napping">Cats Napping</a>, <a href="/tag/funny-cats">Funny Cats</a>, <a href="/tag/cat-sleepover">Cat Sleepover</a>, <a href="/tag/cats-sleeping">Cats Sleeping</a>, <a href="/tag/cute-cat-sleeping">Cute Cat Sleeping</a>, <a href="/tag/slidepollajax">Slidepollajax</a>, <a href="/comedy">Comedy News</a></p> VIDEO: Why We Love Cats 2012-04-13T16:53:46Z 2012-04-16T08:59:46Z The Huffington Post News Team <br /> <br /> See More Laughs<br /> <br /> <br /> (function(d, s, id) {<br /> var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];<br /> if (d.getElementById(id)) {return;}<br /> js = d.createE... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/marlo-thomas">Marlo Thomas</a>, <a href="/tag/lotd">Lotd</a>, <a href="/tag/cats">Cats</a>, <a href="/tag/kittens">Kittens</a>, <a href="/tag/funny-videos">Funny Videos</a>, <a href="/tag/laugh-of-the-day">Laugh of the Day</a>, <a href="/tag/funny-cat-videos">Funny Cat Videos</a>, <a href="/tag/comedy">Comedy</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/women">Women News</a></p> Lost Cat Finds Way Home After Three Weeks With Two Broken Legs 2012-04-14T15:41:43Z 2012-04-14T17:57:19Z The Huffington Post News Team After almost three weeks of being missing, 18-month-old Horace the orange tabby cat managed to find his way back home again with two broken legs, the ... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/cats">Cats</a>, <a href="/tag/cat-returns-home">Cat Returns Home</a>, <a href="/tag/kittens">Kittens</a>, <a href="/tag/cat-finds-way-home-with-two-broken-legs">Cat Finds Way Home With Two Broken Legs</a>, <a href="/tag/orange-tabby">Orange Tabby</a>, <a href="/tag/cat-finds-way-home">Cat Finds Way Home</a>, <a href="/tag/kitty-returns-home">Kitty Returns Home</a>, <a href="/good-news">Good News News</a></p> WATCH: Adorable Kitten Eats Ice Cream 2012-04-12T11:44:55Z 2012-04-12T12:19:11Z The Huffington Post News Team Cats are carnivores and should eat a meat-based diet. Everyone knows that. We also know that even though a kitten lapping up milk is an iconic image, ... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/cute-kitten">Cute Kitten</a>, <a href="/tag/kitten-videos">Kitten Videos</a>, <a href="/tag/kitten-eating-ice-cream">Kitten Eating Ice Cream</a>, <a href="/tag/kitten-ice-cream">Kitten Ice Cream</a>, <a href="/tag/cats">Cats</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/kittens">Kittens</a>, <a href="/tag/funny-videos">Funny Videos</a>, <a href="/tag/cute-cat-videos">Cute Cat Videos</a>, <a href="/tag/cat-eating-ice-cream">Cat Eating Ice Cream</a>, <a href="/tag/cuteridiculous-animal-thing-of-the-day">Cute/Ridiculous Animal Thing of the Day</a>, <a href="/tag/funny-cat-videos">Funny Cat Videos</a>, <a href="/tag/cat-ice-cream">Cat Ice Cream</a>, <a href="/comedy">Comedy News</a></p> 13 Adorable Cats 'Boxing' 2012-04-08T09:47:16Z 2012-04-08T10:16:32Z The Huffington Post News Team Boxing is a sport of speed, strength, endurance and, when cats are involved, cuteness. All we know is that when those paws start flying, you better ge... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/cats-boxing">Cats Boxing</a>, <a href="/tag/boxing-animals">Boxing Animals</a>, <a href="/tag/cute-cats">Cute Cats</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/kittens">Kittens</a>, <a href="/tag/cat-boxers">Cat Boxers</a>, <a href="/tag/funny-videos">Funny Videos</a>, <a href="/tag/comedy-slideshows">Comedy Slideshows</a>, <a href="/tag/animal-boxers">Animal Boxers</a>, <a href="/tag/funny-cats">Funny Cats</a>, <a href="/tag/boxing-cats">Boxing Cats</a>, <a href="/tag/boxing">Boxing</a>, <a href="/tag/funny-animals">Funny Animals</a>, <a href="/tag/cute-animals">Cute Animals</a>, <a href="/tag/slidepollajax">Slidepollajax</a>, <a href="/tag/cute-animal-videos">Cute Animal Videos</a>, <a href="/comedy">Comedy News</a></p> WATCH: It's A Scary World For This Cute Kitty 2012-04-02T13:30:00Z 2012-04-02T13:31:28Z The Huffington Post News Team Since this poor kitty doesn't have a lot of tools to protect itself, it has to rely on its adorableness. <br /> <br /> So, when an evil vacuum comes roaring at ... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/cats">Cats</a>, <a href="/tag/scared-cat-video">Scared Cat Video</a>, <a href="/tag/scared-kitty">Scared Kitty</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/kittens">Kittens</a>, <a href="/tag/scared-kittens">Scared Kittens</a>, <a href="/tag/cat-videos">Cat Videos</a>, <a href="/tag/scared-kitten">Scared Kitten</a>, <a href="/tag/scared-cat">Scared Cat</a>, <a href="/tag/scared-kitty-video">Scared Kitty Video</a>, <a href="/tag/cat-videos-youtube">Cat Videos Youtube</a>, <a href="/tag/kitty-scared-of-vacuum">Kitty Scared of Vacuum</a>, <a href="/tag/kitty-video">Kitty Video</a>, <a href="/tag/cat-scared-of-vacuum">Cat Scared of Vacuum</a>, <a href="/comedy">Comedy News</a></p> WATCH: Kittens Dreaming 2012-03-26T10:32:31Z 2012-03-26T11:16:00Z The Huffington Post News Team Do you remember where you were when you first saw the video of the cat mom hugging her baby kitten while it was dreaming? Of course you do. And so do ... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/adorable-kittens-dreaming">Adorable Kittens Dreaming</a>, <a href="/tag/viral-videos">Viral Videos</a>, <a href="/tag/funny-videos">Funny Videos</a>, <a href="/tag/cat-dreaming">Cat Dreaming</a>, <a href="/tag/kitten">Kitten</a>, <a href="/tag/funny-cat-videos">Funny Cat Videos</a>, <a href="/tag/slidepollajax">Slidepollajax</a>, <a href="/tag/cute-kittens">Cute Kittens</a>, <a href="/tag/kittens-dreaming">Kittens Dreaming</a>, <a href="/comedy">Comedy News</a></p> Kitten Found In Car Engine After Long Ride 2012-03-22T15:59:17Z 2012-03-22T16:30:37Z The Huffington Post News Team SANTA CRUZ, Calif. -- A stowaway kitten is safe despite taking an 85-mile ride in a van's engine compartment that included a trip across California's ... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/santa-cruz-cat">Santa Cruz Cat</a>, <a href="/tag/kitten-stowaway">Kitten Stowaway</a>, <a href="/tag/cat-travels-in-van-engine">Cat Travels in Van Engine</a>, <a href="/tag/cat-travels-in-van">Cat Travels in Van</a>, <a href="/tag/golden-gate-bridge">Golden Gate Bridge</a>, <a href="/tag/cat-stowaway">Cat Stowaway</a>, <a href="/tag/kitten-car-engine">Kitten Car Engine</a>, <a href="/tag/kitten-travels-in-van-engine">Kitten Travels in Van Engine</a>, <a href="/tag/santa-cruz-california">Santa Cruz-California</a>, <a href="/tag/animals-in-the-news">Animals in the News</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/santa-cruz">Santa Cruz</a>, <a href="/tag/santa-cruz-kitten">Santa Cruz Kitten</a>, <a href="/tag/kitten-travels-in-van">Kitten Travels in Van</a>, <a href="/tag/kitten-in-engine">Kitten in Engine</a>, <a href="/tag/kitten">Kitten</a>, <a href="/tag/weird-photos--videos">Weird Photos &amp; Videos</a>, <a href="/tag/santa-cruz-county-animal-shelter">Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter</a>, <a href="/weird-news">Weird News News</a></p> Cats vs. Cords: The Battle Rages On 2012-03-19T08:10:07Z 2012-03-19T08:59:15Z The Huffington Post News Team We've already shown you how afraid cats are of apples, vacuum cleaners and just about everything else, but perhaps the cat's oldest household foe is t... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/cute-cats">Cute Cats</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/cats">Cats</a>, <a href="/tag/kittens">Kittens</a>, <a href="/tag/cat-videos">Cat Videos</a>, <a href="/tag/funny-videos">Funny Videos</a>, <a href="/tag/comedy-slideshows">Comedy Slideshows</a>, <a href="/tag/cats-vs-cords">Cats vs Cords</a>, <a href="/tag/funny-cats">Funny Cats</a>, <a href="/tag/funny-animals">Funny Animals</a>, <a href="/tag/slidepollajax">Slidepollajax</a>, <a href="/tag/funny-cat-videos">Funny Cat Videos</a>, <a href="/comedy">Comedy News</a></p> Endangered Kitten Born In New Orleans 2012-03-14T11:50:47Z 2012-03-14T11:54:29Z The Huffington Post News Team In a breakthrough for the assisted reproduction of endangered species, Crystal, an African black-footed cat, was born early last month at the Audubon ... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/kittens">Kittens</a>, <a href="/tag/cat-videos">Cat Videos</a>, <a href="/tag/kitten-born">Kitten Born</a>, <a href="/tag/cute-cat-videos">Cute Cat Videos</a>, <a href="/tag/african-black-footed-cat">African Black-Footed Cat</a>, <a href="/tag/endangered-cats">Endangered Cats</a>, <a href="/tag/kitten">Kitten</a>, <a href="/tag/funny-cat-videos">Funny Cat Videos</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/green">Green News</a></p> Liane Kupferberg Carter: Feline Fatale 2012-03-07T15:01:31Z 2012-03-07T15:02:20Z Liane Kupferberg Carter She was meant to be a companion for our cat Dizzy. She looked identical. The same kohl-rimmed eyes. The same silky, silver fur. The same sweet face. She was Dizzy's Doppelganger. But inside?<br /> A heart of darkness.<br /> <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/paris-hilton">Paris Hilton</a>, <a href="/tag/pets">Pets</a>, <a href="/tag/humor">Humor</a>, <a href="/tag/munchkins">Munchkins</a>, <a href="/tag/prozac">Prozac</a>, <a href="/tag/maine-coon">Maine-Coon</a>, <a href="/tag/behavior-therapy">Behavior Therapy</a>, <a href="/tag/miss-america">Miss America</a>, <a href="/tag/cats">Cats</a>, <a href="/tag/maine-coon-cats">Maine Coon Cats</a>, <a href="/tag/wicked-witch-of-the-west">Wicked Witch of the West</a>, <a href="/tag/animal-behavior">Animal Behavior</a>, <a href="/tag/autism">Autism</a>, <a href="/tag/autistic">Autistic</a>, <a href="/tag/kitten">Kitten</a>, <a href="/tag/sybil">Sybil</a>, <a href="/tag/felines">Felines</a>, <a href="/tag/pet-from-hell">Pet From Hell</a>, <a href="/tag/evil-twin">Evil Twin</a>, <a href="/tag/feline-fatale">Feline Fatale</a>, <a href="/parents">Parents News</a></p> WATCH: Adorable Kittens Wake Up From Their Nap 2012-02-23T11:30:59Z 2012-02-23T11:39:46Z The Huffington Post News Team There's a reason why the phrase "cute as a kitten" has stuck around all this time.<br /> <br /> It's because few things are as absolutely adorable as young feli... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/cute-kittens-video">Cute Kittens Video</a>, <a href="/tag/kittens">Kittens</a>, <a href="/tag/kittens-nap">Kittens Nap</a>, <a href="/tag/kittens-up-from-nap">Kittens Up From Nap</a>, <a href="/tag/cute-kittens-youtube">Cute Kittens Youtube</a>, <a href="/tag/urlesque">Urlesque</a>, <a href="/tag/kittens-video">Kittens Video</a>, <a href="/tag/kittens-youtube">Kittens Youtube</a>, <a href="/tag/kittens-wake-up-from-nap">Kittens Wake Up From Nap</a>, <a href="/tag/kittens-wake-up">Kittens Wake Up</a>, <a href="/good-news">Good News News</a></p> 15 Cats vs. Vacuum Cleaners 2012-02-06T14:02:33Z 2012-02-07T09:02:40Z The Huffington Post News Team The complicated, fascinating relationship between cats and vacuum cleaners is well documented on the Internet. Some cats love 'em, some hate 'em. But ... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/cats">Cats</a>, <a href="/tag/kittens">Kittens</a>, <a href="/tag/cats-vacuums">Cats Vacuums</a>, <a href="/tag/funny-videos">Funny Videos</a>, <a href="/tag/cats-versus-vacuums">Cats Versus Vacuums</a>, <a href="/tag/vacuums">Vacuums</a>, <a href="/tag/comedy-slideshows">Comedy Slideshows</a>, <a href="/tag/funny-cat-videos">Funny Cat Videos</a>, <a href="/comedy">Comedy News</a></p> Jeryl Brunner: The Distinct Charm of Animal Owners 2012-01-31T16:39:49Z 2012-01-31T16:39:22Z Jeryl Brunner From five-floor walkups to Park Avenue penthouses, Jeanne Adlon has traveled all over New York City to lovingly care for hundreds of cats. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/jeanne-adlon">Jeanne Adlon</a>, <a href="/tag/cats">Cats</a>, <a href="/tag/kittens">Kittens</a>, <a href="/tag/john-lennon">John Lennon</a>, <a href="/tag/animals">Animals</a>, <a href="/tag/cat-fancy">Cat Fancy</a>, <a href="/good-news">Good News News</a></p>