Conservatives on Huffington Post,2012:/tag/conservatives Huffington Post Bob Burnett: 10 Reasons Obama Can Win 2012-06-15T09:51:00Z 2012-06-15T09:51:44Z Bob Burnett Many of my homies believe it is inevitable that Barack Obama will not be reelected. Fear not liberals, Obama can still win. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/conservatives">Conservatives</a>, <a href="/tag/liberals">Liberals</a>, <a href="/tag/mitt-romney-2012">Mitt Romney 2012</a>, <a href="/tag/president-obama">President Obama</a>, <a href="/tag/mitt-romney">Mitt Romney</a>, <a href="/tag/barack-obama-2012">Barack Obama 2012</a>, <a href="/tag/barack-obama">Barack Obama</a>, <a href="/tag/obama-romney-voters">Obama Romney Voters</a>, <a href="/tag/obama-romney-2012">Obama Romney 2012</a>, <a href="/tag/obama-romney-polls">Obama Romney Polls</a>, <a href="/politics">Politics News</a></p> GOP Lobbyist Accuses Democrat Of Incest 2012-06-12T20:25:00Z 2012-06-12T20:25:17Z The Huffington Post News Team A Kansas lobbyist with ties to Gov. Sam Brownback (R) used his Twitter account to accuse a Democratic candidate for the state Senate of an incestuous ... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/kansas-republicans">Kansas Republicans</a>, <a href="/tag/twitter">Twitter</a>, <a href="/tag/mike-pence">Mike Pence</a>, <a href="/tag/mike-pence-2012-campaign">Mike Pence 2012 Campaign</a>, <a href="/tag/moderate-republicans">Moderate Republicans</a>, <a href="/tag/bill-graves">Bill Graves</a>, <a href="/tag/redistricting">Redistricting</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/conservatives">Conservatives</a>, <a href="/tag/kansas-politics">Kansas Politics</a>, <a href="/tag/kansas-senate-race">Kansas Senate Race</a>, <a href="/tag/2012-election">2012 Election</a>, <a href="/tag/sam-brownback">Sam Brownback</a>, <a href="/tag/tea-party">Tea Party</a>, <a href="/tag/election-2012">Election 2012</a>, <a href="/tag/keith-humphrey">Keith Humphrey</a>, <a href="/tag/jim-gardner">Jim Gardner</a>, <a href="/politics">Politics News</a></p> Jeb Bush Levels 'Disturbing' Charge At GOP 'Dysfunction' 2012-06-11T09:50:50Z 2012-06-11T09:50:28Z The Huffington Post News Team Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush said today that both Ronald Reagan and his father George H. W. Bush would have had a difficult time getting nominated... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/george-hw-bush">George H.W. Bush</a>, <a href="/tag/ronald-reagan">Ronald Reagan</a>, <a href="/tag/conservatives">Conservatives</a>, <a href="/tag/bush-41">Bush 41</a>, <a href="/tag/2012-election">2012 Election</a>, <a href="/tag/mitt-romney-2012">Mitt Romney 2012</a>, <a href="/tag/mitt-romney">Mitt Romney</a>, <a href="/tag/elections-2012">Elections 2012</a>, <a href="/tag/gop">Gop</a>, <a href="/tag/jeb-bush">Jeb Bush</a>, <a href="/tag/barack-obama-2012">Barack Obama 2012</a>, <a href="/tag/republican-party">Republican Party</a>, <a href="/tag/barack-obama">Barack Obama</a>, <a href="/politics">Politics News</a></p> Michael Jinkins: The Tragedy Of Labels 2012-06-11T07:17:24Z 2012-06-11T07:24:32Z Michael Jinkins One of the best ways to dismiss the ideas of others, without ever having to think about them, is to label them as quickly as they are uttered. Some roads to hell may be paved with good intentions, but others are made smooth by a flippant bigotry that avoids truth by stereotyping. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/conservatives">Conservatives</a>, <a href="/tag/liberals">Liberals</a>, <a href="/tag/screwtape-letters">Screwtape Letters</a>, <a href="/tag/c-s-lewis">C. S. Lewis</a>, <a href="/tag/labels">Labels</a>, <a href="/tag/religion-and-politics">Religion and Politics</a>, <a href="/tag/interfaith">Interfaith</a>, <a href="/tag/christianity">Christianity</a>, <a href="/tag/religious-understanding">Religious Understanding</a>, <a href="/tag/interfaith-dialogue">Interfaith Dialogue</a>, <a href="/religion">Religion News</a></p> Leonce Gaiter: The White Right TAPP Dances Black Truths Out of American History 2012-06-07T12:34:48Z 2012-06-07T12:34:24Z Leonce Gaiter The right's strength is its ability to immerse itself in tribal warmth of sexist, racist, homophobic waters, while simply sprinkling the rest of us with their refreshing mists. And they are refreshing. Admit it. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/right-wing-radio">Right Wing Radio</a>, <a href="/tag/mormon-church">Mormon Church</a>, <a href="/tag/conservatives">Conservatives</a>, <a href="/tag/african-american-culture">African-American Culture</a>, <a href="/tag/mitt-romney">Mitt Romney</a>, <a href="/tag/right-wing-racism">Right Wing Racism</a>, <a href="/tag/whitewashing-history">Whitewashing History</a>, <a href="/tag/black-history">Black History</a>, <a href="/tag/right-wing">Right Wing</a>, <a href="/tag/african-american-history">African-American History</a>, <a href="/tag/right-wing-extremism">Right-Wing Extremism</a>, <a href="/tag/bv-politics">Bv-Politics</a>, <a href="/black-voices">Black Voices News</a></p> Conservatives Getting Over Romneyphobia Faster Than Expected 2012-06-07T08:57:51Z 2012-06-07T08:57:51Z The Huffington Post News Team WASHINGTON &mdash; Conservatives at the core of the Republican Party are coalescing behind likely GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney faster than exp... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/mitt-romney-conservatives">Mitt Romney Conservatives</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/2012-elections">2012 Elections</a>, <a href="/tag/conservatives">Conservatives</a>, <a href="/tag/2012-election">2012 Election</a>, <a href="/tag/mitt-romney">Mitt Romney</a>, <a href="/tag/mitt-romney-2012">Mitt Romney 2012</a>, <a href="/tag/elections-2012">Elections 2012</a>, <a href="/tag/gop">Gop</a>, <a href="/tag/election-2012">Election 2012</a>, <a href="/tag/romney-conservatives">Romney Conservatives</a>, <a href="/tag/romney">Romney</a>, <a href="/tag/romney-2012">Romney 2012</a>, <a href="/tag/republicans">Republicans</a>, <a href="/politics">Politics News</a></p> Bill Schneider: Unity Has Failed 2012-06-04T10:04:48Z 2012-06-04T11:12:10Z Bill Schneider Can President Obama get reelected the same way President Bush did in 2004? The recall election in Wisconsin on Tuesday will give us a pretty good idea. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/wisconsin">Wisconsin</a>, <a href="/tag/conservatives">Conservatives</a>, <a href="/tag/george-w-bush">George W. Bush</a>, <a href="/tag/mitt-romney">Mitt Romney</a>, <a href="/tag/elections-2012">Elections 2012</a>, <a href="/tag/jobs">Jobs</a>, <a href="/tag/barack-obama">Barack Obama</a>, <a href="/tag/wisconsin-recall-election">Wisconsin Recall Election</a>, <a href="/tag/wisconsin-recall">Wisconsin Recall</a>, <a href="/tag/scott-walker">Scott Walker</a>, <a href="/tag/obama-2012">Obama 2012</a>, <a href="/politics">Politics News</a></p> Dave Helfert: In 2012, Moderates Are the New Liberals 2012-05-31T15:34:10Z 2012-05-31T15:39:12Z Dave Helfert The Legislative branch of our government is totally dysfunctional. Representatives and Senators used to point with pride to accomplishments. Today, they campaign on what they've stopped. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/compromise">Compromise</a>, <a href="/tag/founding-fathers">Founding Fathers</a>, <a href="/tag/moderates">Moderates</a>, <a href="/tag/intolerance">Intolerance</a>, <a href="/tag/conservatives">Conservatives</a>, <a href="/tag/republican-moderates">Republican Moderates</a>, <a href="/tag/moderate-republicans">Moderate Republicans</a>, <a href="/tag/dick-lugar">Dick Lugar</a>, <a href="/tag/tea-party-republicans">Tea Party Republicans</a>, <a href="/tag/tea-party">Tea Party</a>, <a href="/politics">Politics News</a></p> WATCH: Conservative Editor: Young People Are 'Frickin Stupid' 2012-05-31T14:25:45Z 2012-05-31T15:21:28Z The Huffington Post News Team Jonah Goldberg, editor-at-large of National Review Online, thinks youth culture today is more powerful than it's ever been. He also thinks that this y... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/the-daily-caller">The Daily Caller</a>, <a href="/tag/jonah-goldberg-daily-caller">Jonah Goldberg Daily Caller</a>, <a href="/tag/young-voters">Young Voters</a>, <a href="/tag/jonah-goldberg-national-review-online">Jonah Goldberg National Review Online</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/youth-vote">Youth Vote</a>, <a href="/tag/conservatives">Conservatives</a>, <a href="/tag/voting-age">Voting Age</a>, <a href="/tag/conservative-commentator">Conservative Commentator</a>, <a href="/tag/daily-caller-interview-jonah-goldberg">Daily Caller Interview Jonah Goldberg</a>, <a href="/tag/jonah-goldberg">Jonah Goldberg</a>, <a href="/tag/voting-age-should-be-raised">Voting Age Should Be Raised</a>, <a href="/college">College News</a></p> What Happened To Conservatives' Care For Community? 2012-05-26T14:53:39Z 2012-05-26T14:53:55Z The Huffington Post News Team To secure his standing as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney has disowned every sliver of moderation in his record. He’s m... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/ej-dionne">EJ Dionne</a>, <a href="/tag/elections-2012">Elections 2012</a>, <a href="/tag/mitt-romney">Mitt Romney</a>, <a href="/tag/the-washington-post">The Washington Post</a>, <a href="/tag/gop">Gop</a>, <a href="/tag/conservatives-community">Conservatives Community</a>, <a href="/tag/conservatives">Conservatives</a>, <a href="/tag/2012-election">2012 Election</a>, <a href="/tag/mitt-romney-2012">Mitt Romney 2012</a>, <a href="/tag/republicans">Republicans</a>, <a href="/politics">Politics News</a></p> Ericka Andersen: 20 Conservative Pinterest Accounts You Should Follow 2012-05-24T17:54:32Z 2012-05-24T16:55:02Z Ericka Andersen As the 2012 campaign season heats up, more folks will be jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon to see how it can benefit their slice of the social media pie. There are a few on the Right that caught the fad early and will provide a good foundation for the politically minded to build from. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/conservative-politics">Conservative Politics</a>, <a href="/tag/conservatives-on-pinterest">Conservatives on Pinterest</a>, <a href="/tag/pinterest-account">Pinterest Account</a>, <a href="/tag/conservatives">Conservatives</a>, <a href="/tag/conservative-politicians">Conservative Politicians</a>, <a href="/tag/conservative-pinterest-accounts">Conservative Pinterest Accounts</a>, <a href="/tag/pinterest">Pinterest</a>, <a href="/tag/heritage-foundation">Heritage Foundation</a>, <a href="/tag/who-to-follow-on-pinterest">Who to Follow on Pinterest</a>, <a href="/politics">Politics News</a></p> Eric Alterman: Think Again: The Conservative War on Knowledge 2012-05-24T10:37:58Z 2012-05-24T10:42:07Z Eric Alterman The United States finds itself in an odd political predicament. One of its two major political parties is increasingly dominated by a faction of people that simply denies those aspects of reality it finds to be inconvenient. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/anti-science">Anti-Science.</a>, <a href="/tag/anti-intelectuals">Anti-Intelectuals</a>, <a href="/tag/war-on-science">War on Science</a>, <a href="/tag/conservatives">Conservatives</a>, <a href="/tag/war-on-knowledge">War on Knowledge</a>, <a href="/tag/anti-intellectualism">Anti-Intellectualism</a>, <a href="/tag/republicans">Republicans</a>, <a href="/politics">Politics News</a></p> The Conservative Fantasy History Of Civil Rights 2012-05-22T18:09:56Z 2012-05-22T18:09:29Z The Huffington Post News Team The civil rights movement, once a controversial left-wing fringe, has grown deeply embedded into the fabric of our national story. This is a salutary ... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/national-review">National Review</a>, <a href="/tag/civil-rights-act">Civil Rights Act</a>, <a href="/tag/conservatives">Conservatives</a>, <a href="/tag/ronald-reagan">Ronald Reagan</a>, <a href="/tag/harry-truman">Harry Truman</a>, <a href="/tag/conservatism">Conservatism</a>, <a href="/tag/strom-thurmond">Strom Thurmond</a>, <a href="/tag/democrats">Democrats</a>, <a href="/tag/african-americans">African-Americans</a>, <a href="/tag/civil-rights">Civil Rights</a>, <a href="/tag/barack-obama">Barack Obama</a>, <a href="/tag/republicans">Republicans</a>, <a href="/politics">Politics News</a></p> Romney Struggles To Woo Fans Of His Former Rivals 2012-05-20T18:46:08Z 2012-05-20T18:46:56Z The Huffington Post News Team WASHINGTON &mdash; Donors who backed Republican rivals of presidential candidate Mitt Romney appear to be slow coming to his aid.<br /> <br /> Romney raised more ... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/politics-news-acorn-attacks">Politics News Acorn Attacks</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/conservatives">Conservatives</a>, <a href="/tag/2012-election">2012 Election</a>, <a href="/tag/mitt-romney-2012">Mitt Romney 2012</a>, <a href="/tag/mitt-romney">Mitt Romney</a>, <a href="/tag/elections-2012">Elections 2012</a>, <a href="/tag/gop">Gop</a>, <a href="/tag/barack-obama-2012">Barack Obama 2012</a>, <a href="/tag/barack-obama">Barack Obama</a>, <a href="/politics">Politics News</a></p> Leslie Reece Schichtel: There's Danger in Playing Chess with Politics 2012-05-15T22:22:59Z 2012-05-16T12:27:11Z Leslie Reece Schichtel The object of a game of chess is to vanquish one's opponent. To do so, both players strategize each piece's trajectory to eventually lock the opponent... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/dialogue">Dialogue</a>, <a href="/tag/elections-2012">Elections 2012</a>, <a href="/tag/debate">Debate</a>, <a href="/tag/democracy">Democracy</a>, <a href="/tag/john-dewey">John Dewey</a>, <a href="/tag/conservatives">Conservatives</a>, <a href="/tag/liberals">Liberals</a>, <a href="/tag/2012-election">2012 Election</a>, <a href="/politics">Politics News</a></p> June Carbone: 5 Ways Conservatives Are Destroying the Institution of Marriage 2012-05-16T10:03:08Z 2012-05-16T10:00:35Z June Carbone The idea of marriage held by those who are financially secure no longer fits large numbers of working-class couples who conceive children together. That's because the foundation for their relationships has been destroyed by the very people who accuse Obama of a war on marriage. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/marriage">Marriage</a>, <a href="/tag/obama">Obama</a>, <a href="/tag/gay-rights">Gay Rights</a>, <a href="/tag/conservatives">Conservatives</a>, <a href="/tag/rush-limbaugh">Rush Limbaugh</a>, <a href="/tag/same-sex-marriage">Same-Sex Marriage</a>, <a href="/politics">Politics News</a></p> Jeanette Cajide: Facebook's Saverin Has a New Conservative Fan Base 2012-05-14T16:05:24Z 2012-05-14T16:05:34Z Jeanette Cajide Mr. Saverin has been getting a lot of hate for this move to lower his tax bill, but he has also received a lot of praise, surprisingly from America's <em>real</em> patriots, the conservative base. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/eduardo-saverin">Eduardo Saverin</a>, <a href="/tag/heritage-foundation">Heritage Foundation</a>, <a href="/tag/singapore">Singapore</a>, <a href="/tag/patriotism">Patriotism</a>, <a href="/tag/ipo">Ipo</a>, <a href="/tag/conservatives">Conservatives</a>, <a href="/tag/gop">Gop</a>, <a href="/tag/american-flag">American Flag</a>, <a href="/tag/cuba">Cuba</a>, <a href="/tag/facebook">Facebook</a>, <a href="/tag/mike-brownfield">Mike Brownfield</a>, <a href="/politics">Politics News</a></p> Conservatives Push Back On Boehner 2012-05-13T18:54:57Z 2012-05-13T18:54:25Z The Huffington Post News Team The cautious approach that top Republicans have taken on whether to vote to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress has sparked a ne... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/house-of-representatives">House of Representatives</a>, <a href="/tag/politics-news">Politics News</a>, <a href="/tag/congress">Congress</a>, <a href="/tag/conservatives">Conservatives</a>, <a href="/tag/john-boehner">John Boehner</a>, <a href="/tag/2012-election">2012 Election</a>, <a href="/tag/elections-2012">Elections 2012</a>, <a href="/tag/gop">Gop</a>, <a href="/tag/eric-cantor">Eric Cantor</a>, <a href="/politics">Politics News</a></p> Howard Barbanel: The Gay Marriage Debate Misses the Point Entirely 2012-05-10T19:06:07Z 2012-05-11T17:15:18Z Howard Barbanel This week President Obama became the first president in U.S. history to come out in favor of gay marriage. Obviously, Mitt Romney is against such a th... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/obama-same-sex-marriage">Obama Same-Sex Marriage</a>, <a href="/tag/marriage">Marriage</a>, <a href="/tag/gay-rights">Gay Rights</a>, <a href="/tag/conservatives">Conservatives</a>, <a href="/tag/liberals">Liberals</a>, <a href="/tag/same-sex-marriage">Same Sex Marriage</a>, <a href="/tag/gay">Gay</a>, <a href="/tag/democrats">Democrats</a>, <a href="/tag/gay-marriage">Gay Marriage</a>, <a href="/tag/gay-issues">Gay Issues</a>, <a href="/tag/republicans">Republicans</a>, <a href="/politics">Politics News</a></p> J.B. Poersch: Indiana Senate Race: What Do the Results Mean? 2012-05-09T12:42:31Z 2012-05-09T12:42:53Z J.B. Poersch The Tea Party cost Republicans Senate seats in 2010, and they're poised to provide Democrats another gift in 2012: Indiana State Treasurer Richard Mourdock. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/indiana-senate">Indiana Senate</a>, <a href="/tag/richard-lugar-richard-mourdock">Richard Lugar Richard Mourdock</a>, <a href="/tag/dick-lugar">Dick Lugar</a>, <a href="/tag/richard-lugar">Richard Lugar</a>, <a href="/tag/conservatives">Conservatives</a>, <a href="/tag/indiana-senate-2012">Indiana Senate 2012</a>, <a href="/tag/2012-election">2012 Election</a>, <a href="/tag/indiana">Indiana</a>, <a href="/tag/elections-2012">Elections 2012</a>, <a href="/tag/richard-mourdock">Richard Mourdock</a>, <a href="/tag/tea-party">Tea Party</a>, <a href="/tag/republicans">Republicans</a>, <a href="/tag/joe-donnelly">Joe Donnelly</a>, <a href="/politics">Politics News</a></p> Peter Scheer: Romney's Wrong: States Are More Responsive to Special Interests Than Voters 2012-05-03T08:53:47Z 2012-05-03T08:53:44Z Peter Scheer Federalist conservatives love shifting power from the federal government to states because they believe that the closer government is to its citizens, the more responsive it is to those citizens. They could not be more wrong. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/prison-guards">Prison Guards</a>, <a href="/tag/obamacare">Obamacare</a>, <a href="/tag/conservatives">Conservatives</a>, <a href="/tag/obamacare-supreme-court">Obamacare Supreme Court</a>, <a href="/tag/ron-paul">Ron Paul</a>, <a href="/tag/mitt-romney">Mitt Romney</a>, <a href="/tag/pensions">Pensions</a>, <a href="/tag/teachers-unions">Teachers Unions</a>, <a href="/tag/hollywood">Hollywood</a>, <a href="/tag/republicans">Republicans</a>, <a href="/tag/elections-2012">Elections 2012</a>, <a href="/tag/money-in-politics">Money in Politics</a>, <a href="/tag/2012-election">2012 Election</a>, <a href="/tag/special-interest-groups">Special Interest Groups</a>, <a href="/tag/special-interests">Special Interests</a>, <a href="/tag/libertarians">Libertarians</a>, <a href="/politics">Politics News</a></p> Stephen Herrington: Americans Are Liberals 2012-05-01T14:49:46Z 2012-05-01T14:48:15Z Stephen Herrington 'Liberal' is nothing but a synonym for being adaptive instead of voodoo doctrinaire. Americans are smarter now that they've seen what the GOP/Tea Party will do when elected to real government at a time when we most need real government. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/us-economy">U.S. Economy</a>, <a href="/tag/war-on-women">War on Women</a>, <a href="/tag/economy">Economy</a>, <a href="/tag/economic-crisis">Economic Crisis</a>, <a href="/tag/elections-2012">Elections 2012</a>, <a href="/tag/mitt-romney">Mitt Romney</a>, <a href="/tag/gop">Gop</a>, <a href="/tag/tea-party">Tea Party</a>, <a href="/tag/voter-suppression">Voter Suppression</a>, <a href="/tag/paul-ryan">Paul Ryan</a>, <a href="/tag/congress">Congress</a>, <a href="/tag/liberals">Liberals</a>, <a href="/tag/barack-obama">Barack Obama</a>, <a href="/tag/conservatives">Conservatives</a>, <a href="/tag/2012-election">2012 Election</a>, <a href="/tag/112th-congress">112th Congress</a>, <a href="/politics">Politics News</a></p> Mike Lux: Shining City on a Hill 2012-04-30T11:00:20Z 2012-04-30T11:01:07Z Mike Lux Why is Paul Ryan, who is on the short list for Romney's VP candidate, so eager to erase his (very recent) past obsession with Ayn Rand, whom so many other right wingers adore as well? <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/politics">Politics</a>, <a href="/tag/religion-and-politics">Religion and Politics</a>, <a href="/tag/religion">Religion</a>, <a href="/tag/morality">Morality</a>, <a href="/tag/ayn-rand">Ayn Rand</a>, <a href="/tag/paul-ryan">Paul Ryan</a>, <a href="/tag/city-on-a-hill">City on a Hill</a>, <a href="/tag/conservatives">Conservatives</a>, <a href="/tag/paul-ryan-ayn-rand">Paul Ryan Ayn Rand</a>, <a href="/tag/republicans">Republicans</a>, <a href="/politics">Politics News</a></p> Lugar Struggles To Shake 'Untrustworthy' Tea Party Opponent 2012-04-29T21:11:25Z 2012-04-29T21:11:55Z The Huffington Post News Team Timing is everything, especially in a political campaign. Come out negative too early and you can turn off voters. Wait too long to try to brand your ... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/politics-news">Politics News</a>, <a href="/tag/dick-lugar">Dick Lugar</a>, <a href="/tag/conservatives">Conservatives</a>, <a href="/tag/2012-election">2012 Election</a>, <a href="/tag/indiana-politics">Indiana Politics</a>, <a href="/tag/elections-2012">Elections 2012</a>, <a href="/tag/gop">Gop</a>, <a href="/tag/richard-lugar-2012">Richard Lugar 2012</a>, <a href="/tag/tea-party">Tea Party</a>, <a href="/tag/richard-lugar">Richard Lugar</a>, <a href="/politics">Politics News</a></p> Douglas LaBier: Why Obama and Romney Are Both Wrong About Becoming Rich in America 2012-04-25T16:16:22Z 2012-04-25T16:20:19Z Douglas LaBier We're not isolated entities on a planet that exists for our personal benefit, alone. We all need and depend on each other. President Obama would do well to show aggressive leadership towards pushing that vision. It's the American Dream, after all. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/politics">Politics</a>, <a href="/tag/conservatives">Conservatives</a>, <a href="/tag/liberals">Liberals</a>, <a href="/tag/elections-2012">Elections 2012</a>, <a href="/tag/mitt-romney">Mitt Romney</a>, <a href="/tag/democrats">Democrats</a>, <a href="/tag/barack-obama">Barack Obama</a>, <a href="/tag/republicans">Republicans</a>, <a href="/politics">Politics News</a></p>