College Admissions on Huffington Post,2012:/tag/college-admissions Huffington Post Patrick O'Connor: Two Things to Know About College 2012-06-15T18:10:40Z 2012-06-15T18:10:38Z Patrick O'Connor As a college instructor, I hear it every single semester. "How could you give me a C? I worked really hard in this class!" And in those 14 words lie two very important lessons. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/studying">Studying</a>, <a href="/tag/college">College</a>, <a href="/tag/college-admissions">College Admissions</a>, <a href="/tag/grades">Grades</a>, <a href="/tag/grades-in-college">Grades in College</a>, <a href="/tag/college-grades">College Grades</a>, <a href="/tag/college-professors">College Professors</a>, <a href="/tag/college-courses">College Courses</a>, <a href="/detroit">Detroit News</a></p> Tatiana Lanteigne: Words of Advice to Overachieving Teens 2012-06-14T09:27:03Z 2012-06-14T09:31:09Z Tatiana Lanteigne Many modern teens feel pressure to be well-rounded, but there is a point at which one must realize that being well-rounded doesn't mean being the best at everything. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/overachievers">Overachievers</a>, <a href="/tag/college-admissions">College Admissions</a>, <a href="/tag/academic-pressure">Academic Pressure</a>, <a href="/tag/high-school-sports">High School Sports</a>, <a href="/teen">Teen News</a></p> Molefi McIntosh: My Experience at UNCF's Inaugural Convention 2012-06-13T16:02:25Z 2012-06-13T16:15:02Z Molefi McIntosh The Gateway to Leadership Student Leadership Conference was a humbling, informative, productive, and empowering experience. We were immersed into the GTL culture and introduced to our fellow GTL Fellows. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/students">Students</a>, <a href="/tag/college-admissions">College Admissions</a>, <a href="/tag/college">College</a>, <a href="/tag/black-voices">Black Voices</a>, <a href="/tag/college-life">College Life</a>, <a href="/black-voices">Black Voices News</a></p> Allison Singh: The Buddha as College Admissions Officer 2012-06-13T16:00:37Z 2012-06-13T16:01:18Z Allison Singh The Buddha opens the first application. He scans the list of perfect scores and extra-curriculars, and erupts in laughter. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/buddhism">Buddhism</a>, <a href="/tag/college-admissions">College Admissions</a>, <a href="/tag/buddha-college-admissions">Buddha College Admissions</a>, <a href="/tag/buddha">Buddha</a>, <a href="/tag/college-applications">College Applications</a>, <a href="/college">College News</a></p> Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz: 'What? Are You Crazy?' Starting to Work on Your College Applications in June 2012-06-12T12:48:16Z 2012-06-12T12:49:05Z Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz Turns out that a lot of students have a lot going on in the summer and fall, so working on his Common App in June makes sense. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/ap-courses">AP Courses</a>, <a href="/tag/early-application">Early Application</a>, <a href="/tag/high-school-seniors">High School Seniors</a>, <a href="/tag/college">College</a>, <a href="/tag/college-essays">College Essays</a>, <a href="/tag/common-application">Common Application</a>, <a href="/tag/college-admissions">College Admissions</a>, <a href="/tag/undergraduate-admissions">Undergraduate Admissions</a>, <a href="/college">College News</a></p> Scott Willyerd: Survey Studies Risky Behaviors on College Campuses 2012-06-06T17:21:36Z 2012-06-06T17:21:22Z Scott Willyerd Roughly one in six surveyed teens who had been on an overnight college admissions visit reported drinking alcohol during the visit. Teens also reported engaging in intimate sexual behavior, using drugs other than alcohol or driving while impaired. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/college-visits">College Visits</a>, <a href="/tag/teen-sex">Teen Sex</a>, <a href="/tag/teen-drug-abuse">Teen Drug Abuse</a>, <a href="/tag/college-admissions">College Admissions</a>, <a href="/tag/teen-drinking">Teen Drinking</a>, <a href="/college">College News</a></p> Patrick O'Connor: SAT, UCal Decisions Rock College Admissions 2012-06-05T16:53:38Z 2012-06-05T16:53:20Z Patrick O'Connor Stories from two coasts raised the ire, eyebrows, and I-can't-believe-its of counselors, parents and students everywhere, as news about college costs and college tests sent members of the high school Class of 2013 running into the summer sun. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/sat">Sat</a>, <a href="/tag/college-testing">College Testing</a>, <a href="/tag/university-of-california">University of California</a>, <a href="/tag/college-board">College Board</a>, <a href="/tag/college-admissions">College Admissions</a>, <a href="/tag/sat-exam">SAT Exam</a>, <a href="/tag/uc-taxes">UC Taxes</a>, <a href="/tag/summer-sat">Summer SAT</a>, <a href="/tag/college-board-sat">College Board Sat</a>, <a href="/tag/uc-tuition">Uc Tuition</a>, <a href="/education">Education News</a></p> Catherine Seraphin: College Lists and Rankings: Take Them Lightly 2012-06-04T18:16:01Z 2012-06-04T18:17:44Z Catherine Seraphin To all the future college students out there, it's your responsibility to drive your own education and make the most out of whatever school you attend, ranked or unranked. So use these lists as a fun, added bonus to your college search. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/college-students">College Students</a>, <a href="/tag/college-admissions">College Admissions</a>, <a href="/tag/best-college">Best College</a>, <a href="/tag/college">College</a>, <a href="/tag/college-lists">College Lists</a>, <a href="/tag/college-rankings">College Rankings</a>, <a href="/tag/online-lists">Online Lists</a>, <a href="/tag/higher-education">Higher Education</a>, <a href="/tag/college-search">College Search</a>, <a href="/college">College News</a></p> Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz: NOW Is the Time for Rising High School Seniors to Find and Choose Colleges They're Going to Love 2012-06-04T12:43:35Z 2012-06-04T12:44:12Z Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz Deciding where to apply to college is one of the first, important decisions teenagers will ever make. While curriculum requirements control much of their high school experience, a college list is something over which students can have a lot of control. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/college-admissions">College Admissions</a>, <a href="/tag/college">College</a>, <a href="/tag/college-admissions-process">College Admissions Process</a>, <a href="/tag/high-school-college-preparedness">High School College Preparedness</a>, <a href="/tag/choosing-a-college">Choosing a College</a>, <a href="/college">College News</a></p> One Student's Story About Facing The Achievement Gap 2012-05-30T11:56:12Z 2012-06-03T23:55:21Z The Huffington Post News Team This is a teen-written article from our friends at L.A. Youth, a nonprofit organization that helps teens advocate for themselves through journalism, l... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/race-and-academic-achievement">Race and Academic Achievement</a>, <a href="/tag/college-admissions">College Admissions</a>, <a href="/tag/underprivileged-students">Underprivileged Students</a>, <a href="/tag/ucla">Ucla</a>, <a href="/tag/achievement-gap">Achievement Gap</a>, <a href="/tag/los-angeles-pubic-schools">Los Angeles Pubic Schools</a>, <a href="/tag/college-prep">College Prep</a>, <a href="/teen">Teen News</a></p> Why Homeschooled Teens Are Ahead Of The Game For College 2012-06-01T10:34:47Z 2012-06-01T11:35:03Z The Huffington Post News Team By Kelsey Sheehy<br /> <br /> Between deciphering college financial aid awards and settling into a shoe-box sized dorm room with a perfect stranger or two, maki... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/homeschools">Homeschools</a>, <a href="/tag/college-admissions">College Admissions</a>, <a href="/tag/getting-into-college">Getting Into College</a>, <a href="/tag/high-school-graduation">High School Graduation</a>, <a href="/tag/college">College</a>, <a href="/tag/us-news-and-world-report">US News and World Report</a>, <a href="/tag/home-schooling">Home Schooling</a>, <a href="/tag/college-prep">College Prep</a>, <a href="/tag/high-school-news">High School News</a>, <a href="/teen">Teen News</a></p> Patrick O'Connor: The Perfect Gift for the High School Graduate 2012-05-25T17:41:30Z 2012-05-25T17:42:34Z Patrick O'Connor Seniors, here are some recommendations on how to spend your summertime. College is about trying new things, so give these a spin, and you'll hit the campus more flexible than Gumby after a yoga class. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/graduation-gifts">Graduation Gifts</a>, <a href="/tag/graduation">Graduation</a>, <a href="/tag/high-school-graduation">High School Graduation</a>, <a href="/tag/college-admissions">College Admissions</a>, <a href="/tag/first-year-at-college">First Year at College</a>, <a href="/tag/graduating-high-school">Graduating-High-School</a>, <a href="/tag/college-freshman">College Freshman</a>, <a href="/tag/summer-before-college">Summer Before College</a>, <a href="/tag/things-to-do-before-college">Things to Do Before College</a>, <a href="/college">College News</a></p> Allison Singh: Jilted and Jaded -- How to Help Students Move On After College Rejection 2012-05-25T10:54:00Z 2012-05-25T10:55:31Z Allison Singh They say the first heartbreak is the hardest to get over. For many students, this comes in the form of a rejection letter from their dream college. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/college-rejection">College Rejection</a>, <a href="/tag/getting-into-college">Getting Into College</a>, <a href="/tag/college-rejection-letter">College Rejection Letter</a>, <a href="/tag/rejection-letter-college">Rejection Letter College</a>, <a href="/tag/first-choice-school">First Choice School</a>, <a href="/tag/college-admissions">College Admissions</a>, <a href="/college">College News</a></p> Patrick O'Connor: A Reminder Not to do the Double Deposit Two Step (a Fable) 2012-05-22T00:30:25Z 2012-05-23T14:48:13Z Patrick O'Connor "Dr. O'Connor?"<br /> <br /> "Mrs. Hart, how are you? Emily is on her--"<br /> <br /> "You have some nerve, talking about Emily. After you call her a two-timer in your last... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/double-college-deposits">Double College Deposits</a>, <a href="/tag/applying-to-college">Applying to College</a>, <a href="/tag/college-deposits">College Deposits</a>, <a href="/tag/choosing-a-college">Choosing a College</a>, <a href="/tag/college-admissions">College Admissions</a>, <a href="/comedy">Comedy News</a></p> Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz: One Surprising, Over-the-Top College Admissions Essay: The Fun, Lighter Side of Getting Onto College 2012-05-22T11:17:51Z 2012-05-22T15:52:36Z Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz If you write about something you care about and dare to be yourself, or perhaps use a bit of irony or "tongue in cheek," you might just end up having a good time. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/college-admissions">College Admissions</a>, <a href="/tag/college-application-essays">College Application Essays</a>, <a href="/tag/students">Students</a>, <a href="/tag/parents">Parents</a>, <a href="/tag/college">College</a>, <a href="/tag/college-news">College News</a>, <a href="/tag/education-news">Education News</a>, <a href="/tag/college-advice">College Advice</a>, <a href="/tag/college-applications">College Applications</a>, <a href="/college">College News</a></p> Jeff Selingo: An Alternative Admissions Path to Elite Colleges? 2012-05-22T12:14:26Z 2012-05-22T12:13:27Z Jeff Selingo When Harvard and MIT announced that they would offer online courses free to the masses, they pledged $60 million to the effort. All for courses that, for now, won't bring in a penny in tuition revenue. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/distance-learning">Distance Learning</a>, <a href="/tag/college-admissions">College Admissions</a>, <a href="/tag/harvard">Harvard</a>, <a href="/tag/technology">Technology</a>, <a href="/tag/jeff-selingo">Jeff Selingo</a>, <a href="/tag/college">College</a>, <a href="/tag/the-chronicle-of-higher-education">The Chronicle of Higher Education</a>, <a href="/college">College News</a></p> Peak Johnson: Reflections of a CCP Grad 2012-05-21T10:13:36Z 2012-05-21T10:12:38Z Peak Johnson So far, Temple has been great. It is challenging at times, but I wouldn't change it. CCP prepared me to know what to expect of college-level work and how to best tackle it. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/college-prep">College Prep</a>, <a href="/tag/college-admissions">College Admissions</a>, <a href="/tag/education">Education</a>, <a href="/tag/college">College</a>, <a href="/tag/nabj-2012">NABJ 2012</a>, <a href="/college">College News</a></p> Kat Cohen: The Truth About Planning a Productive Summer 2012-05-18T18:30:12Z 2012-05-18T18:30:29Z Kat Cohen There are many ways to have a productive summer and improve your chances of college admission at the same time. With these summer options, you're bound to find a way to make the summer both engaging and enriching. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/college-admissions">College Admissions</a>, <a href="/tag/summer-plans">Summer Plans</a>, <a href="/tag/extracurricular-activities">Extracurricular Activities</a>, <a href="/tag/college-applications">College Applications</a>, <a href="/college">College News</a></p> Patrick O'Connor: Remembering Annemarie Roeper 2012-05-17T17:44:16Z 2012-05-17T17:45:12Z Patrick O'Connor If her name doesn't ring a bell, it will. Annemarie Bondy Roeper and her husband George opened an early childhood program in Detroit in 1941, and later moved the school to the Detroit suburbs. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/humanism">Humanism</a>, <a href="/tag/roeper-school">Roeper School</a>, <a href="/tag/annemarie-roeper">Annemarie Roeper</a>, <a href="/tag/george-roeper">George Roeper</a>, <a href="/tag/college-admissions">College Admissions</a>, <a href="/tag/progressive-education">Progressive Education</a>, <a href="/tag/detroit-impact">Detroit Impact</a>, <a href="/detroit">Detroit News</a></p> Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz: Why Daring to Be Yourself Is the Best Approach to College Admissions 2012-05-16T21:27:45Z 2012-05-16T21:26:10Z Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz Begin paying attention to what you like, what pleases you, and what seems meaningful. This is not being selfish; it is quite the opposite. Happy, successful people are not motivated by their own egos, but by doing something meaningful in their lives. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/college-admissions">College Admissions</a>, <a href="/tag/high-school">High School</a>, <a href="/tag/college-news">College News</a>, <a href="/tag/college-admissions-process">College Admissions Process</a>, <a href="/tag/college">College</a>, <a href="/tag/college-advice">College Advice</a>, <a href="/college">College News</a></p> Jada Alexander: A Freshman All Over Again 2012-05-16T08:32:09Z 2012-05-16T08:32:32Z Jada Alexander I think I knew all along that NYU was my top choice, but I needed to experience the environment, people and campus in person to be sure. Now, I'm proud to call myself a freshman in the Class of 2016. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/getting-into-college">Getting Into College</a>, <a href="/tag/nyu">Nyu</a>, <a href="/tag/mission-accepted">Mission Accepted</a>, <a href="/tag/college-acceptance">College Acceptance</a>, <a href="/tag/college-admissions">College Admissions</a>, <a href="/tag/college-applications">College Applications</a>, <a href="/teen">Teen News</a></p> David Boone: Heading to Harvard 2012-05-11T09:03:31Z 2012-05-11T09:02:48Z David Boone After getting my acceptances, I immediately called my mother and told her the great news. In the middle of her Bible class, she jumped up and down and cried tears of joy. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/college-admissions">College Admissions</a>, <a href="/tag/mission-accepted">Mission Accepted</a>, <a href="/tag/harvard">Harvard</a>, <a href="/tag/college-acceptance">College Acceptance</a>, <a href="/tag/college-applications">College Applications</a>, <a href="/teen">Teen News</a></p> Patrick O'Connor: A Free College Is Free No More (Sort of) -- What That Means to You 2012-05-10T17:45:29Z 2012-05-10T17:45:36Z Patrick O'Connor About two weeks ago, Cooper Union announced its plans to start charging tuition for some of its graduate students. Is this really a big deal in the college world? No and yes. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/college-tuition">College Tuition</a>, <a href="/tag/applying-to-college">Applying to College</a>, <a href="/tag/free-colleges">Free Colleges</a>, <a href="/tag/college-financial-aid">College Financial Aid</a>, <a href="/tag/paying-for-college">Paying for College</a>, <a href="/tag/college-admissions">College Admissions</a>, <a href="/tag/college-applications">College Applications</a>, <a href="/tag/cooper-union">Cooper Union</a>, <a href="/tag/cooper-union-tuition">Cooper Union Tuition</a>, <a href="/detroit">Detroit News</a></p> Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz: Top Five Things to Know When Applying to Colleges and Universities 2012-05-10T17:09:09Z 2012-05-10T17:00:53Z Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz Parents often ask, "How can I get my son or daughter into the best, highest ranking college?" From 20 years of working with student applicants, I have learned that this is the wrong question to ask. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/campus-visit">Campus Visit</a>, <a href="/tag/college">College</a>, <a href="/tag/advice">Advice</a>, <a href="/tag/college-admissions">College Admissions</a>, <a href="/tag/parents">Parents</a>, <a href="/tag/students-college-advice">Students. College Advice</a>, <a href="/tag/college-rankings">College Rankings</a>, <a href="/college">College News</a></p> Gaston Caperton: Closing the Gap Between College Aspiration and Success 2012-05-10T11:43:30Z 2012-05-10T11:43:45Z Gaston Caperton College is more accessible than many families might think. They often overestimate the cost of college and underestimate the amount of financial aid that they are eligible to receive. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/education">Education</a>, <a href="/tag/higher-education">Higher Education</a>, <a href="/tag/achievement-gap">Achievement Gap</a>, <a href="/tag/paying-for-college">Paying for College</a>, <a href="/tag/college-application-process">College Application Process</a>, <a href="/tag/low-income-families">Low-Income Families</a>, <a href="/tag/college-admissions">College Admissions</a>, <a href="/tag/college-applications">College Applications</a>, <a href="/education">Education News</a></p>