Year in Review on Huffington Post,2012:/tag/year-in-review Huffington Post Christopher Elliott: Is TSA Looking For The Wrong Thing? 2012-01-09T08:00:00Z 2012-01-09T08:10:03Z Christopher Elliott As a passenger and a taxpayer funding this enormous agency, I want to hear about how the TSA kept America's transportation systems safer, not about how many weapons it confiscated. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/year-in-review">Year-in-Review</a>, <a href="/tag/airport-security">Airport Security</a>, <a href="/tag/weapons">Weapons</a>, <a href="/tag/2011">2011</a>, <a href="/tag/tsa">Tsa</a>, <a href="/travel">Travel News</a></p> Heather Libby: Infographic: A Year in Climate Action 2012-01-06T10:07:34Z 2012-01-06T10:29:28Z Heather Libby 2011 was a year of changes and challenges for the climate movement. In a year where millions suffered through the impacts of extreme weather and climate change, millions more rose up for them and with them. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/green-news">Green News</a>, <a href="/tag/climate-change">Climate Change</a>, <a href="/tag/koch-brothers">Koch Brothers</a>, <a href="/tag/keystone-xl-pipeline">Keystone XL Pipeline</a>, <a href="/tag/2011-year-in-review">2011 Year in Review</a>, <a href="/tag/infographic">Infographic</a>, <a href="/green">Green News</a></p> PHOTOS: TSA Declares Its 'Top 10 Good Catches' List 2012-01-04T07:30:00Z 2012-01-04T07:49:11Z The Huffington Post News Team It may 2012, but the TSA is still waxing nostalgic for 2011, releasing Tuesday afternoon its list of "top 10 good catches of 2011" on The TSA Blog.<br /> <br /> ... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/year-in-review">Year-in-Review</a>, <a href="/tag/tsa">Tsa</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/tsa-security-checkpoint">TSA Security Checkpoint</a>, <a href="/tag/john-pistole">John Pistole</a>, <a href="/tag/airports">Airports</a>, <a href="/tag/airport-security">Airport Security</a>, <a href="/tag/tsa-security">TSA Security</a>, <a href="/tag/slidepollajax">Slidepollajax</a>, <a href="/tag/bob-burns">Bob Burns</a>, <a href="/travel">Travel News</a></p> Scott Hochberg: The Politics of Social Security in 2011: From Supermajority to Supercommittee 2012-01-03T12:11:56Z 2012-01-03T12:11:24Z Scott Hochberg The determined efforts of the enemies of Social Security to sacrifice the program on the altar of deficit reduction have been frustrated, at least for the moment. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/year-in-review">Year-in-Review</a>, <a href="/tag/politics">Politics</a>, <a href="/tag/social-security">Social Security</a>, <a href="/tag/economic-policy">Economic Policy</a>, <a href="/tag/social-security-cuts">Social Security Cuts</a>, <a href="/tag/2011">2011</a>, <a href="/politics">Politics News</a></p> The History Of The Modern Calendar In Under 4 Minutes 2012-01-02T12:11:16Z 2012-01-02T12:34:37Z The Huffington Post News Team For all you curious people wondering why the new year always falls on January 1, here's a history of the modern calendar as compiled by some kind YouT... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/year-in-review">Year-in-Review</a>, <a href="/tag/phoenician-calendar">Phoenician Calendar</a>, <a href="/tag/history-of-the-calendar">History of the Calendar</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/egyptian-calendar">Egyptian Calendar</a>, <a href="/tag/christian-calendar">Christian Calendar</a>, <a href="/tag/short-history-of-the-modern-calendar">Short History of the Modern Calendar</a>, <a href="/tag/new-years-2012">New-Years-2012</a>, <a href="/tag/modern-calendar">Modern Calendar</a>, <a href="/tag/calendar-history">Calendar History</a>, <a href="/culture">Culture News</a></p> The '2011 Rap Up' 2012-01-02T10:21:08Z 2012-01-02T11:41:34Z The Huffington Post News Team Another year, another rhyme about it by Virginia rapper Skillz. This year's 'Rap Up' tackles Casey Anthony, Beyonce's baby bump and Rebecca Black's on... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/year-in-review">Year-in-Review</a>, <a href="/tag/skillz-rap-up">Skillz Rap Up</a>, <a href="/tag/2011-rap-up">2011 Rap Up</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/2011-in-review">2011 in Review</a>, <a href="/tag/skillz-2011-rap-up">Skillz 2011 Rap Up</a>, <a href="/tag/year-in-review-rap">Year in Review Rap</a>, <a href="/tag/new-years-2012">New-Years-2012</a>, <a href="/tag/skillz">Skillz</a>, <a href="/tag/skillz-2011">Skillz 2011</a>, <a href="/tag/2011-rap">2011 Rap</a>, <a href="/tag/on-our-radar">On Our Radar</a>, <a href="/culture">Culture News</a></p> The Biggest Villains Of 2011 2012-01-01T21:06:05Z 2012-01-01T21:06:05Z The Huffington Post News Team 2011 was a wild, weird year, filled with crazy twists and developments. But who were the year's top villains?<br /> <br /> ... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/year-in-review">Year-in-Review</a>, <a href="/black-voices">Black Voices News</a></p> Who Were The Funniest People Of 2011? 2012-01-01T17:13:35Z 2012-01-01T17:39:43Z The Huffington Post News Team It's officially 2012, and that means it's time for us to say -- with great authority -- who made us laugh the most in 2011.<br /> <br /> Some people did it on p... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/year-in-review">Year-in-Review</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/herman-cain">Herman Cain</a>, <a href="/tag/funniest-people-of-2011">Funniest People of 2011</a>, <a href="/tag/year-end-lists">Year End Lists</a>, <a href="/tag/fallon">Fallon</a>, <a href="/tag/patton-oswalt">Patton Oswalt</a>, <a href="/tag/tom-scharpling">Tom Scharpling</a>, <a href="/tag/funniest-people">Funniest People</a>, <a href="/tag/funniest-people-of-the-year">Funniest People of the Year</a>, <a href="/tag/paul-f-tompkins">Paul F. Tompkins</a>, <a href="/tag/rick-perry">Rick Perry</a>, <a href="/tag/colbert">Colbert</a>, <a href="/comedy">Comedy News</a></p> Alexandra Katehakis, M.F.T.: The Year in Bad Sex: 20 Defining Moments of 2011 2012-01-01T13:27:00Z 2012-01-01T13:27:50Z Alexandra Katehakis, M.F.T. Here are the top 20 news stories of 2011 that resulted from <i>unbelievably</i> bad sex, which we define as unhealthy sexual or romantic impulses resulting in toxic activities that cause harm to individuals and communities. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/slidepollajax">Slidepollajax</a>, <a href="/tag/bad-sex-news">Bad Sex News</a>, <a href="/tag/sex-negative-news">Sex-Negative News</a>, <a href="/tag/negative-sex">Negative Sex</a>, <a href="/tag/bad-sex">Bad Sex</a>, <a href="/tag/sex-negativity">Sex Negativity</a>, <a href="/tag/year-in-review">Year-in-Review</a>, <a href="/tag/sex-addiction">Sex Addiction</a>, <a href="/tag/sex">Sex</a>, <a href="/gay-voices">Gay Voices News</a></p> The Best Nature Time Lapses Of 2011 2012-01-01T12:38:34Z 2012-01-01T13:20:40Z The Huffington Post News Team If a picture can say 1,000 words, then a time lapse video can speak volumes. Below, we've compiled some of our favorite nature time lapses from 2011.<br /> ... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/photography">Photography</a>, <a href="/tag/year-in-review">Year-in-Review</a>, <a href="/tag/nature-time-lapses">Nature Time Lapses</a>, <a href="/tag/nature-photography">Nature Photography</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/time-lapse-videos">Time Lapse Videos</a>, <a href="/tag/best-time-lapses-2011">Best Time Lapses 2011</a>, <a href="/tag/year-in-review-2011-time-lapses">Year in Review 2011 Time Lapses</a>, <a href="/tag/sky-time-lapses">Sky Time Lapses</a>, <a href="/green">Green News</a></p> The Year's BEST Animal Photos 2011-12-31T17:35:02Z 2011-12-31T17:45:59Z The Huffington Post News Team With so many adorable animals making the news each week, it's pretty hard to choose the best photos of the year. That said, we've given it our best sh... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/year-in-review">Year-in-Review</a>, <a href="/tag/wild-animal-pictures">Wild Animal Pictures</a>, <a href="/tag/baby-animal-pictures">Baby Animal Pictures</a>, <a href="/tag/urlesque">Urlesque</a>, <a href="/tag/baby-animals">Baby Animals</a>, <a href="/tag/animal-pictures-2011">Animal Pictures 2011</a>, <a href="/tag/animals">Animals</a>, <a href="/tag/animal-photos">Animal Photos</a>, <a href="/tag/animal-photos-2011">Animal Photos 2011</a>, <a href="/tag/animal-pictures">Animal Pictures</a>, <a href="/tag/nature-photography">Nature Photography</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/cats">Cats</a>, <a href="/tag/animal-photos-of-the-week">Animal-Photos-of-the-Week</a>, <a href="/tag/wildlife-photography">Wildlife-Photography</a>, <a href="/tag/cute-animals">Cute Animals</a>, <a href="/tag/cute-animal-pictures">Cute Animal Pictures</a>, <a href="/tag/animal-photos-of-the-year-2011">Animal Photos of the Year 2011</a>, <a href="/tag/dogs">Dogs</a>, <a href="/green">Green News</a></p> Best NBA Games Of 2011 2011-12-31T14:06:24Z 2011-12-31T17:26:33Z The Huffington Post News Team Remember when it seemed like the "Will He? Won't He?" drama leading up to the "Summer of 2010" was the most divisive, dramatic and distracting thing t... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/miami-heat">Miami Heat</a>, <a href="/tag/year-in-review">Year-in-Review</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/kobe-bryant">Kobe Bryant</a>, <a href="/tag/los-angeles-lakers">Los Angeles Lakers</a>, <a href="/tag/dallas-mavericks">Dallas Mavericks</a>, <a href="/tag/boston-celtics">Boston Celtics</a>, <a href="/tag/basketball">Basketball</a>, <a href="/tag/new-york-knicks">New York Knicks</a>, <a href="/tag/nba">Nba</a>, <a href="/tag/lebron-james">LeBron James</a>, <a href="/sports">Sports News</a></p> Which Celebrity Had The Best 2011 2011-12-31T16:42:18Z 2011-12-31T16:42:18Z The Huffington Post News Team As we count down the final hours of 2011 and look forward to (perhaps drunkenly!) turning the calendar to 2012, the general consensus amongst resoluti... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/kris-humphries">Kris Humphries</a>, <a href="/tag/daniel-radcliffe">Daniel Radcliffe</a>, <a href="/tag/rebecca-black">Rebecca Black</a>, <a href="/tag/michael-fassbender">Michael Fassbender</a>, <a href="/tag/jessica-chastain">Jessica Chastain</a>, <a href="/tag/2011">2011</a>, <a href="/tag/2011-review">2011 Review</a>, <a href="/tag/ricky-gervais">Ricky Gervais</a>, <a href="/tag/questlove">Questlove</a>, <a href="/tag/melissa-mccarthy">Melissa Mccarthy</a>, <a href="/tag/slidepollajax">Slidepollajax</a>, <a href="/tag/jimmy-fallon">Jimmy Fallon</a>, <a href="/tag/year-in-review">Year in Review</a>, <a href="/tag/jason-segel">Jason Segel</a>, <a href="/tag/rooney-mara">Rooney Mara</a>, <a href="/tag/celebrities">Celebrities</a>, <a href="/entertainment">Entertainment News</a></p> The Ten Priciest Pads On The Miami Market In 2011 2011-12-31T12:06:16Z 2011-12-31T12:06:16Z The Huffington Post News Team In Miami, wealth gets tossed around like a beach ball, and so do the homes of the rich and very famous. Of all the penthouses, estates, condos and man... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/miamis-most-expensive-homes">Miami&#039;s Most Expensive Homes</a>, <a href="/tag/3-indian-creek">3 Indian Creek</a>, <a href="/tag/year-in-review">Year-in-Review</a>, <a href="/tag/most-expensive-homes-in-miami">Most Expensive Homes in Miami</a>, <a href="/tag/real-estate-miami">Real Estate Miami</a>, <a href="/tag/miami-real-estate">Miami Real Estate</a>, <a href="/tag/setai-penthouse">Setai Penthouse</a>, <a href="/tag/5-star-island">5 Star Island</a>, <a href="/tag/17-indian-creek">17 Indian Creek</a>, <a href="/tag/most-expensive-homes-of-2011">Most Expensive Homes of 2011</a>, <a href="/tag/2800-north-bay-road">2800 North Bay Road</a>, <a href="/tag/continuum-south-miami">Continuum South Miami</a>, <a href="/tag/13-star-island">13 Star Island</a>, <a href="/tag/realtorcom"></a>, <a href="/miami">Miami News</a></p> iPhone 5, iPad 3, And More: The Worst Apple Rumors of 2011 2011-12-30T10:16:05Z 2011-12-31T12:04:48Z The Huffington Post News Team 2011 was a total cluster-schmutz of terrible, embarrassing, questionably-sourced, often outrageously-premised and bombastically-written Apple rumor st... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/year-in-review">Year-in-Review</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/worst-apple-rumors">Worst Apple Rumors</a>, <a href="/tag/apple">Apple</a>, <a href="/tag/wrong-apple-rumors">Wrong Apple Rumors</a>, <a href="/tag/apple-rumors">Apple Rumors</a>, <a href="/tag/this-week-in-apple-rumors">This Week in Apple Rumors</a>, <a href="/tag/ipad-3-rumors">Ipad 3 Rumors</a>, <a href="/tag/apple-rumors-2011">Apple Rumors 2011</a>, <a href="/tag/iphone-5-2011">Iphone 5 2011</a>, <a href="/tag/apple-iphone-5">Apple Iphone 5</a>, <a href="/tag/iphone-5-rumors">Iphone 5 Rumors</a>, <a href="/tag/iphone-5">Iphone 5</a>, <a href="/tag/ipad-3">Ipad 3</a>, <a href="/technology">Technology News</a></p> The Best Space And Sky Time Lapse Videos Of 2011 2011-12-31T11:29:04Z 2011-12-31T11:46:06Z The Huffington Post News Team Seeing images of Earth from space can be quite mesmerizing, but what about time lapse videos of trips around the planet? Below, we've compiled some of... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/space-time-lapses">Space Time Lapses</a>, <a href="/tag/year-in-review">Year-in-Review</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/nasa">Nasa</a>, <a href="/tag/southern-lights">Southern Lights</a>, <a href="/tag/astronomy">Astronomy</a>, <a href="/tag/time-lapse-videos">Time Lapse Videos</a>, <a href="/tag/iss">Iss</a>, <a href="/tag/year-in-review-2011-time-lapses">Year in Review 2011 Time Lapses</a>, <a href="/tag/milky-way-time-lapse">Milky Way Time Lapse</a>, <a href="/tag/international-space-station">International Space Station</a>, <a href="/tag/northern-lights">Northern Lights</a>, <a href="/tag/space-photography">Space Photography</a>, <a href="/green">Green News</a></p> Richard Stearns: A Bad Year For Bad Men 2011-12-31T10:58:51Z 2011-12-31T11:09:59Z Richard Stearns We best resist evil not by ordering drone missile strikes. The best weapon against evil is good. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/rich-stearns">Rich Stearns</a>, <a href="/tag/world-vision">World Vision</a>, <a href="/tag/sin">Sin</a>, <a href="/tag/evil">Evil</a>, <a href="/tag/2011">2011</a>, <a href="/tag/2011-year-in-review">2011 Year in Review</a>, <a href="/tag/christian-charity">Christian Charity</a>, <a href="/tag/doing-good">Doing Good</a>, <a href="/religion">Religion News</a></p> The Top 10 Green News Stories Of 2011 2011-12-31T10:44:25Z 2011-12-31T10:53:36Z The Huffington Post News Team 2011 was a big year for green news. <br /> <br /> Several natural disasters dominated the headlines, with a tsunami in Japan, a hurricane that hit the U.S. East... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/year-in-review">Year-in-Review</a>, <a href="/tag/2011-energy-news">2011 Energy News</a>, <a href="/tag/2011-environmental-news">2011 Environmental News</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/top-green-news-2011">Top Green News 2011</a>, <a href="/tag/green-news-2011">Green News 2011</a>, <a href="/tag/top-environmental-news">Top Environmental News</a>, <a href="/tag/green-news-stories">Green News Stories</a>, <a href="/tag/biggest-green-news-2011">Biggest Green News 2011</a>, <a href="/tag/green-news">Green News</a>, <a href="/tag/2011-green-news">2011 Green News</a>, <a href="/tag/best-green-news-stories-2011">Best Green News Stories 2011</a>, <a href="/tag/top-energy-news">Top Energy News</a>, <a href="/green">Green News</a></p> We Want Green, Too 2011-12-31T09:50:53Z 2011-12-31T09:51:11Z The Huffington Post News Team By Zak Rosen<br /> <br /> Perhaps no city in America has been hit as hard, or for as long, as Detroit. We’ve been hearing about unemployment, vacant lots and ... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/detroit-impact">Detroit Impact</a>, <a href="/tag/year-in-review">Year-in-Review</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/we-want-green-too">We Want Green Too</a>, <a href="/tag/detroit-impact-2011">Detroit Impact 2011</a>, <a href="/tag/gloria-lowe">Gloria Lowe</a>, <a href="/detroit">Detroit News</a></p> The Year Of The Old Daredevil: The Top 5 Genre Collaborations Of 2011 2011-12-31T07:30:52Z 2011-12-31T07:30:38Z The Huffington Post News Team 2011 was the year the old guard transfused young blood. From Lou Reed and Metallica's badly-received pipe dream to David Lynch's various casual flings... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/lou-reed-metallica">Lou Reed Metallica</a>, <a href="/tag/loutallica">Loutallica</a>, <a href="/tag/year-in-review">Year-in-Review</a>, <a href="/tag/twixt">Twixt</a>, <a href="/tag/pinkys-dream">Pinky&#039;s Dream</a>, <a href="/tag/crazy-clown-time">Crazy Clown Time</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/david-lynch">David Lynch</a>, <a href="/tag/lulu">Lulu</a>, <a href="/tag/best-collaborations-of-2011">Best Collaborations of 2011</a>, <a href="/tag/best-of-2011">Best of 2011</a>, <a href="/tag/gathering-stories">Gathering Stories</a>, <a href="/tag/i-touch-a-red-button-man">I Touch a Red Button Man</a>, <a href="/culture">Culture News</a></p> 11 Biggest Wedding Trends of 2011: Love 'Em Or Loathe 'Em? 2011-12-31T05:06:14Z 2011-12-31T05:06:59Z The Huffington Post News Team Since our launch earlier this year, we've been at the forefront of all things Big Day-related. We brought you the latest news on celebrity nuptials, r... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/vintage-wedding">Vintage Wedding</a>, <a href="/tag/wedding-trends-2011">Wedding Trends 2011</a>, <a href="/tag/biggest-wedding-trends">Biggest Wedding Trends</a>, <a href="/tag/wedding-trends">Wedding Trends</a>, <a href="/tag/best-wedding-trends">Best Wedding Trends</a>, <a href="/tag/year-in-review-2011">Year in Review 2011</a>, <a href="/tag/wedding-food">Wedding Food</a>, <a href="/tag/2011-wedding-trends">2011 Wedding Trends</a>, <a href="/tag/best-of-2011">Best of 2011</a>, <a href="/tag/year-in-review">Year in Review</a>, <a href="/tag/food-trucks">Food Trucks</a>, <a href="/weddings">Weddings News</a></p> The Worst Food Safety Disasters Of 2011 2011-12-30T22:13:54Z 2011-12-30T20:13:40Z The Huffington Post News Team Reading tons of food news can make you hungry. But if the past year is a typical one, it can also make you scared to eat. It turns out people get sick... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/year-in-review">Year-in-Review</a>, <a href="/tag/food-poisoning">Food Poisoning</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/e-coli">E Coli</a>, <a href="/tag/food-poisoning-outbreak">Food Poisoning Outbreak</a>, <a href="/tag/food-safety-disasters">Food Safety Disasters</a>, <a href="/tag/food-safety">Food Safety</a>, <a href="/tag/salmonella">Salmonella</a>, <a href="/tag/listeria">Listeria</a>, <a href="/tag/deadly-food-poisoning">Deadly Food Poisoning</a>, <a href="/food">Food News</a></p> The 50 Best Moments For Women In 2011 2011-12-29T20:56:42Z 2011-12-30T19:33:20Z The Huffington Post News Team <br /> How do you sum up what this year meant for women? It's easy to think only of what needs to change and hasn't, or of the really awful things that are... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/year-in-review">Year-in-Review</a>, <a href="/tag/best-moments-for-women-2011">Best Moments for Women 2011</a>, <a href="/tag/50-best-moments-for-women-2011">50 Best Moments for Women 2011</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/best-moments-for-women">Best Moments for Women</a>, <a href="/tag/end-of-year-list">End of Year List</a>, <a href="/tag/50-best-moments-for-women">50 Best Moments for Women</a>, <a href="/women">Women News</a></p> 11 Celebrity Things We Will Miss In 2012 2011-12-30T09:26:07Z 2011-12-30T18:00:08Z The Huffington Post News Team When the New Year rolls around it means a number of things. <br /> <br /> A laundry list of resolutions that will likely go by the wayside faster than you can s... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/year-in-review">Year-in-Review</a>, <a href="/tag/best-celebrity-things-of-2011">Best Celebrity Things of 2011</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/best-celebrity-moments-2011">Best Celebrity Moments 2011</a>, <a href="/tag/new-years-2012">New-Years-2012</a>, <a href="/tag/celebrity-moments-2011">Celebrity Moments 2011</a>, <a href="/tag/11-things-to-miss-in-2012">11 Things to Miss in 2012</a>, <a href="/celebrity">Celebrity News</a></p> Our Favorite Entrepreneurs Of 2011 (PHOTOS) 2011-12-30T15:43:19Z 2011-12-30T17:10:12Z The Huffington Post News Team We're all familiar with the epic success stories behind some of the world's fastest growing startups like Groupon, but once upon a time, every success... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/year-in-review">Year-in-Review</a>, <a href="/tag/small-business-success-stories">Small Business Success Stories</a>, <a href="/tag/small-business-news-and-trends">Small Business News and Trends</a>, <a href="/tag/entrepreneurs">Entrepreneurs</a>, <a href="/tag/entrepreneurs-of-2011">Entrepreneurs of 2011</a>, <a href="/tag/favorite-entrepreneurs">Favorite Entrepreneurs</a>, <a href="/small-business">Small Business News</a></p>