San Jose on Huffington Post,2012:/tag/san-jose Huffington Post The 10 Least Affordable Places To Buy A Home 2012-05-29T16:59:02Z 2012-05-29T16:59:33Z The Huffington Post News Team The housing market, which began its decline in 2006 and brought the U.S. economy down with it, may finally be rebounding.<br /> <br /> According to the National... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/bridgeport">Bridgeport</a>, <a href="/tag/san-jose">San Jose</a>, <a href="/tag/ocean-city">Ocean City</a>, <a href="/tag/home-sales">Home Sales</a>, <a href="/tag/case-shiller-index">Case-Shiller Index</a>, <a href="/tag/los-angeles">Los Angeles</a>, <a href="/tag/home-affordability">Home Affordability</a>, <a href="/tag/nahb-index">Nahb Index</a>, <a href="/tag/new-york">New York</a>, <a href="/tag/santa-cruz">Santa Cruz</a>, <a href="/tag/home-prices">Home Prices</a>, <a href="/tag/home-market">Home Market</a>, <a href="/tag/san-luis-obispo">San Luis Obispo</a>, <a href="/tag/housing-markets">Housing Markets</a>, <a href="/tag/honolulu">Honolulu</a>, <a href="/tag/san-francisco">San Francisco</a>, <a href="/money">Money News</a></p> This City's Not Letting Any More Payday Lenders Set Up Shop 2012-05-17T11:44:51Z 2012-05-17T17:21:08Z The Huffington Post News Team Not all residents of the wealthy Silicon Valley are flush with cash. <br /> <br /> Turns out payday lending -- a type of short-term, high-interest loan that can... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/nontradtional-financial-service">Nontradtional Financial Service</a>, <a href="/tag/payday-lending">Payday Lending</a>, <a href="/tag/payday-loan">Payday Loan</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/alternative-lending">Alternative Lending</a>, <a href="/tag/san-jose">San Jose</a>, <a href="/tag/emergency-cash">Emergency Cash</a>, <a href="/tag/silicon-valley">Silicon Valley</a>, <a href="/money">Money News</a></p> Matthew Spiegl: Plastic Money: Under the Influence of Styrofoam 2012-05-09T15:26:36Z 2012-05-09T15:25:50Z Matthew Spiegl Delaying the citywide ban on Styrofoam is an act of urban cowardice. It is not only a betrayal of the environment, but of the people as well. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/styrofoam-ban">Styrofoam Ban</a>, <a href="/tag/san-jose">San Jose</a>, <a href="/tag/styrofoam">Styrofoam</a>, <a href="/tag/styrofoam-ban-san-jose">Styrofoam Ban San Jose</a>, <a href="/tag/plastic-bag-ban">Plastic Bag Ban</a>, <a href="/green">Green News</a></p> Gerald McEntee: Let's Get Women Out of the Red 2012-04-17T18:03:36Z 2012-04-17T18:03:37Z Gerald McEntee No public official should have to stop and think about pay equity. It's the right thing to do. And it's the smart thing to do. When women do not get paid fairly, we all suffer. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/san-jose">San Jose</a>, <a href="/tag/politicians">Politicians</a>, <a href="/tag/president-barack-obama">President Barack Obama</a>, <a href="/tag/kathleen-falk">Kathleen Falk</a>, <a href="/tag/mitt-romney">Mitt Romney</a>, <a href="/tag/governor-scott-walker">Governor Scott Walker</a>, <a href="/tag/leah-lipska">Leah Lipska</a>, <a href="/tag/gerald-mcentee">Gerald McEntee</a>, <a href="/tag/afscme">Afscme</a>, <a href="/tag/wisconsin">Wisconsin</a>, <a href="/tag/state-of-union-address">State of Union Address</a>, <a href="/tag/local-1">Local 1</a>, <a href="/politics">Politics News</a></p> SF's Bike-Sharing Program Is Almost Here! 2012-03-05T14:56:04Z 2012-03-05T17:03:42Z The Huffington Post News Team Good news, everyone! Bike sharing may become a reality in San Francisco as soon as this summer.<br /> <br /> In concert with the Bay Area Air Quality Management... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/bike-sharing-sf">Bike Sharing SF</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/san-francisco-bike-sharking">San Francisco Bike Sharking</a>, <a href="/tag/sfmta">Sfmta</a>, <a href="/tag/bike-sharing-program-san-francisco">Bike Sharing Program San Francisco</a>, <a href="/tag/san-jose">San Jose</a>, <a href="/tag/bike-sharing-san-francisco">Bike Sharing San Francisco</a>, <a href="/tag/san-francisco-bicycle">San Francisco Bicycle</a>, <a href="/tag/mountain-view">Mountain View</a>, <a href="/tag/sf-bike-share">SF Bike Share</a>, <a href="/tag/silicon-valley-bike-share">Silicon Valley Bike Share</a>, <a href="/tag/redwood-city">Redwood City</a>, <a href="/san-francisco">San Francisco News</a></p> Cops Plead Guilty To Stealing Scholarship Funds 2012-03-05T12:28:00Z 2012-03-05T12:28:38Z The Huffington Post News Team Two former police officers from San Jose, California might be facing a jail conviction after they pleaded guilty on Friday of stealing over $100,000 f... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/latino-police">Latino Police</a>, <a href="/tag/manuel-villagrana">Manuel Villagrana</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/police-steal-scholarship-funds">Police Steal Scholarship Funds</a>, <a href="/tag/san-jose">San Jose</a>, <a href="/tag/nlpoa">Nlpoa</a>, <a href="/tag/san-jose-police">San Jose Police</a>, <a href="/tag/latino-scholarship-fund">Latino Scholarship Fund</a>, <a href="/tag/national-latino-police-officers-association">National Latino Police Officers Association</a>, <a href="/tag/santa-clara-county">Santa Clara County</a>, <a href="/tag/marco-ybarra">Marco Ybarra</a>, <a href="/latino-voices">Latino Voices News</a></p> James M. Gentile: Learning Already From the 2012 Intel Science Talent Search 2012-01-18T10:24:59Z 2012-01-18T10:25:19Z James M. Gentile The 2012 Intel Science Talent Search -- the nation's most prestigious pre-college science competition -- is underway and already tells us much about o... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/san-jose">San Jose</a>, <a href="/tag/research-corporation-for-science-advancement">Research Corporation for Science Advancement</a>, <a href="/tag/bronx-high-school-of-science">Bronx High School of Science</a>, <a href="/tag/brentwood-high-school">Brentwood High School</a>, <a href="/tag/north-carolina">North Carolina</a>, <a href="/tag/jericho-senior-high-school">Jericho Senior High School</a>, <a href="/tag/shiv-gaglani">Shiv Gaglani</a>, <a href="/tag/intel-international-science-and-engineering-fair">Intel International Science and Engineering Fair</a>, <a href="/tag/north-carolina-school-of-science-and-mathematics">North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics</a>, <a href="/tag/new-york">New York</a>, <a href="/tag/new-york-city">New York City</a>, <a href="/tag/siements-competition-in-math">Siements Competition in Math</a>, <a href="/tag/nobel-prize">Nobel Prize</a>, <a href="/tag/nobel-laureate-dudley-herschbach">Nobel Laureate DUdley Herschbach</a>, <a href="/tag/2012-intel-science-talent-search">2012 Intel Science Talent Search</a>, <a href="/science">Science News</a></p> Jed Kolko: Trulia's Real Estate Crystal Ball for 2012 2011-12-21T12:49:21Z 2011-12-21T12:49:12Z Jed Kolko My crystal ball is never as crystal-clear as I'd like, but I do think that we can expect a gradual economic recovery to move the housing market a few steps back toward normal in 2012. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/boston">Boston</a>, <a href="/tag/foreclosures">Foreclosures</a>, <a href="/tag/housing-market">Housing Market</a>, <a href="/tag/san-jose">San Jose</a>, <a href="/tag/rochester">Rochester</a>, <a href="/tag/austin">Austin</a>, <a href="/tag/fannie-mae">Fannie Mae</a>, <a href="/tag/real-estate">Real Estate</a>, <a href="/tag/housing-crisis">Housing Crisis</a>, <a href="/tag/mortgages">Mortgages</a>, <a href="/tag/houston">Houston</a>, <a href="/tag/freddie-mac">Freddie Mac</a>, <a href="/tag/construction">Construction</a>, <a href="/tag/foreclosure">Foreclosure</a>, <a href="/tag/harp">Harp</a>, <a href="/business">Business News</a></p> Water Parks In San Francisco: A Huffington Post Travel Guide 2011-12-13T10:32:47Z 2011-12-14T11:12:16Z The Huffington Post News Team Water parks in San Francisco are just the ticket to an active or passive family outing. Whether you choose a thrill ride or a lazy river it's the cool... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/water-parks">Water Parks</a>, <a href="/tag/san-jose-travel">San Jose Travel</a>, <a href="/tag/waterworld-california">Waterworld California</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/california">California</a>, <a href="/tag/san-jose">San Jose</a>, <a href="/tag/california-travel">California Travel</a>, <a href="/tag/raging-waters">Raging Waters</a>, <a href="/tag/san-francisco">San Francisco</a>, <a href="/tag/themed-guides">Themed Guides</a>, <a href="/tag/san-francisco-travel">San Francisco Travel</a>, <a href="/travel">Travel News</a></p> Jeroen Swolfs: Shooting Costa Rica: Penalties And A Draw 2011-11-16T08:00:57Z 2011-11-16T07:53:56Z Jeroen Swolfs During my last four days in San José it was constantly raining, but today suddenly there was a little sun out so I took my camera and ran out to see what was happening. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/photography">Photography</a>, <a href="/tag/adventure">Adventure</a>, <a href="/tag/san-jose">San Jose</a>, <a href="/tag/wwwstreetsoftheworldcom"></a>, <a href="/tag/streets-of-the-world">Streets of the World</a>, <a href="/tag/costa-rica">Costa Rica</a>, <a href="/tag/travel">Travel</a>, <a href="/tag/swolfs">Swolfs</a>, <a href="/tag/penalties">Penalties</a>, <a href="/tag/urban">Urban</a>, <a href="/tag/streetsoftheworld">Streetsoftheworld</a>, <a href="/tag/global">Global</a>, <a href="/tag/art">Art</a>, <a href="/tag/soccer">Soccer</a>, <a href="/tag/jeroen-swolfs">Jeroen Swolfs</a>, <a href="/tag/cities">Cities</a>, <a href="/travel">Travel News</a></p> San Jose Votes To Curb Medical Marijuana Industry 2011-09-13T22:32:43Z 2011-09-13T22:32:43Z The Huffington Post News Team SAN JOSE, Calif. &mdash; Lawmakers have taken a big step toward downsizing and regulating the medical marijuana industry in the nation's 10th-largest ... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/san-jose-medical-marijuana">San Jose Medical Marijuana</a>, <a href="/tag/san-jose">San Jose</a>, <a href="/tag/marijuana">Marijuana</a>, <a href="/tag/san-jose-marijuana">San Jose Marijuana</a>, <a href="/tag/medical-marijuana">Medical Marijuana</a>, <a href="/tag/san-jose-medical-marijuana-industry">San Jose Medical Marijuana Industry</a>, <a href="/tag/san-jose-medical-pot">San Jose Medical Pot</a>, <a href="/tag/san-jose-marijuana-industry">San Jose Marijuana Industry</a>, <a href="/tag/san-jose-city-council-marijuana">San Jose City Council Marijuana</a>, <a href="/tag/medical-marijuana-california">Medical Marijuana California</a>, <a href="/san-francisco">San Francisco News</a></p> The Homicide Capital Of Silicon Valley? 2011-07-31T19:46:51Z 2011-07-31T19:46:51Z The Huffington Post News Team SAN JOSE, Calif. -- San Jose has dubbed itself the "Capital of Silicon Valley" and has for years prided itself on being one of the safest big cities i... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/san-jose-murders">San Jose Murders</a>, <a href="/tag/san-jose-homicide">San Jose Homicide</a>, <a href="/tag/san-jose">San Jose</a>, <a href="/tag/silicon-valley-murders">Silicon Valley Murders</a>, <a href="/tag/san-jose-homicides">San Jose Homicides</a>, <a href="/tag/san-jose-homicide-rate">San Jose Homicide Rate</a>, <a href="/tag/san-jose-murder-rate">San Jose Murder Rate</a>, <a href="/tag/san-jose-homicides-2011">San Jose Homicides 2011</a>, <a href="/tag/silicon-valley-homicides">Silicon Valley Homicides</a>, <a href="/san-francisco">San Francisco News</a></p> Randy Howder: Bubble or Babylon? The Bay Area Tech Boom 2011-07-21T13:51:39Z 2011-07-21T13:51:23Z Randy Howder Cutting-edge Bay Area workplaces are creating a new worker's paradise that is becoming increasingly set apart from any other labor market in the country and the world. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/google">Google</a>, <a href="/tag/startups">Startups</a>, <a href="/tag/san-jose">San Jose</a>, <a href="/tag/tech-bubble">Tech Bubble</a>, <a href="/tag/san-francisco">San Francisco</a>, <a href="/tag/soma">Soma</a>, <a href="/tag/menlo-park">Menlo Park</a>, <a href="/tag/silicon-valley">Silicon Valley</a>, <a href="/tag/apple">Apple</a>, <a href="/tag/bay-area">Bay Area</a>, <a href="/san-francisco">San Francisco News</a></p> American Cities With The Most Millionaires 2011-07-14T15:02:41Z 2011-07-14T15:03:31Z The Huffington Post News Team From 24/7 Wall St: Each year, Capgemini publishes the U.S. Metro Wealth Index, which ranks the number of high-net-worth individuals living within the ... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/hnwi">Hnwi</a>, <a href="/tag/unemployment-rate">Unemployment Rate</a>, <a href="/tag/san-jose">San Jose</a>, <a href="/tag/millionaires">Millionaires</a>, <a href="/tag/american-cities">American Cities</a>, <a href="/tag/jobless">Jobless</a>, <a href="/tag/jobs">Jobs</a>, <a href="/tag/housing-crisis">Housing Crisis</a>, <a href="/tag/metro-wealth-index">Metro Wealth Index</a>, <a href="/tag/capgemini">Capgemini</a>, <a href="/tag/high-net-worth-individual">High-Net-Worth Individual</a>, <a href="/tag/wealth">Wealth</a>, <a href="/tag/residence">Residence</a>, <a href="/tag/housing-markets">Housing Markets</a>, <a href="/tag/collectibles">Collectibles</a>, <a href="/tag/san-francisco">San Francisco</a>, <a href="/tag/consumables">Consumables</a>, <a href="/tag/slidepollajax">Slidepollajax</a>, <a href="/business">Business News</a></p> Judge Known For Halting California Death Penalty Moving To DC 2011-07-01T12:23:28Z 2011-07-01T15:23:21Z The Huffington Post News Team SAN JOSE, Calif. -- The San Jose federal judge who halted California executions five years ago is leaving the bench to lead the Federal Judicial Cente... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/judge-jeremy-fogel">Judge Jeremy Fogel</a>, <a href="/tag/president-bill-clinton">President Bill Clinton</a>, <a href="/tag/san-jose">San Jose</a>, <a href="/tag/calfornia-death-penalty">Calfornia Death Penalty</a>, <a href="/tag/federal-justice-center">Federal Justice Center</a>, <a href="/tag/supreme-court-justice-john-roberts">Supreme Court Justice John Roberts</a>, <a href="/tag/fogel-heads-federal-justice-center">Fogel Heads Federal Justice Center</a>, <a href="/los-angeles">Los Angeles News</a></p> Cities With The Most Job Postings 2011-06-01T15:12:04Z 2011-06-06T09:11:11Z The Huffington Post News Team Terrible as the job crisis might be, not all job markets are created equal. And certain cities have seen particularly notable improvement. <br /> <br /> The num... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/metropolitan-areas">Metropolitan Areas</a>, <a href="/tag/indeedcom"></a>, <a href="/tag/us-labor-department">U.S. Labor Department</a>, <a href="/tag/jobless-rate">Jobless Rate</a>, <a href="/tag/san-jose">San Jose</a>, <a href="/tag/unemployment-rate">Unemployment Rate</a>, <a href="/tag/us-bureau-of-labor-statistics">U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics</a>, <a href="/tag/employment">Employment</a>, <a href="/tag/el-centro">El Centro</a>, <a href="/tag/washington-dc">Washington D.C.</a>, <a href="/tag/jobs">Jobs</a>, <a href="/tag/economic-recovery">Economic Recovery</a>, <a href="/tag/new-york">New York</a>, <a href="/business">Business News</a></p> Earthquake Rocks Costa Rica's Capital 2011-05-13T21:16:46Z 2011-05-13T21:16:45Z The Huffington Post News Team SAN JOSE, Costa Rica -- A magnitude-6 earthquake shook the capital city of Costa Rica on Friday, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.<br /> <br /> The quake w... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/costa-rica-earthquake">Costa Rica Earthquake</a>, <a href="/tag/san-jose-costa-rica">San-Jose-Costa-Rica</a>, <a href="/tag/natural-disasters">Natural Disasters</a>, <a href="/tag/san-jose">San Jose</a>, <a href="/tag/santiago-de-puriscal">Santiago De Puriscal</a>, <a href="/tag/san-jose-costa-rica-earthquake">San-Jose-Costa-Rica-Earthquake</a>, <a href="/tag/costa-rica">Costa Rica</a>, <a href="/tag/earthquake">Earthquake</a>, <a href="/tag/us-geological-survey">US-Geological-Survey</a>, <a href="/world">World News</a></p> Walmart Tests Online Grocery Delivery 2011-04-25T09:05:37Z 2011-04-25T19:00:50Z The Huffington Post News Team As rumored ealier this month, Walmart has begun test marketing Walmart To Go, its online grocery delivery service, in San Jose, California. In an effo... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/walmart">Walmart</a>, <a href="/tag/walmartcom"></a>, <a href="/tag/san-jose">San Jose</a>, <a href="/tag/wal-mart">Wal-Mart</a>, <a href="/tag/walmart-grocery">Walmart Grocery</a>, <a href="/tag/walmart-online-grocery">Walmart Online Grocery</a>, <a href="/food">Food News</a></p> Walmart Tests Online Grocery Delivery 2011-04-24T09:35:43Z 2011-04-24T09:35:43Z The Huffington Post News Team <br /> <br /> <br /> CHICAGO: Wal-Mart Stores Inc has begun testing an online grocery delivery service in San Jose, California, a company spokesman said on Saturday.... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/groceries">Groceries</a>, <a href="/tag/walmart-to-go">Walmart to Go</a>, <a href="/tag/walmart-delivery">Walmart Delivery</a>, <a href="/tag/san-jose">San Jose</a>, <a href="/tag/online-shopping">Online Shopping</a>, <a href="/tag/walmart-online">Walmart Online</a>, <a href="/tag/wa-mart">Wa-Mart</a>, <a href="/business">Business News</a></p> David M. Abromowitz: Rising Rents, Falling Recovery: Not Time to Retreat From Rental Housing 2011-03-10T11:55:17Z 2011-03-10T11:55:18Z David M. Abromowitz For many families, the extension of middle-class tax cuts will go out the door to their landlord. Economic recovery could be stopped in its tracks by sudden rent shock. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/fannie-mae">Fannie Mae</a>, <a href="/tag/making-home-affordable">Making Home Affordable</a>, <a href="/tag/housing-crisis">Housing Crisis</a>, <a href="/tag/rising-rents">Rising Rents</a>, <a href="/tag/san-jose">San Jose</a>, <a href="/tag/renting">Renting</a>, <a href="/business">Business News</a></p> Harvey Gotliffe, Ph.D.: Super Winners Have No Score To Settle 2011-02-10T10:37:50Z 2011-02-10T11:24:45Z Harvey Gotliffe, Ph.D. Two life-altering events that took place nearly seven decades ago receive little attention and are primarily observed by members of the two groups who experienced them. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/japanese-american-internment">Japanese American Internment</a>, <a href="/tag/san-jose">San Jose</a>, <a href="/tag/president-roosevelt">President Roosevelt</a>, <a href="/tag/final-solution">Final Solution</a>, <a href="/tag/holocaust">Holocaust</a>, <a href="/tag/wannsee-conference">Wannsee Conference</a>, <a href="/tag/executive-order-9066">Executive Order 9066</a>, <a href="/tag/japanese-americans">Japanese Americans</a>, <a href="/tag/world-war-ii">World War II</a>, <a href="/tag/holocaust-survivors">Holocaust Survivors</a>, <a href="/tag/super-bowl">Super Bowl</a>, <a href="/tag/super-bowl-2011">Super Bowl 2011</a>, <a href="/politics">Politics News</a></p> San Jose High School Students' Space Station Experiment Taking Off (WATCH) 2011-02-09T14:39:13Z 2011-02-09T14:32:45Z The Huffington Post News Team A group of San Jose, Calif., students just got a batch of videos and photos they're really excited about. But it's not the typical teenage text messag... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/international-space-station">International Space Station</a>, <a href="/tag/san-jose">San Jose</a>, <a href="/tag/dan-saldana">Dan Saldana</a>, <a href="/tag/space-station">Space Station</a>, <a href="/tag/science">Science</a>, <a href="/tag/astronauts">Astronauts</a>, <a href="/tag/valley-christian-high-school">Valley Christian High School</a>, <a href="/tag/science-education">Science Education</a>, <a href="/tag/california">California</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/education">Education News</a></p> J. Michael Welton: Clearscapes and the Power of Art 2011-01-03T12:38:11Z 2011-01-03T12:38:32Z J. Michael Welton While architects across the nation suffer the brunt of this recession, one southeastern design firm is thriving. Clearscapes succeeds because for a substantial portion of its practice has been based on what some call a necessity of life: art. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/nashville">Nashville</a>, <a href="/tag/art">Art</a>, <a href="/tag/oklahoma-city">Oklahoma City</a>, <a href="/tag/san-jose">San Jose</a>, <a href="/tag/architecture">Architecture</a>, <a href="/tag/tucson">Tucson</a>, <a href="/tag/washington-dc">Washington DC</a>, <a href="/tag/washington-nationals">Washington Nationals</a>, <a href="/tag/raleigh">Raleigh</a>, <a href="/tag/denver">Denver</a>, <a href="/arts">Arts News</a></p> Ben Daniel: Tamales and Roses: Guadalupe as an American Holiday Icon 2010-12-17T10:25:50Z 2010-12-17T11:29:33Z Ben Daniel Why shouldn't the feast of Guadalupe be included on the list of immigrant celebrations that add to the wonder and joy of Christmas in the United States? <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/san-jose">San Jose</a>, <a href="/tag/champurrado">Champurrado</a>, <a href="/tag/tamales">Tamales</a>, <a href="/tag/jesus-malverde">Jesus Malverde</a>, <a href="/tag/christmas">Christmas</a>, <a href="/tag/santa-muerte">Santa Muerte</a>, <a href="/tag/our-lady-of-guadalupe">Our Lady of Guadalupe</a>, <a href="/tag/tacos">Tacos</a>, <a href="/tag/las-mananitas">Las Mañanitas</a>, <a href="/tag/juan-diego-cuauhtlatoatzin">Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin</a>, <a href="/tag/toribio-romo">Toribio Romo</a>, <a href="/tag/feast-of-guadalupe">Feast of Guadalupe</a>, <a href="/tag/virgin-of-guadalupe">Virgin of Guadalupe</a>, <a href="/tag/christianity">Christianity</a>, <a href="/tag/immigrant-holiday-celebrations">Immigrant Holiday Celebrations</a>, <a href="/tag/guadalupe">Guadalupe</a>, <a href="/religion">Religion News</a></p> PHOTOS: The 12 Best Cities To Find A Job 2010-12-02T11:55:12Z 2010-12-02T11:57:29Z The Huffington Post News Team How open-minded are you in your job search? With unemployment rate still hovering at 9.6 percent, you may want to put "willing to relocate" in bold on... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/job-market">Job Market</a>, <a href="/tag/job-opening">Job Opening</a>, <a href="/tag/baltimore">Baltimore</a>, <a href="/tag/san-jose">San Jose</a>, <a href="/tag/best-cities-to-job-search">Best Cities to Job Search</a>, <a href="/tag/slidepollajax">Slidepollajax</a>, <a href="/tag/best-cities-to-find-a-job-2010">Best Cities to Find a Job 2010</a>, <a href="/tag/business-news">Business News</a>, <a href="/tag/jujucom"></a>, <a href="/tag/job-search">Job Search</a>, <a href="/tag/denver">Denver</a>, <a href="/business">Business News</a></p>