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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen: I (Think I) Finally (Almost) Get It

Posted: 06/14/2012 4:01 pm

If I could ask the world a question, I'd skip over thoughts on global warming, Obama or world peace, and move right on into the juice: Hey, world, how do you feel about the Olsen twins?

Ever since the Michelle Tanners of the world started dressing themselves, it's been a rough road -- at least for me. Unlike some of my friends (you know who you are), I haven't been one to love the Olsen twins through thick and thin. I'll be the first to admit that they can bring the fierce when they want to: Ashley rocks an orange dress and shoulder pads like no other, and she often looks fabulous when she goes casual -- if she's not fudging a look with with questionable footwear, that is. She also loves to walk around with wet hair. Go, girl. Her younger-by-two-minutes sister Mary-Kate is known for having more of a hobo look, and while I can sometimes dig it, she has affinity for plaid, maxi skirts and grunge I cannot dig -- at least here, here, here and here. But after years of concealing bewilderment and masking a puzzled expression when friends talk about Olsen style, I can finally say I've reached a good place. At least, I'm getting there.

Here's the thing. Like many celebrities, the Olsen twins are active in the fashion world. But unlike most celebrities, the twins are arguably more successful, certainly more invested and seemingly more genuine in their reverence of, and commitment to, the industry. Most recently, the mini-moguls nabbed the prestigious top womenswear designer award at the annual Council of Fashion Designers of America awards -- no small feat. And while the twins have shown vastly different collections in Wal-Mart than they did at New York Fashion Week, one element remains consistent and shines through unapologetically: their personality. You can believe they would wear everything they produce, and they often do.

After years of hedging, I'm slowly conceding: In a backhanded way, the Olsen twins do deserve some credit for what they choose to wear, however atrocious you or I may find it. They won't be considered models of style because they showcase the latest trends or flaunt designer fashion, but for another more important reason: staying true to themselves. To have the money they have -- and the ability to buy any and everything they want -- they don't. Instead, they often choose to throw up two proverbial middle fingers, pair a Birkin with Birkenstocks, and call it a day. And I'm finally OK with that.


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Recency  | 
16 hours ago (12:35 AM)
I agree also...
18 hours ago (11:08 PM)
I have to agree. The Olsen twins definitely have a signature style. People are attracted to a style; something they can relate to or aspire to relate to. I applaud them for sticking with their designs and doing quite well at it.
22 hours ago ( 7:06 PM)
Why do people pick on the Olsen twins? Is it jealousy because they are Billionaires?