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Wreck Dives in the 1000 Islands

wreck dive It's been said that the St. Lawrence now has some of the best freshwater wreck diving in the world. A recent invasion of zebra mussels and quagga mussels, carried in the bilge water of a freighters from the Baltic Sea and around the world, has been filtering the water to historic levels of clarity. Light now penetrates easily all the way down to sport diving limits and beyond on most days. Lights are still very handy to peer into and around the wrecks as well as for the many photographic opportunities. The majority of pictures on this website have been taken without a flash or strobe, using only the ambient light.

Skill Level
A.E. Vickery   Advanced
The America Shore Novice
Conestoga Shore Tech
Henry Daryaw Drift  
Islander Shore  
Keystorm Boat  
King Horn Boat  
Lillie Parsons Drift/Shore  
Roy A. Jodery Boat Tech
Rothesay Boat All Levels
St. Louis   Novice
wee hawk   All Levels