HTML5 has a huge potential to promote freedom for world citizens

HTML5 and other open multimedia standard for online publishing and interactive communication play a critical role in one of the projects of the Telematics Freedom Foundation: the Universal Audiovisual Library. Here is one of the reasons.

HTML5 and its ("extension" webAPI, open web platform, boot2gecko, webgl, etc) represent a potential extension of the freedom implicit in open Web standards to the world of native apps. If widely deployed on mobile, NetTVs and TV-connected device, such technologies will have the historical potential to promote an incredible disintermediation of the video (and entertainment) sector, similar to what has happened for text news with traditional blogs.

This has the potential to enourmously help the liberalization and democratization of opinion building by ordinary citizens about relevant social matters.

According to IBC, by 2015 IBC there will be 2 billions of mobile devices with HTML5 capability. This means that in just a few years a large part of the world population may be able to use a standard browser as their main interface to discover and consume up to 4-5 hours per day of multimedia entertainment (video and games) as explained, for example, in these articles:

All this , however, would also contribute greatly to promote disintermediation in those markets, in much the same way as it has happened in the daily news sector with blogs.

Such an unprecedented disintermediation would, in turn, cause an equally unprecedented democratization (through liberalization) of TV. This would substantially decrease the huge editorial control and the related "manufacturing of consent" currently exercised by owners of broadcasting infrastructure (satellite, cable, digital terrestrial), and make much easier that "micro-production centered on research, editing and remixing" that is one of the objectives of the Universal Audiovisual Library


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