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Beginner Level

Ethics of Speech: Examines the laws and ethics of speech.
Ethics of the Fathers: Ethical and moral statements of the Talmudical Sages.
Honesty: Questions and answers about basic issues of honesty.
Jewish Values: How the Torah's teachings can enhance interpersonal relationships and all of society.
Maimonides Views Life: Maimonides's perspective on philosophy, character development, and life in general.
Priceless Integrity: Investigate the beautiful, yet intricate, nature of integrity.
Reflections: Brief self-improvement tips of a real and practical nature.
Spiritual Excellence: A close, slow reading of classical works of Mussar.
Women in Judaism: Spirituality, law, philosophy, for women in modern times.
Stop Surviving and Start Living: Contemporary exploration of the guiding principles of the 1st chapter of Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzato's classic work "Mesilat Yisharim" - "The Path of the Just."

Intermediate Level

Business Ethics: Business and other personal ethics from a Torah perspective.
Iyov: A serious study of the book of Iyov and it's classic Jewish commentaries.
Maharal: Explains Pirkei Avos according to the interpretations of the Maharal.
Mussar-Psych: A Torah-perspective on psychological, spiritual, social, issues.
Ramchal: Study of The Way of G-d by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto.

Advanced Level

Business Halacha: Everyday business situations addressed in Jewish law.
Successful Chinuch: Important issues that arise when raising children.

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