system details:

MSVC++ 6.0 standard edition
+ processor pack
directx9 SDK
AMD sempron 2.something
512mb ram


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(NOTE: I made a few modifications before I started to make the list)
(~all mods listed below are commented in the code with "Alex." prefix)

(although lately I have kind of neglected the commenting a bit, and I've made a few modifications without telling anyone - best thing is to look through some of my '.it' files and see whats going on (or look through the code))

click here to look through some of my files

  • Keyboard shortcuts...
    F3, .........PATTERN_PLAY,
    F4, .........PATTERN_RESTART,
    F5, .........VIEW_GLOBALS,
    F6, .........VIEW_PATTERNS,
    F7, .........VIEW_SAMPLES,
    F8, .........VIEW_INSTRUMENTS,
    F9, .........FILE_CLOSE,
    F10, .......FILE_OPEN,

  • randomNote
    Added new effect (~XX) for random playing of notes,


    will play G-4 + rand(5) notes, so either G-4, g#-4, a-4, a#-4, b-4, c-4 on instrument 01,
    can be used to implement random percussion by changing note mapping.

  • ExtraQ
    Check box in globals to double the resonance of the filter

  • Maximize
    mod doc to auto maximize in the app

  • SplitterPos
    rearranged things a little to maximize space and made splitter positions go to their best place.

  • Loop
    check box in pattern view to make a looping pattern not loop anymore and start playing the rest of the song

  • LockPattern
    keeps MPT looping the current pattern while you go away and change other patterns.

  • NoJumpToStartOfPattern
    makes switching between patterns while player is playing seamless instead of MPT jumping back to the beginning of the pattern.

  • patternFade
    shortcut (right click in pattern view) for fading in and out volume

  • SampleFadeIn & SampleFadeOut
    shortcut buttons in sample view for fading

  • ExtraChannel
    extra channel button in pattern view

  • MouseWheel
    mousewheel in sample/instrument view scrolls through samples/instruments
    SHIFT+mousewheel in pattern view changes current instrument
    CONTROL+mousewheel anywhere changes music tempo

  • SampleNames
    names displayed for current instrument in pattern view shows name of associated sample if instrument has no name (I quite often don't give instruments names (takes to long))

  • PitchTempoLock
    locks the pitch of the song to the global tempo (essential if songs are to contain drumloop samples and be played at different tempos)

  • SampleTempoLock
    check box in sample view locks the sample to the tempo described by the parameter in set pan box
    (do this for drum loop samples)

  • SampleGrid
    displays a simple grid in sample view to illustrate 1/2 beats and 1/8 beats

  • Record
    button in sample view to record samples from default waveIn device
    (can get interesting results if used while song is playing)

  • LoopCopy
    S97 loop copy On - when mpt passes this she loop copies everything in the pattern-channel until either the end of pattern or S96 Loop copy Off

  • OtherMPT
    magic wand on toolbar now synchs (almost) the active modplug tracker to another modplug tracker that is running, good for mixing

  • Record
    little textbox underneath REC button to specify record duration in seconds,

  • prevented recording when a stereo sample is selected.

  • PatternViewChannelVol
    You can now 'drag' the volume and pan of channels in pattern view by holding CTRL and dragging on the channel headers.
    With Record Multi Select you can simultainously adjust multiple channels Vol and Pan
    Current Vol and Pan are displayed in channel headers.

  • MultipleInstruments
    By appending the instrument name as &2&4&13&5 (for example) you can tie instruments together, so when you play that instrument you will also hear 2,4,13 & 5 play as well.
    (Now works when then tracker plays notes as well) (and channel volume is passed to the other instruments)

  • noteColor
    Colouring changed on pattern view so that different notes are shown with their corresponding colours;

  • GlobalNoteMap
    (experimental stages) Name an Instrument "GNM" and that instruments notemapping will apply on top of all the instruments

  • InstrumentExtraQ
    Moved extraQ to indivdual instruments

  • RandomOffset
    Add "^R" to a sample name to make the sample start at a random point between 0 and Sustain loop end.

  • HighPassButton
    Button in instrument view to enable high pass filter without fussing about with macros

  • AutoSave
    AutoSave button on toolbar & file menu. At the moment defaults to on and saves every 3 minutes, (if the song has been modified). When an autosave occurs a '~' prefix is placed infront of the filename, which is then removed when you manually save.

  • DifferentTunings
    A button in the instrument view above pitch/pan centre when pressed changes the instrument tunings from the standard equal temperament scale to (depending on what value pitch/pan seperation is on)
    1 = Just Temperament (centred on the note in 'pitch/pan centre')
    2 = Fifths tuning (centred on the note in 'pitch/pan centre')
    3 = Harmonic factors (centred on the note in 'pitch/pan centre')
    4 = Harmonics (centred on the note in 'pitch/pan centre') where C0 is the fundamental harmonic

  • Harmonic
    Modified Random note effect (~XX) to (#XX) and now values above #80 multply the frequency of the note by the parameter. So #84 will multiply the frequency of the note by 4 (raising it to the 4th harmonic).... or #94 would multply it by 14(hexadecimal)

  • Samplerate Drag
    Click and Drag on the 'Hz' next to the samplerate in sample view to drag the samplerate up or down. (essential for fine tuning samples).

  • Sample Loop frequency and note display
    When you have a sample with a short loop, (i.e. a sine wave looping) the frequency of the loop is displayed along with the Octave,Note and cent offset. (below the record button)

(few bug fixes)

  • RandomFilter Variation
    Click on the random panning variation ("Panning:") to change to Filter variation.

  • Reset Random Seed
    effect S95 now resets random seed

  • Add Sample To Instrument
    Dragging a new sample into an instrument that already has a sample, brings up a dialog to add the sample into the keyboad map rather than overwriting the old sample

UPDATE 26th MAY 2006 (sorry for the delay)

  • Convolution button in sample edit (next to amplify button)

  • FFT button in sample edit

  • Loads of wierd stuff added.... (it'd take me longer to explain than it did to code) errrmmm... wierd algorithmic note progression, psychadelic instruments, 3D visual technogram (add bitmaps as samples, ..... Magic effects.. , 4X boost on samples.. second output on VST' shuffle effect... .......not to mention Bitmap to sound conversion, and spectrogram buttton, mix paste mix modulate paste, easy accesabilty of VST parameter midi macros,,,, then there is the Automators (programmable LFO type things) effect..... slight filter modification..... synching with other instances of modplug,.... and how could I forget the Kaos macros (CTRL+SHIFT+ (W.E.R.T.S.D.F.V))  ... double tempo option,,,,,