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We offer great safari holiday packages to Tanzania while taking care of what you would like to see, the type of accommodation that suits you with the cost that you can afford. With so much to see and do in Tanzania, we can advise on where to go, could it be the Ngorongoro crater full of wildlife animals or the Kilimanjaro trekking tours, we plan carefully your Tanzania safari to accommodate all your needs and interests. Most safari clients have always liked tours to Ngorongoro crater combined with visits to other wildlife reserves such as Lake Manyara, Tarangire and Serengeti.


Safari Holidays in Tanzania

Safari in Tanzania lions
Tanzania is a famous tourist destination that you should visit. Taking a Tanzania safari holiday will give you a chance to see the best attractions of the country. You will be able to witness the true wilderness of Africa. If you are thinking of where to have your holiday this season, Tanzania is best spot to visit. Below are some of the hints to guide you through your Tanzania safari.
The best safaris that are a must visit include;
Private safaris; Majority of tourists prefer this kind and this is because it gives one an opportunity to select which park to visit, the best accommodation to take up,favourable dates to travel on and a safari vehicle ready to take you to your dream spots of Tanzania.
Luxury safaris; these are usually meant for high class people, it involves having big sums of money to spend on the best safari package. Everything is luxurious right from accommodation to the vehicle that they are going to use. To them, money is not an issue.
Shared group Safaris; this is quite common and involves people to travel into groups for a safari. If you don’t have enough money for a safari, this can be easiest way to travel to your dream destination. Its budget friendly and the best for social events.
For starters that are not so familiar with the different parts of Tanzania, I would kindly recommend you to visit the Northern circuit of Tarangire,Serengeti,Lake Manyara as well as Ngorongoro.If you are lucky and you have toured the Northern circuit, then I would advise you to discover South to Selous Game Reserve. It’s one of its kind with the best attractions to see on your trip.
As you plan to visit Tanzania, it has the best accommodation and the choice is yours to decide where to stay.
Lodges; these are the best accommodations you can take up, they are well built and furnished. However many of them are not as close to nature as you would enjoy in a tented camp. They have the best services and facilities and are budget friendly.
Camping; this kind of accommodation is so adventurous and it’s taken by people who are brave and love being close to nature. It’s affordable to every visitor and with less protection. The experience is worth it.
Tented camps; these are luxurious camps that are taken up by high class people. They are structured with solid foundation as well as canvas roofing. Some people tend to think that this kind of accommodation is too expensive and yet in actual sense its budget friendly. It’s the way you can get closer to nature as you relax. Many tourists usually opt for this kind of accommodation.


Ngorongoro Safari Tours

African safari to Ngorongoro crater
Ngorongoro is one of the most fascinating spot in Tanzania. An African safari to Ngorongoro crater can be of great experience. The crater floor covers an area of about 600meter deep, taking up 20km in diameter as well as 300 square km of ponds, pools and wildlife. At this spot, you will get a chance to see the big five animals like elephants,lions,leopards,rhinos,buffalos and the rare black rhinos that are hard to see anywhere in Africa. For bird watchers, the crater is home to different kinds of species that are not even discovered in the nearby Serengeti National park. Common birds seen include flamingos, bustards, secretary birds, ostriches and the majority are spotted on the crater floor.
The crater edge is surrounded by a chilly highland forest with a number of accommodations that ranges from campsites, camps as well as lodges. As you set your eyes to the main gate, you will see a well conserved area that is adjacent to Jurassic park. As you drive around the crater rim to get to your accommodation, you will catch a glance of a beautiful landscape enclosed with a dense forest. The cool breeze around the area will make you love the place and the experience will be for a lifetime.
If you are not careful, you may be taken by surprise because of Ngorongoro’s crater rim. At the Ngorongoro Wildlife lodge, you will get a beautiful scenery of the area. You as well take a look at the 600 meter crater wall of a dense highland forest as it fades away from its landscape of the crater rim. The crater is surrounded by dense forest with only noise of the trees waving in the wind. The weather is chilly however when you are at the bottom it’s a bit hot. On your way, you will see safari vehicles carefully crossing the crater rim after the game drives.
Standing at this wonderful spot, you will enjoy the charming scenery and the experience will be worth it. As you delight in the natural beauty of Ngorongoro, you may think it’s only happening to you not knowing that even your closest friend is feeling that same way. As tourists check in to their lodges, they are first impressed by the view and actually proclaim the glory of God. The breathtaking scenery lives them speechless to the extent that they may forget to take photographs. It’s quite memorable to all tourists that have visited Ngorongoro.
At this place, the evenings are usually cold but this can’t stop you from catching a glance at the fascinating scenery.Tourits use all kinds of safari gear to capture the best picture in the wilderness. Among the gear used include binoculars, telescope, galaxies, Magellanic as well as Andromeda. The experience is quite humbling as you get to the top of the rim. You may spend the entire night waiting for morning so as to see the crater floor and its large concentration of wildlife. It’s one destination that you must visit for a lifetime memories.


Serengeti Safaris to Tanzania

Serengeti plain safari
When it comes to taking up a safari in Africa, Serengeti is the best tourist destination to visit in the world. Because of its great attractions, it attracts big numbers of tourists all throughout the year. Recently it’s ranked as the best National park in the world. It covers an area of about 30,000km square. You may be wondering what really makes Serengeti unique from the rest of the other parks in Africa or in the world.
Serengeti is one destination that will live you mesmerized about its surroundings. Its landscape is characterized to be flat with huge open plains which Is a favorable home for wildlife. As you tour the park, you will actually see features like forests, terrain, rivers, swamps as well as mountains. These make a  beautiful scenery of Serengeti and a must see place to visit. The name Serengeti originated from its wide open plains and flat lands of the park, it simply means endless plains.
The Serengeti has a big concentration of all kinds of wildlife as compared to other parks in Africa. Its landscape is a great attraction to different types of animals for instance leopards resting on the branches of Acacia trees, lions relaxing under shades of trees, hippos that are in the swamp to cool off the heat, elephants, zebras, giraffes and gazelles that are easily spotted around the park.

The Great Migration
Millions of wildebeest migrate to Serengeti to look for water and food. The herd includes other animals like the gazelle and zebra that migrate from Serengeti to Masai Mara situated in Kenya. It’s one activity that goes on every year. Before the migration starts, close to 300,000 wildebeest calves are produced in Serengeti and this usually takes place in February. It’s the simplest way to settle for the lost ones as they try to meauvour through journey. Along the move, they face many challenges some are feasted on while others drawn in water as they try to cross the Mara River.



Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking Holidays in Tanzania

kilimanjaro trekking toursClimbing Kilimanjaro is such a great adventure that every tourist must visit. It’s a dream come true once you visited Mount Kilimanjaro. It has the best view that will make you see the entire Tanzania at just one spot. If you want to have a successful trek to Mount Kilimanjaro, you must prepare in advance. Because failure to do so, you will definitely face some challenges along the way. Below are some of the tips that will make you enjoy your Tanzania safari tour effectively and safety.
As you steep in Tanzania, you will be welcomed by the magnificence of Mount Kilimanjaro that has a height of 5,892m.Its regarded as the highest mountain in Africa and only one with seven peaks that attract Mountaineers to try out their adventure. If you are to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, you must be physically fit and able to do it.
Confidence is the key to a successful hike. Although if you put too much focus on it you can easily climb Kilimanjaro and as you climb, aim at getting to the summit. The only way to have this done is by contacting a tour company or an expert tour operator who can give you the best guideline on how to hike the mount.
Choose the Best Time:
When it comes to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the weather must be favorable because it’s the only way you will get to the summit. If the weather is unfriendly, you are likely to face difficulties like mud, rain, cold as well as snow. The best time to climb Mount Kilimanjaro is during the warm or dry seasons for stance January, February and September.
Choose the Convenient Route:
Each route that you decide to use, be aware of its corners and features and make the right decision of taking the safety route that is well protected. The recommended routes to use include Shira, Rongai, Machame as well as Lemosho.Using the longer route will be to your advantage because you will get an opportunity of getting to the top height of the Mountain.
Things You May Carry With You:
You are only advised to prepare essential safari gear that will make you enjoy your trek, it’s quite fun to pack unnecessary items that will just fill up your luggage thus make your climbing hectic. Pack the right safari clothes for instance t-shirts, shorts for wearing under the scorching sun along with other clothes that can protect from the weather conditions. You must have the appropriate safari boots that will enable you trek the mountain without any difficulties. Your mountain climbing will be a success if you pack appropriately.


Get Yourself Ready Physically and Mentally!
The only way to climb Mount Kilimanjaro is by having enough confidence and being physically fit. If you have trekked or hiked before, this can be simple because you will have an up right mind set as well as confidence to climb Kilimanjaro. For starters, you can take a course and after that you are experienced on how to climb and get to the top. Determination is one thing that will enable you hike Mount Kilimanjaro. Once you get to the summit, the experience is for a lifetime.
Get to Know About Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS):
Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is not something simple that you will take for granted. There are sicknesses attached to it if you are not carefull.Majority of climbers get Acute Mountain Sickness as they try to trek the mountain. Altitude sickness is so common and un avoidable. Just in case you get signs of AMS, just let your tour guide know and you will be treated first. Memories will keep you remembering Tanzania as the best destination to visit and see the natural beauty at its best.


Lake Manyara Safari Adventure

lake manyara safarisLake Manyara National Park is a famous alkaline lake located in the northern part of Tanzania. It’s an hour’s drive from Arusha as you opt for the tarmac road. The park is situated between Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater. The park occupies an area of approximately 330 kilometers and close to 200 kilometer square of the lake.Ths park was built in 1960 to preserve the elephant populace. It’s acknowledged as the smallest park in Tanzania and has a variety of wildlife, plants and a beautiful terrain.
It’s one park in Tanzania that is well known for its tree climbing lions. The lion population is divided into of which one climbs and the other is situated in Lake Manyara Park. Majority of tourists come to this area to catch a glance of the lions climbing the Fig as well as Acacia trees. Other wild animals viewed in this park include giraffe, monkeys, olive baboons, Impala, cheetah along with the buffalo.
Lake Manyara is popular for its million pink flamingo birds. As you view the beautiful birds, you will as well see large concentrations of hippos and crocodiles as they relax and cool off the heat. The common species of birds discovered at the lake includes cormorants along with storks. For bird watchers, Lake Manyara is the idea destination to visit and enjoy different species of birds. Research has it that over 500 unique birds are found in the park. The mixture of the bird species, big mammals, vegetations as well as reptiles makes the park the best place to be. Discover the true wilderness of Africa.
Surprisingly, the park has one lodge that is built within. It’s constructed in a way to provide a closer feeling to nature. The lavish lodge is designed with enough rooms including big open decks, sitting rooms as well as wide windows to give a wonderful view of the park. The ambiance of the sitting room will actually make you feel at home with its comfortable sofas. Among the facilities offered include the massage session and a swimming pool where you definitely chill after a busy day. The cuisine served is both local and international to match the guest’s standards.
The best time to enjoy your game drives is during the dry season and the particular months are July to October. During this time, tourists are well assured to see all kinds of wildlife for instance lion, elephant, giraffe, buffalo and many others. November to June is the best time for canoeing, waterfalls as well as bird watching in the park. Taking up night drives can only be permitted by the company of a tour guide, they know the best spots to visit. The park is accessed by road or a flight from Arusha.Visit Lake Manyara and discovers the difference in other parks.


Wildebeest Migration Safari in Tanzania

wildlife safari to Tanzania beestThe great wildebeest migration is the most charming natural beauty on planet earth. It takes place from Serengeti National Park to Masai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya. These two borders Tanzania and Kenya share the same parks thus allowing the wildebeest to move from one park to another. Throughout the year, the wildebeest drift in a clock wise manner for about 1800 miles looking for water and pasture. It’s at this point that Mother Nature is actually appreciated because the journey has no beginning or end. The move is witnessed with over 1,5m wildebeest with close to 200,000 gazelles, antelopes, zebras along with the big five animals which include buffalo, rhino, leopard, lion and elephant.
The best time for reproduction is during the months of December to March. This is the best time to visit the Southern Serengeti as well as Ngorongoro Conservation Area. The full-grown grass in the undulating plains is the best dwelling for the wildebeest. During this time, over 90% of the wildebeest produce and it’s quite a challenging period of time. The predators such as hyena, cheetah, leopard and lion enjoy this season as they feast on the young ones. Majority of calves are hunted whereas the rest die along the jounery.At this spot, you will get the best picture of the predators feasting on their prey.
Towards the end of March, the grass dies as the remaining can’t maintain the big herd of wildebeest. During this time, the wildebeest tend to move to the Serengeti western corridor. From April to May, the wildebeest feast on the woodlands and mature grass in the area. During this season, the rain is too heavy in East Africa thus making it hard for the tourists travel because of the poorly maintained roads.
The wildebeest mating period is between May to Jun.At the end of June, the animals have no pasture to feed on therefore they are strained to relocate to the northern Serengeti. As they trek, manjority are killed by predators and  others are eaten up by the big crocodiles as they transverse river Grumeti.



The wildebeest cover a wide distance as they pass through Kenya-Tanzania border. The main difficult that is faced by the great wildebeest is crossing the Mara River. It’s quite dangerous and yet it’s the only alternative to save them from hunger. The best moment to all tourists is the crossing of Mara River; you actually get a chance to take the best photos that will give memories. With a few tricks used by the wildebeest, some may cross the river using the shallow edge and many make it to the Mara Plains. Some that may not think of this idea may cross the river using the deep end; many are seen drowning in the river. But the kinds that drown are in most cases weak, young calves and at times old to make it to the plains. Crocodiles feed on them as they cross the river.
Once they get to the Mara plains, they get scattered all over the place as they feed on the green pasture.Unfortunately, by November the wildebeest, antelope, gazelle, and zebras have nothing to feed on. During this time, Serengeti receives short rain that makes the grass grow. The Serengeti Conservation area is acknowledged for that fact that the migration as well as giving birth to calves begins right in this place. The great wildebeest is an annual event that must not be missed for anything. Discover true wilderness of Africa.



Top Tanzania Safari Destinations

  • Ngorongoro Crater

    The Ngorongoro Crater is mostly a prime destination in East African Tanzania safaris explained with a broad wildlife packed volcanic crater.

  • Lake Manyara

    The corridor of acacia trees and shrubs is home to your renowned tree climbing lions, elephants, bushbucks, giraffes, zebras, buffalos, leopards,e.t.c

  • Mount Kilimanjaro

    Kilimanjaro is actually a popular place when it comes to safari and also mountain climbing. The park covers an area nearly 1688sq km.

  • Serengeti Reserve

    The park is among the biggest, oldest and even preferred game parks within Tanzania, covering up a area of approximately 15,000sq km.

  • Tarangire

    In the park, you will see predators such as; lion prides, terrestrial antelopes such as stately oryx and also unusual long-necked gerenuk.

  • Selous

    Found in south-east Tanzania, the Selous Game Reserve is Africa's biggest conserved wildlife reserve and occupies over 5% of Tanzania land.

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