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Eva's Childhood Memories

I was born over a half a century ago in a beautiful town of Coral Gables, Florida. I was an only child of a professional PH.D Professor of Science at a local college. He was very smart and my mother always told friends I had his brains and her beauty. I have fond memories of a rich and classy life. My mother would often entertain Doctors and Professors from the University because of my Dad's business connections. My mother was German born and bred and knew little English. She always said crossword puzzles helped her learn English but did little for pronouncing the word correctly. Yet in time my Dad had her correct the homework and exams from students. Grandpa who I called "Opa" lived with us too; he was very well off because he never lived on his own and saved everything.

After my mother divorced my dad it was my mother's constant love and attention that brought me up to be a very stable and secure individual. At age four my mother was heads with me to New England and later to California to remarry. Just as I make friends we move again, yes I was a Navy child to my step dad, who by the way hated kids. By age 10 my mom had enough of my step Dad and we leave for a new life in Germany. This is the beginning of life educating me and not just a book. I went to German schools not knowing German and half the courses were in German and half were in English. I learn language on a fly no wonder my English is not strong to this day. I remember most of the time either being my mother's best friend or only having one child as a friend or being alone a lot. We lived in Holland for a time as well which was a lot of fun and adventure.

Eva's Adult Life Experience

I left the 35 years blank from age 15 to now. But to sum it up I was attracted to truth, wisdom and healing always in an unusual way. First I got degrees/certificates in Nutrition, bodybuilding, anatomy, herbal medicine, Iridology, Acupressure and every healing method you could think of. That was 24 years ago but now things have changed. At first during my teens and twenties I took course and degrees in healing modes. Then I got my Reiki I, II, III, and Master certificate in 1999. My IET therapy degree was achieved in 2002. Before my mothers death from Cancer she disowned me thinking Reiki is demonized and also blaming me for losing a court case to keep my 2 year old son from his criminal father. At that time my mother dies, my child dies too in his fathers care after the courts did not believe me that he was dangerous. I have a 2 set CD called "Pandora’s Box" that goes into my 4-5 year ordeal with this guy and his 11 crimes against me. All I ever knew this life time is love and how to lose it. My karma thank goodness is 100% cleared and my life is peaceful no longer with trauma, abuse, lost, failure, drama and pain. Someone needed to suffer to know how it is to heal others so now my heart is filled with compassion as I hear people’s ordeals and issues. But how did I get this way, enlightened, very gifted and very powerful?

I was living in Ellington CT all by myself just me and my cat Miko. I started an internet business to do Reiki and nutrition. The year was Fall of 2002 then in December my web site was created and slowly over two years I have been doing it full time. My apartment was open to small workshops. Now my readership is almost 13 million hits in 54 countries and 8 years later and after 6780 healings I have perfected this healing method of "Soul Integration and Re-Creation" that came very gradual and inspired from God himself.

One day about seven years ago my friend Patrick paid for me to have a healing done about involving karma removal. After that healing I was a believer because for one thing just after 8 programs were cleared a bent rib was made straight that I had since birth. That made me a believer but I lost interest and had no thought about it again. Then one day I walk into a new age gift shop and pass by a book, a deep book about recreating the soul. At that time, spirit guides and angels were very active in my life and guided me everywhere and to people I needed to speak. I guess I was at the level as many new age healers are today. That was over 7 years ago. Since than I have been removing karma  on myself many times over to get to the level with my spirit being of angelic status, then a being creating other planets finally to Saint level and since January 2006 God Consciousness and God Status. Only five beings since God has been creating has he made God Consciousness and one being is Jesus and RLEE a friend whose spirit was SARA which was the child I had with Jesus and another God Consciousness level of Mary Magdalene's spirit in me. Yes, 6 years ago I found out I was Mary Magdalene which was secret to the world and now I know why. Her spirit is so hated by many people's spirit today because these spirit's in the past that kept the truth hidden now wish I was not here. God has revealed to me that karma clearing was for him and me to do only and we are the only ones to teach it. This process will bring people back to perfection as his second coming is upon us. Yes, others do some form of karma clearing and I test all healers to see what source and what level and if they are truly the good seeds/heirs of Christ. No one is more then 34 % righteous blood line other then I. One secret that no one knows today is that both a good heir line and evil heir line has developed from the blood line of Jesus heirs on earth. I stay away from the evil heirs who have powers to heal, to rule and impart control. Jesus was different he taught by example in a humble way the truth and we welcome him back this time with the balance of the female energy of MARY MAGDALENE in the kingdom of God here on earth. Now I am 82 million Christ consciousness level (as of January 2, 2011) which is equal to Jesus and speak directly to God and his son and have instant manifestation when healing. That is why my miracle healing therapy is so very powerful and 100% successful.