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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

This week I entered a contest at Quilting Gallery for Quilts for Dad.  I entered the Studly quilt I made for my Studly man for Christmas.  If you have time will you vote for it.  It is called Studly Quilt.  You can vote HERE

Notice the shadow in the corner....a photographer I am NOT!  Thanks everyone, happy weekend to you!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Finishes 2012

Can you believe that May is over?  Where did the time go?  This has been a very busy month just like they all are for me but I did manage to get some sewing therapy in this week.  I finally completed my Schnibbles quilt  during the month of May and finished March's too.  I'm finally going to be able to enter the parade YAY.  Check out the beauties at Pink Pincushion and A Quilting Life.  Maybe I'll start on April's one of these days, haha. is a few pics of my New FO's, A Year of Schnibbles, Doll Quilt Swap finish for June (yep early) and a cute little dress for Sasha.  

The fabric is Friendship by Moda and it's quilted in a loopy meander with off white  Glide.  I really love this one it's so pretty!

May Schnibbles "Doc" by Ms. Rosie's Quilt Co.

 Schnibbles i.s.t.h. by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.
Don't ya just love the pink, blue and grey's just right for a new baby or to decorate a wall in babies room.  Sorry I can't think of the fabric line right this minute but it sure is purty!

My niece - Melissa borrowed my flag quilt that my BFF Becky made for me last Summer and has been holding it hostage since last Fall.  So in able to get it back I had to make one for her.  Here you go Melissa you little thief  sweetheart.

Becky made an extra flag quilt for me in a different style and I finished binding it yesterday.  I will proudly display these awesome quilts from a very good friend.  Thanks, Becky!!!

Here is my doll quilt for June for Meg.  The theme is  something old, new borrowed and blue.  So the fabric is Retro which equals old looking, but it's new so that takes care of the old/new thing.  Borrowed well, I saw one similar at a quilt show I went to in Henderson Nevada a couple of months ago and made my own version of it.  Blue is the border.  I sure hopes she likes it.  It feels likes Summer to me.

When I was at Lets Quilt last week I happened to spy these beauties hanging on the wall by the talented Ms. Marilyn Badger.  I snapped a few quick photos then went back to work.  She is such an inspiration!  Check out the fabric painting she did on these.

Last but not least... Sasha called Grandma and said it was her preschool graduation and she needed a new dress....with flowers....and pink.  Preschool graduation was Monday, Sasha  called Grandma on Friday. Grandma can sew fast when she is properly motivated.  Here is a pix of Ms. Sasha in her new dress.

Have a Happy and Safe June.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Look What Came in the Mail all the way from Australia

I'm in the funnest Doll Quilt Swap and Sharon was my partner for May.   The theme for this month was  May Flowers and this is the beautiful little quilt that she sent me. 
Her images were so much better than mine so I borrowed them, hope thats ok Sharon.  Look at the adorable little bird and the hand stitching she did right beside it.  

Isn't it Bee-uuu-tee-full?  Sharon used the perfect fabric line, Strawberry Fields by Moda to make it and I'm sure glad she did it's one of my favorites.  Thanks so much Sharon for this wonderful little quilt.    

Here is the one I sent her for the swap, the fabric line is Friendship by Moda and since she likes mini quilts I tucked in a stand to go with it.

 This has been the funnest swap I LOVE both the quilts my partners have sent me and can't wait to see what will come next.  There are sure some talented ladies in this world!  I have my quilt made for June and the theme is....Something old, new, borrowed, or blue.  Can't wait to see who my new partner is! If you'd like to join the swap or just see what has been created by these talented members click on the doll quilt swap button on my side bar or right HERE.

Thanks Sharon I LOVE IT !!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

To all of you wonderful Mothers,  HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!  Being a mother is one of THE hardest job there is!  But being a mother is the BEST job there is.  

I'd like to show you a quilt I made for my Mother.  It was about time I made one for her.  She wanted it to be pink.  I used the Stack n Whack pattern and completed it from start to finish in 72 hours ( not consecutive hours)  including quilting.  That's the fastest I've ever made a quilt.  Well I posted my mom's quilt HERE  
If anyone has time I'd love to have your vote.  The quilt is called Garden Dreams because my mom who is 72 is still working full time and she dreams all day about being home and working in her garden.

Here's a couple of pictures up close of this quilt.

Have a wonderful weekend and a Spectacular Mothers Day.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

April in Review

What a busy month it's been!  I have managed to accomplish a few things though.  So for my 2012 New FO Challenge I'd like to show you first the Spring Table Topper Blog Hop hosted by the talented Mdm Samm from Sew I Quilt.  Here are a few of my entries; 

 Springtime Table toppers

My FAVORITE People call me Grandma!

Fall is one of my favorite seasons!

I met some really nice ladies during this blog hop and added over 50 new followers to my blog!  Thanks Ladies for following my blog.  I'm really glad you liked my Table Topper quilts and am hopeful you will enjoy seeing my newest creations as much as I enjoy seeing yours.

Next was my Doll quilt swap for Diane; 

Also finished Love the Life you Live counted cross stitch project.

Quilted this Awesome flag quilt my BFF  Becky made for me, border is in the zip lock bag on the cutting table...maybe today...

Finished these gifts the day before the family left for their new home in Idaho phew that was close!

Got a good start on a swoon quilt for a give away at work on the 8th of May.

Another good start on my Sping Wall Hanging, just needs to be blanket stitched and quilted.

Finished my Red White & Blue counted cross stitch for my  Summer decor.

My BFF Connie made 3 of these Lady Bug Skinnies and I'm quilting them.  2 more to go.

All in all a very productive month I'd say.  The more stressed I get the faster I stitch/quilt/work.  We've been looking for a new home and although that is fun it's also stressful moving from what's familiar to the unknown.  At least I have my sewing machine and stash to give me comfort as I move forward in this journey of life.  
Angie (daughter) texted me and said PJ (Presley) DGD #7 needs a pillow with her name on it, a rag doll and a towel with her name on it. "Chop Chop Grandma"
Guess that says it best, time to get off the computer and into that sewing room and make...let see that Schnibble quilt is still 2 charm packs and that Swoon quilt is to be quilted on Wednesday oh and a pillow for PJ not to mention the binding on the flag quilt, the blanket stitching on the flower wall hanging oh and the quilting on the lady bug quilts....................................................

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring Table Topper Giveaway Winner

I promised the giveaway today Thursday 4/26 for the full size Twister tool and 4 spools of Isacord Thread.

 so here we go........The winner is...drum roll please.....#42

Toni Anne, Tpott!!!

Congratulations!  I'll send you an email please send me your address and I'll get it in the mail asap.

Thanks again everyone who commented on the little quilts it was so fun to participate in Madame Sam's Blog Hop, my first ever.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Look what the mailman brought me!

I had  to show you the BEE-U-T-FUL Doll Quilt that if received from my partner.  She is Diane Wild from Bearly Wild Bears.  Just take a look at the Fabulous HAND PIECED doll quilt.  And she included a sweet little bunny with it wearing a very special note.  All of the tiny little pink flowers are hand pieced!

The Quilting is exquisite!!!

And you have to meet my new little pal...Tulip.

Here's what her little note says;
Hi Vickie,
My name is Tulip and I'm being sent to you 
from Diane with the doll quilt she made just for you. 
Diane is hoping that you will adopt me.
You see, the bears and bunnies are threatening
to take over Diane's home and she decided it
was time we find new places to live.  We love
to live with quilters because they appreciate
how cute we are and they usually have us
snuggled on colorful quilts.  I love snuggly
quilts and I think this one suits me very well.

The tulips were hand pieced because the small
pieces kept disappearing down the needle hole on
the sewing machine.  Being a bunny, I know
all about disappearing down holes.
So here I am
How lucky am I?

Lastly my sweet little neighbors are moving and Hyrum is a HUGE 3 foot tall fan of John Deer.  When he found out that I could sew he asked me for a "John Deer backpack".  I found the cutest pattern on Connecting Threads and couldn't resist making one for him and his sister and a car seat blanket for his brand new baby sister.

Turned out pretty good.  I'm sad they are moving but am blessed for having known them.  

See you Thursday with the announcement for the winner of the blog hop drawing for the Twister ruler and Isacord thread. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Welcome to the Table Topper Blog Hop!

I am so excited to be a participant in the Table Topper Blog Hop! And today is my day!!!


Table Topper Blog HOP Schedule

Wednesday April 18th

Thursday April 19th

Friday April 20th 

Monday April 23rd

Tuesday  April 24th

Wednesday April 25th 

Madame Samm at Sew I Quilt asked a few months ago if anyone would be interested in doing a Blog Hop with Table Topper Quilts.  Well...I just love to make Table Topper quilts and jumped right on the band wagon.  So since I have been anticipating this wonderful challenge since January I think,  I naturally put it off until last weekend and just finished my last 2 little quilts tonight.  Can anyone say  P R O C R A S T I N A T E ?  Well, enough of that!  Here is what I came up with on my own with my own little pencil and my own little brain.

First of all I adore my grandkids...they can do no wrong, they are all so cute! I'm sorry about the picture quality I really need a new camera but I think you can get the drift.
  Here's one for Spring.

Spring makes me want to put some flowers in a watering can, doesn't it make you want to do the same?

And last but not least something for Fall.  Did I mention I love hearts so most everything I make or quilt has a heart on it somewhere.  I found the perfect fabric in my stash for the watermelon.

 So how about a giveaway.  I think it's a good one.  This is a full size Twister tool it makes the prettiest quilts.  I've used the smaller version and made a really cute little quilt.  Also 4 spools of new Isacord thread.  I swear by Isacord, I use it for everything, quilting, embroidery and all sewing, the colors are pretty and it's really strong.
Just leave me a comment and I'd really really really love it if you'd follow my blog!  I'll choose a winner Thursday April 26th.   I hope you enjoy the rest of the blog hop.  I know I can't wait to see what everyone has come up with.