The Weevil

Formation: Line of 3 people facing a line of 4 people.  No partners.  Any sex in any position as follows:

1    3     5     7 

   2    4     6


Music: 7 x 32 bar jigs

Difficulty: Possible at ceilidhs with experienced dancers.  

Written: 1995


A1:      Line of 3 figure of 8 around line of 4.    (go through the gap – turn right, go round that person, back through gap, round left person – so 2 goes round 3 then 1  as 4 goes round 5 & 3 etc)


A2:      Face the first person you went round (right diagonal), change places with right hand, then left hand on left diagonal, right hand on right diagonal, left hand on left diagonal.


B1:    All jump forward in turn.  Starting with 1, then 2, 3 etc. Each has 1 bar to jump in. 

            All take hands in ocean wave and step back on eighth bar to form a tunnel down the middle.


B2:      Without letting go of hands 1 leads down the tunnel followed by everyone else.  When get to the bottom, let go, and return to the side that you started the tunnel from.



Notes to callers:

The figure of 8 in A1 can often cause confusion as people start wandering down the set in a reel instead.


It is important that the line of 3 return to whence they came before they try the rights and lefts otherwise they often try to turn the wrong person.  It often helps to get people to walk the first right hand change and then keep right hands held whilst they decide who to turn by the left.


The tunnel simply shows how poor the short-term memory of dancers is – as they often cannot remember which side of the set they just came from!  Calling it as first person to the left, second to the right sometimes helps.



It is possible to keep hands held during the cast back to own sides at the end of the tunnel.  This does require experienced dancers and flexible arms and shoulders!