Oval: BackHelicopters

Formation: 6 couple longways set couples 1,3 and 5 are improper


Music: 6 x 48 bar jigs

Difficulty: Possible at ceilidhs with experienced, energetic dancers and lots of space

Written: 1998


A1: Couples 1 and 6 are active: 1s face down, 6s face up: Single handed arch up or down line to their right, back up/down other line, then half way up/down original line again. Form ocean wave with men left hands joined and women on outside of set.


A2: 1&6 arch way round as everyone else circles left once round underneath arches. (1s finish facing m2&w3, 6s face m5&w4)


B1: Dip & dive as 3 couple sets across the set.


B2: 1s & 6s are still in the middle and raise arch. All others full ladies chain through the arch.


C1: 1s turn to face 6s and do-si-do the one you face by right shoulder then by left shoulder.


C2: 1s face 6s and pass right shoulder. Go to the end of the set and cast round 2 people. EVERYONE swap sides with partner. 1s end up in 4th place, 6s in 3rd place.


Notes to callers:

A1: Make sure that the bottom couple dont forget to move as well ! The arching is quite quick so when doing this with less active dancers, the arching can just go down one line and half way up the next. (NB progression is different in this case)


A2: This is where things most often go wrong usually caused by the outside circle not being able to go exactly once round. It is very important that m2 & m5 know where they came from and dont try to go under a third arch.


B1: This is usually ok if A2 is successful otherwise use the time to get people back to where they should be !


C1: This is the only real thinking time to put things back together.

C2: Make sure that everyone swaps sides and that new 1s and 6s are ready to go immediately.



During C1 it is possible for the others to do-si-do across the set at the same time this is how we originally displayed it.


Oval: Back