Arizona Prison Break: MURDERERS Escape From Kingman Prison

AMANDA LEE MYERS   08/ 1/10 11:49 PM ET   AP

Arizona Jailbreak

PHOENIX — The search for two convicted murderers who escaped from a private prison in northwest Arizona continued Sunday, while a third escaped convict was back behind bars following an early-morning shootout with police in western Colorado.

Police believe the two who remain at large are still in Arizona.

"The information from law enforcement suggests they are still in Arizona, and there's an all-points bulletin out for these people," said Charles Ryan, director of the Arizona Department of Corrections.

Early Sunday, a police officer spotted Daniel Renwick, 36, in a brown sport utility vehicle in Rifle, Colo., some 670 miles from the medium-security Arizona State Prison in Golden Valley, Ryan said.

The officer pursued Renwick, gunshots were exchanged, and the convict was eventually taken into custody without anyone being injured, Ryan said.

He said Sunday that the escape is under investigation, and the Arizona Republic newspaper reported that two corrections security teams will help with increasing security at the prison.

"We have great concerns that there was laxness on the part of security staff at this private prison, but I'm going to allow the investigation to run its course," said Ryan, who plans to meet with prison officials in the next day or two.

Renwick had been serving a 22-year sentence for second-degree murder when he and the other two inmates escaped Friday evening by cutting a hole in the prison's perimeter fence. The men then kidnapped two semi-truck drivers at gunpoint and used the big rig to flee, authorities said.

Police said the two men who remain at large – Tracy Province, 42, and John McCluskey, 45 – should be considered dangerous. Province was serving a life sentence for murder and robbery, and McCluskey was serving 15 years for second-degree murder, aggravated assault and discharge of a firearm.

The men are believed to be traveling with McCluskey's fiancee, 44-year-old Casslyn Mae Welch, who is suspected of helping in the escape.

Authorities believe the three are in a silver, four-door Volkswagen Jetta with the Arizona license plate 334 VAN. Authorities said one of the escaped convicts bought the car Saturday in west Phoenix. Police believe he may have presented a phony ID during what apparently was a cash transaction.

According to Flagstaff police Sgt. James Jackson, at about 5 a.m. Saturday, the group kidnapped two drivers of a semi-truck in Kingman and forced them at gunpoint to drive two hours east to Flagstaff.

The group left the drivers, unharmed, in the truck at a stop just off Interstate 40 and then fled. Police spent much of Saturday using helicopters and dogs to search for the men.

Authorities urged anyone with information to use caution and call police immediately.


PHOENIX — The search for two convicted murderers who escaped from a private prison in northwest Arizona continued Sunday, while a third escaped convict was back behind bars following an early-mo...
PHOENIX — The search for two convicted murderers who escaped from a private prison in northwest Arizona continued Sunday, while a third escaped convict was back behind bars following an early-mo...
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02:05 AM on 08/13/2010
az is a joke...ha ha ha
08:07 PM on 08/08/2010
okay okay. ive determined after reading some of these arguments and theories that many of you dont know what you are talking about. and you feel good repeating what has already been said. as if it were your own.
ya know what ill just post the s.b.1070 so that you can all get caught up on these current events and what the law actually says compared to what news achors say what it says.

there its a great read. nothing racist in there at all.

in fact most of it is about how federal and state law enforcement should work together to protect our borders.

ahh whats the point.
05:53 AM on 08/04/2010
They caught the Hispanic looking guy first.

Obviously suspicious because he was driving a "sport utility vehicle".
09:01 AM on 08/02/2010
Too bad they don't look Latino, they would have been caught immediately under reasonably suspision!, good job Arizona!
here to tell the truth
03:45 PM on 08/03/2010
Damn! You beat me to it. Great comment.
12:29 AM on 08/09/2010
this must be spoken by a true Latino that doesn't unsderstand the ILLEAGLE part of Illeagle alian
08:16 AM on 08/02/2010
Hey Arizona law enforcement is too busy rounding up the REALLY dangerous criminals, the Mexican landscapers in the Home Depot parking lots to worry about 3 redneck murderers.
No political points for Brewer there.
here to tell the truth
03:47 PM on 08/03/2010
Aw, give Jan a break, she can't even capture all the crystal meth dealers in Arizona.
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11:08 AM on 08/10/2010
The meth angle is good, all the systematzed delusions about people, paranoid ideation, late night desert excursions. You just nominated Methedrine, for the Arizona State Drug.
Jerry Drake
07:53 AM on 08/02/2010
Good job, Arizona! The toughest sheriff in the country has the highest crime rate in his state - and when you lock people up, you can't keep them there. Heckuva job!
Old and tired
06:19 AM on 08/02/2010
A Federal judge has ruled that these guys can't be arrested for not having ID...they should be afforded the same right as the precious and valiant illegals.
If captured they should be deported to Mexico..unless they agree to pick tomatoes, drink Busch Lite and urinate in the Home Depot parking lot.
Wow Arizona is giving us in Florida a run for the money.
We thought we were the Theme Park for the illegals, they get preference (like saints) here and we used to be the Crime Spree Capitol of the World.
Good work Arizona !
09:26 AM on 08/02/2010
wow, you must be really special in your ignorant world and i'm sure you evolved from a fish that walked up on the beach in florida a few million years ago so you no one in your history is an immigrant. but then again people that make these comments probably don't believe in evolution anyway
here to tell the truth
03:49 PM on 08/03/2010
Now if John McCain had won the presidency all crime would have been taken care of.
We blew it as a nation in not voting him in. We coulda had a bigger stooge than Bush running the country.
12:41 AM on 08/09/2010
Hate to burst your bubble but the biggest stooge ever has been elected. He willl have this country bankruped before we can get him out off office. He might even have our country run by his muslam buddies
STOP negotiating! End the American hostage crisis!
05:13 AM on 08/02/2010
So they're in Phoenix now? Good. Maricopa county needs to reap the benefits of the gop they keep voting into power. I'm still creeped out the one had to pass less than a mile from here to get up to co. Still, not sleeping well until these really dangerous people are captured.
04:30 AM on 08/02/2010
Ok people of Arizona have been lied to again, the promised low security prison in kingman ,az is now housing murders, when before it was built we were told it would not be housing then. arizona is the biggest lier around and the people of arizona are the biggest dummys, because all they do is sit around and gripe but are to chicken to get up and fight this stuff so just sit on your rears and gripe people and hopefully these murders wont be on your doorstep next, how long are the people in this country going to keep ther blinders on to the liers running our country?
STOP negotiating! End the American hostage crisis!
05:03 AM on 08/02/2010
Well, we could start with the liars running our state. And the liars at the election office telling a friend who lives in that down that there are NO Dems running against john mccain. Then we could move along to the liars on faux news and the overall policies of the gop/teabaggers.

Sheesh. So they put murderers in a LOW security prison? And they couldn't even safeguard against the most obvious escape route.... the fence? Both of those things are just par for the course for this state if you ask me. The land of stupid people strikes again.
03:58 AM on 08/02/2010
I hope that they will take Sarah Palin back to the jailhouse when they are captured.
here to tell the truth
03:50 PM on 08/03/2010
Now that's inhuman treatment to have to hear her voice. :)
"Gamilon Power!"
03:41 AM on 08/02/2010
Say it ain't so Joe. In fact say anything Joe. At the beginning of the week you were all over the media bragging about getting your posse ready to do your latest illegal sweep scheduled the same day SB 1070 was supposed to go into effect. It was struck down by a Fed Judge but no matter you went out anyway and netted 71 illegal immigrant arrests, 80 protestors and numerous beatdowns. Still you've been pretty silent since these murderers got away. I don't get why? You're doing your part to keep America safe so shine the light!
I live, I love, I slay, and I am Content...
06:49 AM on 08/02/2010
Hey, those murderers look like any other American. It's harder for Sheriff Joe because you can't ask white people for their I.D.
08:14 AM on 08/02/2010
Oh, I don't think Sheriff Joe will be asking these two scoundrels for ID. I'm SURE it will be SHOOT first and ask for their papers later.
07:46 PM on 08/08/2010
ohh ohh was not shot down by a federal judge. it was put on a back burner by a federal judge.
01:18 AM on 08/02/2010
W would have executed them.
12:53 AM on 08/02/2010
Arapio will be after them,after his finish his rounds apprehending illegals.One day.
12:55 AM on 08/02/2010
Never. They look to be caucasian. He'll never go after them.
01:15 AM on 08/02/2010
I believe you.
01:26 AM on 08/02/2010
Whats wrong with apprehending illegals?
Women can vote against the GOP or against their ow
03:32 AM on 08/02/2010
The point is that there should be a prioritization.

Catching murders may be a bit more important than hassling someone who left their driver's license at home b/c they were going for a walk.
06:10 AM on 08/02/2010
police resources are limited and could be used far more effectively targeting the employers of undocumented workers, not to mention catching escaped murderers

joe arpaio's focus on "apprehending illegals" has diverted resources "away from basic law-enforcement functions to highly publicized immigration sweeps, which are ineffective in policing illegal immigration and in reducing crime general" . . . no surprise, then, that joe arpaio's jurisdiction has seen a rise in violent crime, while violent crime rates have fallen in every other part of az
12:22 AM on 08/02/2010
Anyone else thinks the guy all the way to the right looks like Wayne Gacy?
12:00 AM on 08/02/2010
Renwick is singing like a canary: Authorities say the whole prison population voted to take the private prison public and the three escapees went out as an IPO (initial public option)!
old,sly, crafty,arty, leftie
08:55 PM on 08/02/2010