Amy Tara Koch , Style expert, author, journalist, and all-around fashion aficionado

Showing up for dinner or a weekend stay empty handed is déclassé on par with clipping one's nails in public....

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Adam Steel , Producer/Writer at Change For Balance Productions and Executive Director of the Gen Why Project

ANEW was founded by Rose Tourje seven years ago after she realized how much waste and lack of awareness about...

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Melissa Liebling-Goldberg , Editorial Director, Gilt Groupe

As a person whose closet tends to bear out the idea that fashion people and New Yorkers alike wear a...

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Blue Carreon , Fashion writer

Tadashi Shoji scored major fashion points last awards season when The Help star Octavia Spencer walked the red carpets and...

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Stephanie Vendetti , Co-Founder of How to be a Redhead and a Fashion and Accessories Expert

Ever since I was a young girl, I admired the beautiful redheaded celebrities that swept the red carpet and were...

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Kara Ross , Jewelry Designer

Referred to by the New York Times as a "fairy godmother" for her makeover abilities, I was honored to have...

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Kaity Tsui , I Love NY’s first "Greenest New Yorker"

As we go through the motions and figure out what works for our bodies as well as our closets, it's...

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Kirsten Chilstrom , Fashion Researcher and Writer

The future of men's fashion in London is looking extra bright with the debut of the menswear collections last week.

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Eddie Parsons , Style Consultant

Why do people buy high performance cars or vintage wine? Apparel is an investment that has a direct affect on...

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Michelle Rico , Founder, Miventi Wristlets

If there is anyone who knows how to create timeless elegance, especially in the realm of luxury furniture, it's Christopher...

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Julie Bortnick , Blogger, Freelance Fashion and Lifestyle Writer

Packing doesn't have to be your own worst enemy; it can actually be very enjoyable and get you even more...

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Eric Villency , Villency Design Group

Here are some things off the beaten path that have universal guy appeal... In short, the gifts Dads really want...

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Brad Getty , Author

You're not as cool as your dad and you never will be.

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Katherine LaGrave , Fashion enthusiast

After years of hedging, I'm slowly conceding: In a backhanded way, the Olsen twins do deserve some credit for what...

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Adrienne Vendetti , Co-Founder of How to be a Redhead and a Redhead Beauty Expert

Red hair gives women (and men) a level of confidence and sex appeal. I dug through fashion magazines and runway...

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