With a brutal heat wave tearing across the U.S., those who aren't clinging to their A.C. units are probably looking for new ways to beat the heat. With temperatures reaching up to 100 degrees in some places, those without air conditioning need to get creative, fast.

But don't worry! We found 15 funny, DIY ways to beat the heat by creating your own cooling system. Some of the ideas are pretty brilliant life-hacks (like a fan mounted on the driver's side of a car) and some are just plain dangerous and dumb (like taping a fan to the ceiling), but regardless, the spirit of creative problem solving is what counts. Vote for the funniest solution below.

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  • If It Works...

    If it keeps your car at a cool 65 degrees, who are we to judge?

  • Fan Boost

    If your fan isn't doing the trick, just strap on some reinforcement coolants.

  • Back Window Air Conditioning

    Does that come standard in all vans?

  • Ceiling Fan

    Not a good idea. Just not a good idea.

  • College AC

    College kids need air conditioning, too.

  • Cool The Back Of Your Head

    You just have to cut out a giant piece of your back window.

  • Refrigerator AC

    Might strain the refrigerator motor, but who cares if the apartment is cool?

  • Pick-Up AC

    Rear view mirror might be a little tough to use, but at least you'll be cool.

  • Driver's Side Fan

    A little intrusive, but it gets the job done.

  • Door AC Unit

    You'll need to cut a chunk of your door out, but it could be worth it.

  • Fan Mount

    This is a horrible idea.

  • Expensive Set-Up

    Probably more expensive than an actual air conditioner, but what's the fun in that?

  • Tarp Pool

    Who need a real pool when you can just use a tarp and a hose?

  • Just Add Ice

    As long as you have a freezer, a fan and some water, you have some form of air conditioning available.

  • Special Installation

    Just cram the air conditioner right into the door's AC slot.

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