June 23, 2012
Chris Kelly

Chris Kelly: Karen Klein Should Give the Money Back

Writer, 'Real Time with Bill Maher'

I can't shake the feeling that Karen Klein should take $15,506 and give it back to the people of Greece, New York, who paid her to monitor children on a school bus. Someone should have been monitoring the kids on that bus. And clearly it wasn't Karen Klein.

Boys Express Their Regret On A360 For Bullying Bus Monitor

Karen Klein

Bridging The Digital Divide In America's Rural Schools

School Digital Divide

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Bribing Students

How Social Media Saved the Bullied Bus Monitor


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Michelle Rhee

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Colorcoded Ids

16-Year-Old 'Genius' Didn't Actually Solve Ancient Newton Riddle

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Bullied Bus Monitor Speaks Out On TODAY Show

Karen Klein

School Turns Pledge To Teachers Into 'School Song'

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Detroit Schools Budget For Next Year Includes Nearly 1,900 Job Cuts


The 10 Colleges With The Biggest Tuition Increases

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National Report: School Funding Practices Largely Unfair Across States

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Upsetting Footage Of Bus Monitor Being Bullied Causes Outrage


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Principal Forced To Dress Up As Lady Gaga, Milk Cow

Justin Vernon

Teacher Suspended Following Backlash From Student's 'My Bad Teacher' Speech

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Why You Shouldn't Jump At Low Interest Rates

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Attorney Blasts College's Tuition Break For Undocumented Immigrants

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Charter Schools Discourage Students With Disabilities: Study

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U.S. Students Can't Explain Evidence For Correct Science Results

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Court Denies Human Rights Law To New York Students

New York City School

Students Too Poor For Their Own Graduation Helped By Community

Poor Students Graduation

6th Grader Says Teacher Duct Taped Him To Chair

College Board Sets Up 857 Desks On National Mall

Desks On National Mall

New Portal Expected To Be Largest Online Teacher Resource

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Chicago Students Protest New Code Of Conduct At Mayor's Office