June 23, 2012
Radley Balko

Radley Balko: Police Fatality Statistics Show 2012 On Pace To Be Safest Year For Police In 60 Years

Senior Writer and Investigative Reporter, The Huffington Post

We're now about halfway through 2012, and this year is on pace to be the safest ever for America's police officers. Oddly, no one is reporting it.

Swedish Professor Charged With Aggravated Assault For Eating Wife's Lips

Man Eats Wifes Lips

Reality TV Star Arrested For Punching Girlfriend, Trying To Burn Her With Cigarette

Trapper Joe

Priest Convicted Of Endangering Kids, Cleared Of Sex Abuse Conspiracy

Monsignor William Lynn

Cheerleading Coach Busted For Sexual Encounter With HS B-ball Player

Meg Crafton 12

WATCH: Teenagers Messed With The Wrong Woman

Priscilla Dang

BROKEN WHILE ENTERING: Elderly Burglar Found Dead On Kitchen Floor

Broken Glass

Mom Sues To See What Son Carried During Infamous 'West Memphis Three' Murder

Pam Hicks Steve Branch

80-Year-Old Child Molester Told Young Boys He Needed Their Semen To Live

Charles Lee Bergeron Sr

Pure Gold: Car Thief Steals Earrings From Baby Left Inside

Pennsylvania Baby Earring Swipe

'I Know How To Interact With Kids': Clown Arrested On Child Porn Charges

Sondance The Clown

You Won't 'Like' This: Louisiana Sex Offenders Must Post Criminal Status On Facebook

Jeff Thompson

Death Row Upheaval: Court Strikes Down State's Lethal Injection Law

Arkansas Execution Law

Trial Begins For Would-Be Bomber Who Wrote 'Time For Jihad' In Journal

Khalid Alim Aldawsari

Remains Of Missing Hiker With Developmental Disabilities Found 30 Years Later

Umatilla National Forest

Another Allegation Of Naked Flesh Eating In Florida


No Joke: Wife Allegedly Beats Up Husband For Reading 'The Onion'

Lynne Rasbornik Onion

No Psychiatric Evaluation For Magnotta

Luka Rocco Magnotta

Lawsuit: Co-Workers Were Jealous Of Ex-FBI Employee's Singing Career

Erika Bonilla Lawsuit

Why The Trend Toward Fewer Prisoners Might Not Last

Decreased Prison Population

But 'The Spirits Are Naked!': Medium Allegedly Made Women Strip At Seances

Karl Lang
1 of 9

Cop Fired For Showing Off Speedo Gets Rehired

Cody Harris

Bare Armed And Dangerous: FBI Distributes PHOTOS Of 'Muscular' Bank Robber

Bare Arm Bandit 3

Stolen Truck Returned With Dead Body Inside

Phyllis Cotton

Woman Drives Car Into Golf Course Sand Trap, Blames GPS

Patricia Maione

WATCH: Zimmerman Reenacts Shooting In Unseen Footage


Natalee Holloway's Mother Sues Magazine Over 'Untrue' Stories

Natalee Holloway

'Dating Game Killer' Faces New Charges For Decades-Old Killing

Rodney Alcala

Woman Convicted Of Hiring Hitmen To Murder Her Rich Husband And Mother-In-Law

Narcy Novack

DISTURBING VIDEO: Father Spanks Man For Sleeping With 'Underage' Daughter


Oldest Judge In Federal System Dies

Robert Kelleher

Would-be Bomber Writes 'Time For Jihad' In Journal

Khalid Alim Aldawsari

Body Found In Deadly Hotel Shooting

Brandy Cerny