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Chili's Server Fired After Facebook Tip Rant

We like to think there is a lesson to be learned from every mistake. In the case of a California Chili's waitress, who's just been fired for posting an angry rant on her Facebook page, we're not even sure which lesson to start with, or who should be learning it.

The incident began when this young woman was stiffed on a tip. She took to Facebook to let off some steam. "Next time you tip me $5 on a $138 bill, don't even bother coming in cause I'll spit in your food and then in your fuckig [sic] face you cheap bastards!!!!!!!!!"

Lesson #1: don't stiff servers on tips. It's often their main source of income and generally sends bad feelings into the universe. Lesson #2: you probably shouldn't threaten to spit on someone on your Facebook page, especially if you live in a state where that constitutes assault, like California. Also, restaurants are generally not excited to hear their employees threaten to spit in their customers' food.

How, you might be asking, did her managers at Chili's find out about this? That is where the story gets a little more complex. This Reddit thread exploded with comments overnight, in response to the claim that a 4Chan user, Dr. Jimmy Rustles, may have been the whistleblower on this young waitress.

The Daily Dot seems to have called this out as a fake, however, after doing some fact-checking with the management team at Chili's, who claim that the young woman's "social media guideline violations" were not brought to their attention by this gleeful troublemaker. These kinds of screengrabs are notoriously easy to fake, although they look pretty convincing to us.

fb rant

The Daily Dot also noted, "Most commenters on the thread -- which is in the 4Chan subreddit, known for a greater propensity for trolling and a lack of sympathy compared to most of Reddit -- seem to find the whole thing hilarious. A few, however, are squeamish that she lost her job over a Facebook post." The server has deleted her Facebook account, in the midst of this complex social media hurricane.

Lesson #3: Keep your fingers crossed that 4Chan's rabblerousers don't catch wind of your misbehavior and want to mess with you, just in case this is actually how things went down.

[via Eater]

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We like to think there is a lesson to be learned from every mistake. In the case of a California Chili's waitress, who's just been fired for posting an angry rant on her Facebook page, we're not even ...
We like to think there is a lesson to be learned from every mistake. In the case of a California Chili's waitress, who's just been fired for posting an angry rant on her Facebook page, we're not even ...
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3 minutes ago ( 7:52 AM)
I agree with the waitress about the bad tip,but you cannot place your own ingredient in the food. I believe there should be an 18% gratuity added to the bill to prevent this.
27 minutes ago ( 7:28 AM)
Wow.. my wife was a server about 15 years ago and made $2.15 per hour + tips.. From reading the comments..its STILL that low??

I see people (commenters) on both sides of the coin here:

Maybe the service was poor, maybe the guy was one of those "ignorant" tippers, maybe thats all he could afford, maybe thats all the cash he had left over...

My family goes out to eat about 8 times per year... I have a large family, (me, wife, and 3 teenaged daughters)..I usually try to tip 10-15%... When paying with a credit/debit card, it is easy.. just add the amount in.

But.. on the other hand.. In this girls situation, maybe the guy was there for only 30-40 minutes..

If she makes 2.15 per hour and he gave her 5 bucks.. thats 7.15 per hour that she jsut made off of ONE table....

BLUF: Sucks to be her.....
1 hour ago ( 6:55 AM)
Tipping is part of the social contract in the US. In Europe they pay servers a decent wage- so tipping is much more of a "holy cow you guys were good" situation. Restaurants in Europe are also a LOT more expensive- because they pay for the service out of the general food bill. In America, it's like how they don't put the sales tax on the price tag: you should expect to pay it anyway. So if you are stiffing a server, they really should be terrible. If they are doing an ok job- they should be getting 10-15% in most of the country.

In cities like New York, cost of living is a lot higher- and service jobs are a lot shadier. Most workers at bars are paid under the table- often getting a "shift pay" of twenty to thirty dollars per ten hour shift- and then whatever they make in tips.

In New York- the tipping goes like this: one dollar per drink at a bar (you'll get better service if you tip an extra dollar the first round, and tip for everything, even water). At food establishments, 20% is a respectable tip. Under 15% makes the servers think they pissed you off, or that you are cheap/clueless. It's literally not worth their time to give you better service the on your next visit- since they have a better shot with another customer that knows the rules.
1 hour ago ( 6:38 AM)
This is getting ridiculous. This person was just blowing off some steam! I don't think people realize the "Pandora's Box" we're opening when employers can hire & fire you based on opinions or comments outside of work. One day it may be they can fire you based on your political beliefs or even based on who you might know on social media. (Such as a former employee of that company). This is a story that affects us all, whether we realize it or not.
41 minutes ago ( 7:14 AM)
Very good point..
18 minutes ago ( 7:37 AM)
It was not her position to do so, and threaten the reputation of that business and its customers, and further threaten assault, doing so was a violation of the law. She got very minimally what she deserved, I would like to see her arrested for it, and sued by the venue for loss of business over it.
2 hours ago ( 6:20 AM)
People rely upon tips more so than an hourly wage. Anyone with any manners knows to tip between 10 and 20% dependant upon your perception of service. Servers dont cook the food so dont blame them. Many an mom is out there trying to support her kids and do their best to be a good server. Its a damn shame Chile's doesnt have a policy other than fire their own servers who complain on facebook ! For all you non tippers out there. Your mom served you for free. Grow up !
2 hours ago ( 6:08 AM)
All the more reason tipping should be abolished.
2 hours ago ( 5:42 AM)
Tipping is not mandatory in the United States, so the waiter should be happy if he gets anything. Of course, it's a nice gesture to tip, but the fact is, if anyone should be tipped, it would be the cook/chef - he prepared the food, the waiter "only" transported it. I don't understand why someone would expect a large tip, you should be thankful for anything you get from a costumer, and not go behind their back and criticize. What if someone just hasn't got the money to give a $20 or more tip?! in this economy, such sum is quite a lot.
2 hours ago ( 6:00 AM)
Then you stay home and cook and transport your own food to your table and save yourself these troubling situations, since you cant figure it out for yourself.

No one is forcing you to go to a restaurant where the tab would indicate a $20 tip. If you cant afford that, go to a cheaper restaurant where the tab, and the tip, would be less.

"What if someone just hasnt got the money to give a $20 tip?"-that isnt the stupidest question ever, but it's up there.
1 hour ago ( 6:31 AM)
I eat very often in restaurants and i almost always leave a tip, but there are some people who just can't afford it. And please don't insult me. A waiter is paid by the employer for waitering, so it's his job to do what his job is. Tipping is voluntary and if the service was satifactory, i'll leave a tip. but there are times, when i have just enough money, so i can't leave a tip or the tip is very small - in this case i expect from a waiter to understand and not spit in my food the next time i come.
Btw, i love cooking :)
19 minutes ago ( 7:36 AM)
Many years ago I worked doing payroll at restaurant. The waiters and waitresses made $2.13 per hour on paychecks. They rely on tips as part of their pay. They also had to claim 8% of their tips. Yes some had good weeks and some didn't, but it was calculated of sorts to 15% gratuity. It is a tough job and admire those that do it. Try dealing with some of the rude customers who think they are above waiting tables. It would have to be a very, very bad waitress to not get a tip from me.
Orbiting a small unregarded yellow sun
3 hours ago ( 5:09 AM)
Yeah, well I just got $15 on a $265 bill by some chickies in sashes and tiaras...didn't even pay for my tipout (in case you don't know what that is, it's the ten percent of my sales that I am required to give to my support staff). So basically I paid money out of my own pocket to wait on these stupid clucking hens. However, I am not mad. I make more than they do, and sure as hell know more about conducting myself in a civilized manner out and about in the world than they do. I feel for you, Chili's waitress.
3 hours ago ( 4:54 AM)
The one thing I want to know is, if serving/waiting tables is such a horrible job, and so poorly compensated (by wage+tips), then why do so many people do that work? It goes beyond taking just any job in a hard economy-there was no shortage of waitstaff in the boom years.
Orbiting a small unregarded yellow sun
3 hours ago ( 5:11 AM)
It's good money for the hours, and generally flexible so you can pursue other things.

However, if you ran a business, and expected to get X amount of money for an item, wouldn't you be pissed if, because someone was in a bad mood or stupid or uneducated, they decided to give you less?
18 minutes ago ( 7:37 AM)
If you ran a business as a savvy business person, you would not give the customer that amount of leeway on price. It's not the way to run most businesses.

But to answer your question, I would be pissed enough to hand them over to a debt collector or take it up in court here in the UK.
This user has chosen to opt out of the Badges program
2 hours ago ( 5:29 AM)
because sometimes it the only thing they know how to do,and sometimes young people take jobs like this because the hours are fexable so they can work their way through school. Being a server is hard work, I don't care what anyone says. I used to be a server when I was young. I feel bad for this woman, sounds like she was just angry and posted something stupid before she thought it through. People need to be careful what they post on a social media website, what you post is not private, and can be seen by thousands of people, and there is always someone who will take what you say and try to use it against you. I hate it that this person lost her job, hopefullly she learned her lesson and it won't prevent her from getting another job in the near future, I also don't feel like she should have been fired, management should have talked to her and maybe give her some time off so she could have thought about what she posted after she cooled off. I also don't blame her for being angry, I have been stiffed like this in the past, when I was a server, some people will run your legs off and won't tip you a dime, that's just the way it goes sometimes.
2 hours ago ( 6:12 AM)
So apparently, however hard the work (and yes, I know it's a demanding job), and the varying levels of tipping-it's still a decent paying job, averaged out, and one that is accessible for a large group of people.

Thank you both for your replies.
3 hours ago ( 4:30 AM)
oh wow I've been to that Chili's!! Thank God my family tips well whenever we go there!!!
4 hours ago ( 4:13 AM)
This kind of comes back around to the whole employers in a person's social media business thing, that is still a little too close to big brother not to mention skirting dangerously close to violating her 1st amendment rights. They may not agree with what she said, but firing her for it to me seems like asking for a legal battle.
3 hours ago ( 4:30 AM)
oh well......better than losing customers over it
13 minutes ago ( 7:42 AM)
No. When you publicly threaten assault to a business and its customers and damage their reputation, you are making yourself a threat to both and they were correct to fire her. As I said above, if I were the business owner I would sue her for loss of business. Public permanent speech comes with responsibility. If you use it to cause fear and economic damage, you are liable. If you slander someone you are liable.
4 hours ago ( 3:52 AM)
I think we all should watch the movie Waiting..... yeah, never mess with the people who handle your food.
This user has chosen to opt out of the Badges program
5 hours ago ( 3:09 AM)
Ive been a server at Chilis and I had moments like these many many times. Chilis is one of the places where people are going to get cheap food. I mean as a former service, do you know how much they had to buy to spend 138$ worth of food on that person? How long they stayed at that table, even if she did the very least. . . got the product out late perhaps, she still did the job and spent the time. She still deserved 15% of that bill. I had people simply leave me 1$ on a 100$ bill. As people expect grade A service. My managers new I Was an excellent server and would comp one meal off these large table orders so that I could at least make a 10% tip. I know that this girl like the many, are just victims of an unfortunate amount of people who are stupid and selfish, they expect A+ service, for peanuts. She makes 2.15$ an hour, come on! People just want to spend all their money at a restaurant without paying for the service. It should be included gratuity on large bills and for some restaurants they are already doing this. I have always been disappointed w- this part of being a server, because people are soo horrible sometimes. But shell keep trucking, my advice is next time pick a place that charges gratuity.
4 hours ago ( 4:03 AM)
Maybe you ask your boss for a raise? Seriously, I get the food myself.
2 hours ago ( 5:44 AM)
The federal government has frozen that 2.15 wage since Bush was first elected. Hermann Cain lobbied them to freeze it.
3 hours ago ( 4:34 AM)
and yet the service was most likely bad and the 5 dollars was meant as a stead she received a different lesson from her employer

too funny
marla singer
I am Jack's micro-bio
2 hours ago ( 5:59 AM)
Actually, rt, a lot of people who eat at Chili's and places like that think $5 is an AWESOME tip. This is coming from someone with 12 years serving experience. There is a certain segment of the population that simply does not tip; mostly from ignorance of the wage that servers earn ($2.13p/h), and of the fact that a percentage of their tips MUST go as tipout to bartenders, bussers, hostesses, and cooks! In my time, I had folks ooh and aggro over the wonderful service, even telling the manager how great I was, and STILL stiff me on the tip! It's extremely frustrating when you know you are doing an excellent job, and people fail to reward you for that. Put it into your own life terms: you'd be furious if you were told to expect a bonus for doing a great job, and then didn't get the bonus even though you did the job as expected, wouldn't you?
Felicia Hunter
5 hours ago ( 2:55 AM)
Im with the server on this one, some people are just down right ignorant when it comes to tipping. My husband is a poker dealer who makes $4 an hour. We live off of tips he gets from players. Theres players who will win 3 thousand dollar pots, and throw you one white chip which ='s $1.
3 hours ago ( 4:36 AM)
ok so.....get a different job
This user has chosen to opt out of the Badges program
2 hours ago ( 5:32 AM)
easier said than done, in this day and age, with the economy being as bad as it is, at least he has a job.
Haters have no effect on me. I'm idiot proof.
5 hours ago ( 2:46 AM)
My first thought is, you work at Chili's if you want good tips go to work at a better quality restaurant. My second thought is (and yes I have waited tables) perhaps your service was poor. A better approach would be to get customer feedback to find out why the tip was low not throw a hissy fit.
3 hours ago ( 4:37 AM)