It's time for the 39th Annual Daytime Emmys (Sat., June 23, 8 p.m. ET on HLN), which means it's also time for a look back at some of the Daytime Emmys' best and worst red carpet fashion moments ever.

Much like the Grammys, the Daytime Emmys are always hit or miss when it comes to style. From the soap stars to game shows hosts and daytime talk shows, the taste level has proven to be questionable at best over the years.

Proof: Some out-there looks from stars big and small that include bare midriffs, a pantsuit straight out of Sinbad's '80s closet -- on a woman -- and a purse made out of a stuffed cat. Seriously. But for as many looks that landed on our worst list, we also have some best looks from Oprah Winfrey, Rachael Ray, Susan Lucci, Erika Slezak and more.

Click through our best and worst Daytime Emmys fashion gallery to see them all:

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  • WORST: Kelly Ripa, 2000

    Can you believe this is the same year "All My Children" star Kelly Ripa auditioned for her spot co-hosting with Regis Philbin? Compare this showgirl/stripper style to her America's sweetheart persona of today.

  • BEST & WORST: "The View" hosts, 1999

    There's very little hope for the red carpet style of Star Jones and Joy Behar, but luckily they had their "View" co-hosts Meredith Vieira and Lisa Ling on hand to class up this group shot.

  • WORST: Melody Thomas Scott, 2002

    Is "The Young and the Restless'' star Melody Thomas Scott trying to say that America is No. 1? Or is she just practicing to appear on a 4th of July parade float? Either way, we're not feeling the fashion fireworks.

  • BEST: Deidre Hall, 2005

    "Days of Our Lives" star Deidre Hall is a perennial red carpet favorite, but this skin-tight leopard look was va-va-va-voom enough to remind fashion fans why we love her so much -- the perfect balance of sexy and classy.

  • WORST: Vanessa Marcil, 2004

    "General Hospital" alum Vanessa Marcil really went full-on showgirl for the 31st Annual Daytime Emmys at Radio City Music Hall. And we don't mean that as a compliment.

  • BEST: Bob Barker, 2007

    "The Price is Right" host Bob Barker looked dapper as always posing with the last of his Daytime Emmys for Outstanding Game Show Host, awarded the same month he officially retired after his 35-year stint on the show. In that time, he got 24 nominations, with 13 wins, and his red pocket square always looked fresh.

  • WORST: Judith Chapman, 2009

    The only thing missing from "The Young and the Restless" star Judith Chapman's safari-chic ensemble is a camel to carry her down the carpet.

  • BEST: Niecy Nash, 2008

    A little sunshine is always a welcome addition on the red carpet. Former "Clean House" host Niecy Nash's sunny yellow strapless gown fits her like a glove, and the matching flower in her hair is her ever-stylish signature accessory.

  • WORST: Star Jones (then-Reynolds), 2006

    This was the year Star Jones said goodbye to "The View" after nine years, the year she flaunted her then-hubby Al Reynolds at red carpet events and, apparently, the year she decided this outfit was acceptable.

  • BEST: Susan Lucci, 2009

    Proof that La Lucci just gets better with age, she truly is the gold standard of soap stars.

  • WORST: Stacy Haiduk, 2009

    Stacy Haiduk has made the rounds on several soaps over the years -- "Days of Our Lives," "All My Children," "The Young and the Restless" -- but this might be her stand-out moment. Carrying a crazy cat purse (her stuffed "Y&R" co-star, of course) reminds us all that taxidermy does not an accessory make.

  • BEST: Wendy Williams, 2009

    How you doin'? Daytime diva Wendy Williams did not disappoint here in a curve-hugging acid green gown. Wendy sure knows how to make an entrance.

  • WORST: Lena Baurley, 2009

    Was actress Lena Baurley hoping to hypnotize us into thinking this psychedelic print mess of a dress actually looked good? There's no other explanation.

  • BEST: Vanessa Williams, 2009

    Vanessa Williams, who was starring in primetime soap "Desperate Housewives" at the time, stole the Daytime Emmys show as host in 2009. Singing and dancing, she also had several fabulous outfit changes, but this white gown was a favorite.

  • WORST: Melissa Archer, 2010

    Actress Melissa Archer might've only had "One Life to Live," but she had two very in-your-face assets at the Daytime Emmys in 2010. Fittingly, the show was held in Las Vegas that year, but this is one style sin we can't forgive.

  • BEST: Tyra Banks, 2009

    Tyra Banks knows a thing or two about being over the top, but this red carpet look is truly her understated best. Clean lines, simple accessorizing and a fabulously fresh color.

  • WORST: Rosie O'Donnell, 2006

    You'd think years of landing on awards show worst dressed lists would teach Rosie O'Donnell to try a little harder, glam it up just a tad, maybe even hire a stylist. But this long, open jacket/pants combo looks like it's on loan from Sinbad's closet in 1988.

  • BEST & WORST: Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi, 2007

    This look is a worst for Ellen DeGeneres -- the satin dutch boy jacket is just trying too hard for the usually casually-cool daytime host -- but her wife Portia picks up the slack in this chic polka dot top.

  • WORST: Shanelle Workman, 2005

    After starring on "One Life to Live," Shanelle Workman moved on to "The Bold and the Beautiful" in 2005. Too bad this skin-baring look is only one of those things.

  • BEST: Sarah Michelle Gellar, 1995

    Before she slayed vampires on "Buffy," sweet young Sarah Michelle Gellar famously stole a bit of the "All My Children" spotlight as Kendall Hart Lang, the role that won her a Daytime Emmy. While cheesy and a little lingerie-esque, we approve of this very age-appropriate dress.

  • WORST: Aretha Franklin, 2005

    It doesn't matter why Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, was even at the Daytime Emmys -- security must've been a lot more curious about what she might've been sneaking into the show in that cleavage.

  • BEST: Erika Slezak, 2005

    Erika Slezak's 41-year reign on "One Life to Live" was punctuated with nine Daytime Emmy nominations (six of them wins) and many memorable style moments, including this stunning jewel-toned gown. It's good to be queen!

  • WORST: Susan Lucci, 1987

    Oh 1987 ... not Susan Lucci's finest fashion moment, but you have to appreciate her ability to sell such a saloon girl chic ensemble with that megawatt smile.

  • BEST: Rachael Ray, 2006

    TV "cook" and daytime host Rachael Ray tends to have trouble dressing for her body type on the red carpet, but not here -- whoever picked out this gorgeous rust-colored gown deserves an Emmy acceptance speech shout-out, at the very least.

  • WORST: Tyra Banks, 2007

    Don't even try to smize your way out of this one, Tyra. This is a whole lotta gown, even for a glamazon former model, and it's stealing the spotlight from her in all the worst ways.

  • BEST: Marlee Matlin, 2011

    Marlee Matlin is absolutely breathtaking in this bright fuchsia gown. The simple lines keep it classy, and the short train adds just the right amount of drama for the occasion.

  • WORST: Kelley Menighan Hensley, 2004

    Kelley Menighan Hensley might've starred on "As the World Turns," but this midriff-baring look makes us more curious about what happens as the genie is released from her bottle. Our one wish: To unsee all of this.

  • BEST: Oprah Winfrey, 1994

    Oprah Winfrey had her ups and downs (with her weight and her style) over the years, but you can't deny she's clearly on top of the world here. Happy, having fun and going home a winner once again.

  • WORST: Kassie DePaiva, 2004

    If the My Little Ponies came to life and hung out in the Wild West, they'd wear this dress. Sorry, but "One Life to Live" star Kassie DePaiva (who got her start on "Guiding Light" and later went on to do "General Hospital") gets our vote for wearing one of the worst soap star styles ever.