General AVR info

General AVR info

AVRs are 8-bit RISC micro-controllers produced by ATMEL corporation. They are well featured and flexible controllers, suitable to many tasks. There are many members of the AVR family - see Atmel's AVR web site for the current range.

AVR stands for

	AVR = "Alf (Egil Bogen) and Vegard (Wollan) 's Risc processor" 

Within CSE, a number of AVR chips are in use. However the principle ones are:
ATmega64, ATmega32 and the ATmega323, AT90S1200
Other members of the family have been used, including the AT90S8535, the AT90S2313 and the ATmega8. Generally speaking, code written for one device will operate on the others.

C Language

There is another site that is new to me but is probably worth a look:
It has versions of many dev tools for the AVR, and is under active maintenance at Dec 2004 as I write this.

Assembly Language

This section is somewhat old and is Linux-centric.

Windows 98/2000/XP users will be better suited to investigate AVR Studio. This is Atmel's AVR developmnet tool which includes Assembler, simulator and an IDE.