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Higgs Boson Particle: Researchers' Data Closing In On New Particle

Higgs Boson

06/21/12 01:07 PM ET  AP

GENEVA -- Scientists at the world's largest atom smasher say they have reams of new data that will reveal with greater certainty whether they have already glimpsed a long-sought theoretical particle that could help explain the origins of the universe.

A spokesman for CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research near Geneva, told The Associated Press on Thursday that scientists will release the new data early next month at a physics conference in Australia.

James Gillies said the hunt for the presumed Higgs boson is advancing in great secrecy because as researchers pore over the data "it's not yet clear exactly what they're seeing in it."

The particle's existence is theorized under the main particle physics theory that explains the Big Bang, and finding it would be considered an enormous scientific breakthrough.

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GENEVA -- Scientists at the world's largest atom smasher say they have reams of new data that will reveal with greater certainty whether they have already glimpsed a long-sought theoretical particle t...
GENEVA -- Scientists at the world's largest atom smasher say they have reams of new data that will reveal with greater certainty whether they have already glimpsed a long-sought theoretical particle t...
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11 minutes ago (12:34 PM)
Post continued...

Black holes are actually gravity generating machines. In this model, the whole is definitely greater than the sum of its parts. The problem with mathematics is that it is a tool of approximation. Not one physical “thing” is ever equal to another physical “thing”. An apple or a piece of gold is different from one Fundamental Moment to the next. All numbers can only represent transitional states. Given the law of absolute change, 1 = .9999999..... because 1 has decayed by the time you can say “equals”. If 1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3 = 1, shouldn’t .333333… + .333333… + .333333… also = 1? There is no such thing as the concept of absolute equalities. The universe can be understood intuitively using the tools of mechanistic logic. The universe has gotten more complex as it aged. At the "beginning", it must have been at its simplest state, and it can't get much simpler than as described above. I am currently writing a book on this subject and would appreciate any feedback or arguments.
17 seconds ago (12:45 PM)
I think Hawking said that as a black hole increased in entropy there would have to be evidence of heat emission
12 minutes ago (12:33 PM)
They will never find this "God Particle" or Higgs boson. The most fundamental law of the universe is change and change is absolute. Everything that exists changes in definition from one Fundamental Moment to the next. The force associated with change is gravity, which is the true unified field Einstein was searching for. At the “beginning”, time, matter, energy, space and dimensions did not exist. There was literally nothing...nothing except absolute gravity that crystallized the three spatial dimensions. Take an uncooked piece of spaghetti and apply pressure to each end. What will happen? If there is no bias to any specific dimension, the spaghetti will bend in the middle but not to the left, right, up or down. It will coil the same way as the wire on your old land line telephone. Imagine this spaghetti is a gravitational line of force and virtually infinite in number and all focused on a single point in 3D space. This crystallization of absolute gravity results in the Big Bang. The only way "nothing" can change is to create "something" by the collapse of that single point. The Big Bang is the tensor product of this absolutely dense crystallized gravity. The universe "begins" in a “nothing” state, creates “something” (physical universe) and eventually decays back to the “nothing” state again. Matter is actually twisted gravitational lines of force and space is its domain. The decay product of matter is gravity. The result of the decay of all matter is absolute gravity.
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1 hour ago (11:26 AM)
I had a dream one night.
One of the few dreams I've ever had.


Matter or Base Unit Particle (BUP), equals 1 to the power of infinity, 'divided' by Resistance equal to the decay of Matter back to BUP.
Because there is nothing here that is not part of existence, everything is, it is therefor a 1.
Because we know no end to that which exists, it is 1 to the infinite power, in a three dimensional sense, we don't ever 'run out' of ones, but we never have none, and we never have two.
'Two' become something else, a higher form of matter.
All of these BUP suspend in a sub-sub-sector of existence that even the void of space is made of.
A '3d grid' of BUP that spans all we know.
The 'vibration' of string theory is actually the resonant wash of 'higher matter' splashing through this grid over time.
Matter acceding and descending the ladder of 'fruition', as echoes 'strum' the grid, and that energy caused by the proximity of 'undulating and infinite' positive, the movement of all other BUP is what creates 'higher matter'.
The Big Bang was more of a tiny bump, that started a ripple, that became a thousand trillion echoes across a beautiful eternity.
1 is always greater than 0, that's why we exist.
It's where 'we' came from, and where 'we' return to.
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1 hour ago (11:26 AM)
Pt 2, Cont.
The energy at that level is all matter reacting to the same polarity in close proximity and all direction.
There is 'no escape' from the push of neighbors in the grid, only vibration in it.
It could explain why music is part of so many of us in profound ways.
The vibrations of BUP 'flow' might work best in a universal harmony.
It might be said that music is the 'highest form of existence' that we know of.
The energy at BUP level is the 'white light' of pre-death experience.
The common theme of all the people you know and love, being there to greet you, is because we are all the same.
We already know every 1.
The god particle.
1 hour ago (11:19 AM)
I love how science continues to demonstrate the nonexistee of a god by incrasing our understanding of how the universe actually works but the chrisitian fundamentailists just retort with silly little questions like "well, who created the this, or who created that, or who sparked the big bang".
We take our understanding to the next level and they repsond with rheorical nonsense, as to be expected because religion is lazy, doesnt take any real evidence to accept.
53 minutes ago (11:53 AM)
But somehow when you ask them "well who created God?" it's perfectly logical to them to respond that he always existed. Best for them to keep out of any scientific discussions.
5 hours ago ( 7:33 AM)
I don't know I can't help but think they are looking in the wrong place... it would seem that the atom was not created during or even after the big bang, in fact as atoms are self contained it makes me wonder if there was a big bang at all? we know there are black holes, areas in space that suck, or draw in all particles including light but are these voids really bottom less pits or charging stations that re energize atoms and disperse them somewhere on the other side, into an opposing dimension? being that just to create an atom takes extreme pressure and a calculated mix of selected electrons and mass, it makes more sense that an atom, , is either produced or pre-made, or recycled, recharged in a black hole than randomly put together in a bang or in infinity. in other words that "god particle" is God himself. or at least a machine he's made and the product delivered as is.
3 hours ago ( 9:18 AM)
I can't help it but you sound utterly confused. At some point the light went out and now you are in the dark. I am so sorry.
Liberal cheerleader for the repug self destruction
2 hours ago (10:41 AM)
Not one part of that shows any knowledge of real science.

Here's an idea why not go read up on lithium and the big bang? Perhaps read up universe expansion?

All the real evidence shows the big bang happened. The Hibson particle (if it exists) is a suppose thing to help explain how energy became matter. And just like not understanding lightning a couple centuries ago this mystery does not automatically mean "god did it" or support which ever flavor of one you picked.
6 hours ago ( 6:40 AM)
When will we Scientific God? I am eagerly waiting to submit some scientific prayers. Rev. Scientist ,please create HIM as fast as you can.
3 hours ago ( 9:18 AM)
Realism Only
8 hours ago ( 4:53 AM)
Our existence in informational.

I'd like to thank our god-like programmers for entering such cool data for us to collapse with our senses..

Keep it going, CERN team!
Micro-bio...that's yogurt right?
10 hours ago ( 2:55 AM)
Well, I hope that they have discovered proof of the Higg's boson, and not the Higg's bozo's. If the big bang turns out to be just one of many clown gags....back to the drawing board.
Jarrod Putnam
And so long as men die, liberty will never perish
1 hour ago (11:20 AM)
The Higgs Boson has nothing to do with the Big Bang...and even if the Higgs was found NOT to exist, it would still be an enormous discovery.
11 hours ago ( 1:43 AM)
Why do the science articles always bring out the dummies who failed high school science?
10 hours ago ( 2:28 AM)
Because they have these bad dreams about being back in school...

PS: School is scary. I never failed in school... even I am having occasional bad dreams about being back in school and not knowing the answers. :-)
10 hours ago ( 2:55 AM)
In my bad high school dreams I always have the correct answer.  The problem is I discover that I'm naked whenever I'm called on to answer the question.
Liberal cheerleader for the repug self destruction
2 hours ago (10:43 AM)
My experience there's 2 kinds;

Dummies who since they watched a little scifi now think they know something

And the religious who proudly fail and now display their stunning ignorance proudly and think "God did it" is the ultimate trump card for any debate.
11 hours ago ( 1:34 AM)
I've read quite a few comments here on the subject of time, and there are a multitude of theories (e.g., is time a reality or do we simply impose time on our perceived world?). As a starter, I think that a simple way to explain would be to ask people if the idea of time is at all relevant if there were just one object in existence, or if there were two or three or more objects (at least on the macro level) that didn't move in relation to one another. You could argue that space exists between the various those various objects, but time would have no meaning.
11 hours ago ( 1:42 AM)
Brilliant! And so simple to comprehend. You've given me some great ammo for some of the weird discussions I get embroiled in ... Thanks.
1 hour ago (11:31 AM)
Than.k you too! You've made my day.
10 hours ago ( 2:15 AM)
You could also pull out a pocket watch, point at it and define time as the quantity measured by it.

So simple. So effective. So physical. Well, in reality we aren't using pocket watches but atomic clocks, but the idea is exactly the same. And it works, too. Amazing.

You mad, bro?
12 hours ago ( 1:11 AM)
And I'm still stuck on the whole "chicken or the egg" thingy....
10 hours ago ( 2:16 AM)
Don't. In the beginning was the dinosaur. And the dinosaur evolved into a chicken. And that chicken laid an egg. It's very simple, really.

Micro-bio...that's yogurt right?
10 hours ago ( 2:51 AM)
science generally accepts that in the evolutionary process, the egg came first.
Realism Only
8 hours ago ( 4:54 AM)
D*mn right...
5 hours ago ( 7:16 AM)
False, the chicken did came before the egg. The chicken like other modern creatures is the product of derived characteristics from natural selection and mutations that occurred over generations to their related archaic fowl predecessors.
12 hours ago (12:43 AM)
Better start looking over your shoulder for the Vatican and the Illuminati.
13 hours ago (11:59 PM)
This is some really important stuff...sort of...why not spend the time and money on something say and alternative fuel to replace gasoline, cure cancer, find a good hamburger…there has got to me better things these cats can be doing…the universe like is already here and there is nothing anyone of these guys can do to change it…so what’s the point...funny lines on a black board…
13 hours ago (12:06 AM)
I am afraid that we blew the money on your education, already, and we didn't get any return from that, either. At your age you are expected to know that mankind can walk and chew gum at the same time.

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12 hours ago (12:19 AM)
You realize that the discovery of the god particle, in addition to the dozens of other things the LHC can do, would greatly advance science in almost every single field? Potentially, this could be the key to things such as fusion energy, other sources of energy, radiation better capable of getting rid of cancer, etc.
It's speculation now, but in ten more years, it could be the most important breakthrough in scientific history.
13 hours ago (11:51 PM)
13 hours ago (12:06 AM)