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British And American Officials Deny Investigating UFO Threats, But Do They?

Five Massive Myths About Space Aliens

UFO Reports Tie Up Traffic On Capital Beltway In Maryland (VIDEO)

The Bizarre UFO Sighting That Kicked Off Britain's Flying Saucer Debate

Underwater Mushroom-Shaped UFO Still A Mystery

E.T.s Eat Corn Dogs? San Diego County Fair Targets Extraterrestrial Visitors

Should 'Prometheus' Prep Us For An Alien Invasion?

(PHOTOS) Top 10 Lost Worlds

Terrifying Archaeological Discoveries

E.T. Secrets Hide Beneath Ice On Earth, Scientists Say

WATCH: 'It Was Like Nothing I've Ever Seen Before'

Time Travel, Mind Control, Aliens In New 'Montauk Chronicles' Movie

Scary Stories Told By People Who Say 'Men In Black' Are Real

E.T. Hunter Who Inspired 'Contact' Character Steps Down

LISTEN: UFO Nearly Takes Out Jet Over Denver

EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Army Colonel Seeks Amnesty For Military Personnel Who Witness UFOs

'UFO Phil' Planning Network Show For 'Real Aliens'

Picturing Alien Abductions: Alleged Victims Draw Their Experiences

Shoot Bigfoot In Texas? It's Legal!

Dorito-Shaped UFOs Buzz Skies Over Tennessee, Missouri, England and Australia

You Won't Believe Who Started Paul McCartney Death Legend

U.S. News & World Report: 'Why UFOs Are Dangerous'

15 Famous Alien Abductees

WATCH: Seattle Attorney Says He Traveled Through Time The Night Lincoln Died

'Aliens Think We're Idiots,' Claims Russian Scientist

A NASA Camera Captures A Huge Alien Ship Near The Sun (Unless It's A Camera Glitch)

Exobots And Robonauts: The Next Wave In The Search For Extraterrestrials

Do Close UFO Encounters Pose A Safety Hazard For Airplanes?

PHOTO: 'UFO Galaxy' Looms 35 Million Light-Years From Earth

Humming, Hovering Diamond-Shaped UFO Pays Southern California A Visit

William Shatner Myths & Conspiracy Theories

After Almost 40 Years Ex-Military Pilot Reveals Close UFO Encounter

Bigfoot Search Requires Permit In Arkansas

E. T. Hunters Explain What Happens If Space Aliens Show Up

NASA's UFO Files TO Be Revealed On Science Channel Special

Robot Submarine On Jupiter's Moon Is 'Holy Grail' In Search For Life

WATCH: Did A Ghost Make This Box Of Fruit Roll-Ups Jump 18 Feet?

Russian Roswell UFO Debris Prepared For The Public At Vegas Area 51 Exhibit: Exclusive

WATCH: The 6 Most Famous Alien Abductions

WATCH: Is That Flashing Light In This Hip-Hop Video A UFO?

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