Pre-born Death Warrants

Labor of love



by: Raquel Okyay



Since 2003 I have volunteered as a Helper of God’s Precious Infants at the direction and guidance of Msgr. Phillip Reilly.  I am a trained ‘sidewalk counselor’; my job is to provide men and women who enter abortion facilities with information that can truly help them.  I have been ridiculed by the workers inside but not usually by the entrants, who welcome my thoughts and often are surprised by the amount of information they were lacking concerning the abortion topic.  It’s not an easy job, for sure, but certainly well worth it – each second, each beating heart at a time.





Roe v. Wade (1973) & Doe v. Bolton (1973)


These two U.S. Supreme Court decisions declare that “a woman can legally abort her unborn child at any time throughout her entire nine months of pregnancy…for any reason.”  State laws have placed restrictions on this legal right, and abortifacient drugs such as RU-486, also known as the “morning after pill” are legal under these Court decisions, as well.  A federal ban on partial birth abortion was signed into law by Congress and President George W. Bush in 2003, and its constitutionality upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2007:


The statute includes two findings of Congress:


A moral, medical, and ethical consensus exists that the practice of performing a partial-birth abortion… is a gruesome and inhumane procedure that is never medically necessary and should be prohibited; and


Rather than being an abortion procedure that is embraced by the medical community, particularly among physicians who routinely perform other abortion procedures, partial-birth abortion remains a disfavored procedure that is not only unnecessary to preserve the health of the mother, but in fact poses serious risks to the long-term health of women and in some circumstances, their lives. As a result, at least 27 States banned the procedure as did the United States Congress which voted to ban the procedure during the 104th, 105th, and 106th Congresses.  (Source: Wiki)


While the ban is a small battle won, the combined Court rulings does nothing for the death warrant already placed on the pre-born’s little head, which includes chemical warfare and tearing of limbs at the behest of its biological mother, for any reason at all.  Prior to 1973, approximately 150,000 abortions were committed annually in doctor’s offices even though it was illegal.  The notion that women were subjected to “back alley abortions” was indeed a lie to coax supporters into accepting what was and what continues to be, a lucrative enterprise amounting to 1.5 million surgical abortions each year, today.  That’s 10 times the amount of profit.


The first abortifacient drug – the “Pill”


The pill first marketed in the late 1950s in Puerto Rico had a contraceptive drug component that prevented women from ovulating.  This drug made women sick and was only about 50% effective in preventing pregnancy.  The drug companies would later add a second component to improve effectiveness, and this component ruptures the lining of the uterus wall, so that if the contraceptive component fails and conception occurs, the embryo would be unable to attach to the wall of its mother’s uterus and be expelled during the next menstrual cycle.  Without the rupture, the embryo would normally attach itself to the uterus wall within 5-14 days after fertilization (union of a sperm and an ovum resulting in a zygote).


Testing of the Pill with both drug components revealed a success rate of 92% in preventing pregnancies, but the pharmaceutical companies had one problem, they could no longer market the drug as a legal “contraceptive” because of the abortifacient drug component.  So, they changed the definition of the word “pregnancy” to mean when the fetus attaches itself to the wall of the uterus, at “implementation”, rather than the biological form use at “fertilization” when a fetus is born.


Today, we are seeing dangerous results of long term pill use to include breast and cervical cancer, and a public that does not understand that the pill may cause an abortion.


Eugenics, Margaret Sanger, and population control


The 1968 best-selling book “The Population Bomb” written by eugenics enthusiasts Paul and Anne Ehrlich duped Americans into believing that action to limit population growth was necessary to save the public from mass starvation, and legal and forced abortions, mass sterilization through food and water supply, and mandatory bodily implants to prevent pregnancies became the natural solution to the nonexistent problem of overpopulation.  Hysteria from the popular book died down after man-made global cooling became trendy and saving the whales became more important than population control, but the crusade for profit and easy access to unborn death warrants, never stopped.



Eugenicists, who have a long history of promoting population control, believe that the human race can be improved if certain people did not reproduce.  Margaret Sanger was a well known Eugenics leader, and in 1916 founded Planned Parenthood, an organization whose focus was and still is – to use chemical warfare and later abortion as a form of birth control for “blacks, misfits, and retards.”  Sanger was associated with “The Negro Project” which encouraged black leaders to promote the practice of birth control in black women, and frequented KKK rallies.  Clearly an unabashed racist, Sanger’s dream of marked population control continues today, even after her death in 1966.



In her book, Woman and the New Race (Eugenics Publishing Company, 1923) she writes:


“Birth control itself, often denounced as a violation of natural law, is nothing more or less than the facilitation of the process of weeding out the unfit, of preventing the birth of defectives or of those who will become defectives.” (p. 229)


Later in 1992, Planned Parenthood would report:


“Abortion services have been deliberately and systematically targeted toward African Americans.” (Source: Right to Life Montgomery County Educational Foundation, Inc., 2004)


Physical and emotional dangers


Here is a partial list of side effects of surgical abortion: nausea, increased breast cancer risk, infection, uterine perforation, high blood loss or severe hemorrhage, permanent cervical or cardiovascular problems, seizures or coma, psychological disorders, and death. (Source: 2004 American Life League, Inc.)


Workers at abortion facilities will have you believe that abortion brings back yesterday; a simple solution to a serious problem.  Yet, it never is simple.  Abortion almost always confounds the initial problems associated with an unwanted pregnancy.  In fact, many post abortive women experience “post abortion syndrome” which manifests symptoms similar to “post traumatic stress disorder” experienced by men and women returning from war.  Women who have abortions compared to women who choose life are more likely to use drugs/alcohol, commit suicide, and 1 out of 2 times will be back for a second abortion.  Even in the case of rape victims, studies show that having an abortion in reaction, to be an additional traumatic experience.


Dr. Mahkorn’s study led her to conclude that encouraging abortion as the solution to a rape pregnancy is, in fact, counterproductive, because abortion only reinforcesnegative attitudes.  Her observations are worth quoting [here]:


Because it is likely that the victim already harbors feelings of guilt as a result of the assault, medico-social pressures which encourage and result in abortion could compound the woman’s feelings of guilt and self-blame [over the abortion itself]…Perhaps as a result of their own biases and an unwillingness to deal with the more emotionally difficult complications of a pregnant rape victim, many physicians suggest abortion in this case as one would prescribe aspirin for a tension headache…While on the surface this ‘suggestion’ may appear acceptable even ‘humane’ to many, the victim is dealt another disservice.  Such condescending [‘quick-fix’] attitudes on the part of physicians, friends and family can only serve to reaffirm the sense of helplessness and vulnerability that was so violently conveyed in the act of sexual assault itself.  At a time when she is struggling to regain her sense of self-esteem, such a ‘take charge’ attitude can be especially damaging.  Often the offer of such ‘quick and easy’ solutions as abortion only serves those who are uncomfortable or unwilling to deal with the special problems and needs that such complications as pregnancy might present. (Victims and Victors, Acorn Books, 2000)


Abortion providers baulk at the claims of post abortive women, keeping the truth hidden from its newest customers.  Women as a result, are misinformed, and usually in a moment of desperation, fall for the abortion trap, the overpopulation myth, or the outright lie, that a human fetus is not human at all.


Pregnant women are purposely not informed of the dozens of crisis pregnancy centers available to them, and in New York State, more than abortuaries.  These are non-profit organizations able and willing to assist women, and their families in a crisis, yet are ridiculed by abortion providers as being “religious fanatics” offering faux medical help.  However, the reality is, these centers help thousands of women choose life for their baby each year.  But, you will not see Planned Parenthood give a referral to a crisis pregnancy center for a hesitant client, for the sole reason that it would lose money if they did.  That’s why 96% of pregnant women who enter Planned Parenthood have an abortion.   My question to Planned Parenthood is: Where is the choice?





The science of human life


At the moment of conception, the embryo contains all of the chemical information determined for its life, such as; hair color, eye color, temperament, sex, and all such physical and mental characteristics of the human body, and from there, nothing changes except that the embryo continues to grow if left uninterrupted.


“Leading human embryologists agree that all human development from fertilization to birth and beyond is a continuum.  From the beginning, the zygote is a human being, complete with its entire genetic makeup.” (2003 American Life League, Inc.)


Modern technology has highlighted life’s formation in the womb, now more than ever, the public can see with their very own eyes the tiny life grow, but still, the pro-death movement, who have infiltrated the media, the current White House and most of Hollywood, the truth about life in the womb is obscured.


Just 21 days after conception, the baby’s heart is beating…At 6 weeks, brain waves can be measured…At 8 weeks, the stomach, liver, kidneys and brain are functioning and fingerprints have formed…At 11 weeks, all of the baby’s organs are present and function.  He or she breathes (fluid), swallows, digests, sleeps, dreams, wakes, and has developed all the body parts required to experience pain.  From 11 weeks on, all the child needs to become a healthy newborn is nourishment and time.  (Source: Dayton Right to Life)


Right to life


To separate themselves from British rule, the thirteen United States of America, in 1776, unanimously declared their independence, as follows (in part):


We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.  – That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute a new Government.”  (Declaration of Independence)


The most unsafe place for unborn life in America today, is its own mother’s womb.   Do not be quiet and indifferent, in our hearts we know, the quandary of innocent, unborn life, who have no platform but existing quietly and vulnerable to money hungry killers hell bent on destruction.


The greatest homage we can pay to truth is to use it.” James Russell Lowell


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  2. Thank You Raquel. Very Helpful Info. that everyone should know.

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  4. Raquel, You have presented information every American should read. Over 53 million innocent souls have been lost to this barbaric procedure. Abortion has brought the devaluation of life throughout our society. Thank you for your effective advocacy for the about to be born.

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  6. So Glad I just shared on Facebook. To every reader: If you speak with any sidewalk counselor in Queens, NY and other areas of NY, not even counting efforts on Florida……You will here about the great affect of Raquel. God Bless you Raquel. You are a true Hero.

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