Publishers who wish to support worldwide literacy and
education often donate their excess inventory to the
International Book Bank. Our work appeals to publishers and
other book donors, such as institutions, because they know
their books will go to those who truly need them and who prize
them as invaluable learning materials.

Please note:  We regret that we cannot accept personal book    
donations from individual people.

What kinds of books do we seek? The IBB needs:

  • Carton quantities (minimum of 20 copies)
  • New children’s books, literature, and textbooks   
  • Primary, secondary, or tertiary levels
  • Materials in English, Spanish, or French
  • Teacher training materials and classroom kits

Because we have a high demand for children’s books and
books in Spanish or French, we accept them in smaller than
carton quantities.

It's very important that the materials we distribute be sensitive
to cultural issues, be gender appropriate, and cover topics with
broad interest (e.g., not U.S.-centric, time-limited, or with
content that could clash with taboos in other cultures).

What kinds of materials do we not accept?
Because we typically cannot find takers for used books or
academic journals, even those in good condition, we don't accept
them. We also cannot accept donations of single copies of books,
or books that proselytize for a specific religion.

Publishers who donate books to the International Book Bank may
deduct, according to U.S. tax law, the cost of production and
manufacture of the books, 50% of the retail mark-up, and the cost
of shipping the books to our warehouse. In addition to supporting
our mission, the
value to the publisher of the tax deduction
exceeds any potential return from having the books recycled.

The IBB is
sensitive to publishers' market concerns and works
closely with publishers on book distribution issues. Further, our
skilled warehouse crew handle receiving the donated books and
manage the entire overseas book distribution process. Finally, we
can receive large quantities of books at our Baltimore warehouse
on short notice. We look forward to working with you!
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"“The more that you read, the more
things you will know. The more that you
learn, the more places you'll go.”
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Important Note to
Potential Book Donors

Before donating books
to the International Book
Bank, please be sure to
contact us to discuss
options and to ensure
that your donation can
be used effectively in a
developing country:
We Thank These Generous
Organizations and Publishers for
Their Book Donations:

American Bible Society
Atrium Society
Axios Press
Bearport Publishing
Bound to Stay Bound Books
Daedalus Books & Music
Dana Press
The Dictionary Project
East of the Sun Publishing
EMIS Meidcal Publishing
Illumination Arts
Juris Publishing
Marshall Cavendish
McGraw-Hill Education
Northeast Foundation for Children
Pearson Education
Pembroke Publishing
Platinum Books
Portage & Main
Rowman & Littlefield
Solar Publishing
Summits Crossroad Press
W. W. Norton & Company
World Bank Publications
World Book
Do You Want to Donate
Your Own Used Books?
We recommend The
Book Thing
, also in
Baltimore. Please
contact them
directly via:

We're sorry that we
cannot accept personal
book donations.