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Cartilage Piercings


Category : Cartilage Piercings

Different Cartilage Piercings


The different cartilage piercings that have become common these days comprise of a variety of trends of piercings in the ear. In the past, only the earlobe piercing was considered to be common among people. However, with time, a variety of ear piercing trends have become popular in the world. The most common type of ear piercings is limited to the ear lobes, but that does not mean that there are no new trends available for ear piercings. Cartilage piercings trend is something new that has grabbed the attention of youngsters around the world. Usually, cartilage piercings comprise of piercing the ear cartilage area in different locations around the ear. Here is a look at some cartilage piercings that are common these days.

Types of Cartilage Piercings

The types of cartilage piercings comprise of some interesting ear piercings that have become common lately. For example, tragus piercings are considered to be one of the most common types of cartilage piercings these days. Tragus piercings are done on the tragus of the ear, a piece of soft cartilage that lies just outside the ear canal, on top. Just like the tragus piercings, anti tragus piercings have also become popular. Anti tragus piercings are directly opposite to the tragus piercings and considered contrary to these piercings. Other cartilage piercings comprise of helix piercings and rook piercings, both done in the soft cartilage are of the ear. Industrial, orbital and daith piercings are some other types of cartilage piercings popular these days. The reason why these cartilage piercings have become so popular is related to the fact that cartilage piercings are much safer than other types of surface piercings. Here is a look at some other related aspects of cartilage piercings.

Cartilage Piercing Information

Apart from the different types of cartilage piercings that are common these days, some other cartilage piercing information would help you with understanding these piercings. The pain associated with cartilage piercings is not something too great and is considered to be easily bearable. Healing of cartilage piercings usually takes about 6 to 8 months, with certain piercings requiring about 12 months. Therefore, if you are thinking about getting any of these cartilage piercings, make sure that you go through the available cartilage piercing information about them.

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