Cane Swords / Griefhound, split tape

August 3, 2011
By Paul Simpson

Split tape sent to me by a label from Akron.  The Cane Swords side is totally killer, just absolutely great outer-space synth exploration.  It feels like a bunch of different alien crafts coming at you at the same time.  It’s rough, it’s not a smooth journey by any means.  Towards the middle it enters some sort of fragmented warp zone, then goes into a little bit of combat mode, then spaces back out for a while.

The Griefhound side takes a while to get going, but then it tears into some lo-fi sludge metal.  The riffing is nice enough; the vocals kind of ruin it for me, though.  I guess I’m not really into this sort of thing.  It sounds like there’s a tambourine in the second song, though, so that’s pretty unique.

Rubber City Noise


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