Elongated Skull Project

The amazing global interest in the Elongated Skull Phenomenon that I am working on has prompted me to create this special page for it. Paracas Peru is the “motherland” of this phenomenon, and the most famous elongated skulls shown on the internet and in museums around the world are from this area.

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We are working with experts such as Lloyd Pye, of the Star Child Project (http://www.starchildproject.com/), the  genetics lab in the US which is analyzing the Star Child, David Hatcher Childress and others to get to the core of who these people were and whether or not there is a genetic component to the elongation. All of this is being done free of government funding and therefore influence. Is it possible that people were actually born this way?

DNA and C-14 testing are now being performed on the Paracas skulls, thanks in a very large part to the assistance and diligence of Lloyd Pye. Through financial donations from you, we can figure out where the Paracas came from, and how old a civilization they are.

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Results from the first 3 Paracas skulls tested, released on June 14 2012 have given us C-14 (carbon 14) dates of approximately 2300 years of age for all three skulls, plus or minus 30 years. This confirms that the skulls are ancient, and that these people existed as a genetically distinct group. The Nazca people, famous for having made the Nazca Lines moved into the Paracas area at approximately 100 AD.

The photo above is of Perhaps the most classic Paracas skull seen yet. It’s cranial volume is at least 25% greater than that of a contemporary human of the area, the bone is thicker and denser, has fewer bone plates than “normal” people and the eye sockets are immense in size.

Another intriguing feature of many of the Paracas skulls is that many had reddish auburn hair; not the conventional jet black hair of the vast majority of American Native people. This suggests that part of their DNA may have come from ocean voyaging people in the distant past. This reddish tint to the hair can still be found on the island of Rapanui (Easter Island), in Tahiti, Aotearoa (New Zealand) and in Hawaii. 

Possible ancient connections between these people are documented in Brien’s latest book: Crimson Horizon.

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We are also thankful to have the talents of artist Mark LaPlume working with us. Over the past year Mark has made hundreds of drawings of what he thinks the Paracas people, and other elongated headed people looked like.

Limited edition prints, posters and t-shirts of the above and other images will be available from Mark Laplume very soon. For questions or orders, contact him at: laplume108@hotmail.com.

Investigation of the age and DNA of the elongated skulls is not to be restricted to Paracas. Similar and possibly related people seem to have lived in Tiwanaku Bolivia, Cusco and Ayacucho in Peru, as well as other locations. It seems quite probable that these people were either the makers of, or descendants of the Megalithic builders of these areas.

100% of all donations via Paypal HERE go directly to discovering who these people were, where they came from, how they lived, and how they may have been related. Also, all donors are put on a special email list and receive detailed information that the general public will not be offered.

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 And below is an episode of Ancient Aliens, season 3 featuring Brien and a Paracas skull from the Paracas History Museum: