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Interactive Website Design

Online Website Content Updates (PHP/Perl)

Plain pages are not much fun, especially if you wish to make visitors return.
Updating your website's content can take up a lot of time, especially if you lack HTML knowledge.

There are PHP/Perl facilities, which would allow you post announcements, news and articles to your website using an Internet Browser from any PC connected to the Internet.

For screenshots of the content update script, please click here.

Interactive Features using Perl/CGI/PHP

Imagine having a store without any assistants to help your clients. Or a business without a reception to greet visitors. The clients will walk away. Your website is just like your business or store and it needs to 'talk' to visitors.

Below are some facilities which can add interactivity to your website:

Search Facility (CGI)

It is not advisable to assume people will find their way round your site.
Because there is no one they can ask, the best option is to offer a search script which will bring relevant results depending on the search terms.

Click here to visit and use the search facilities there.

Contact Form (PHP/CGI)

Contact forms can be simple or complex, depending on what you would like to ask your clients.
When a visitor hits a 'Send' button, the content of the form is emailed to you via a CGI/PHP script.

For an example of a contact form, please click here.

Discussion Forum (PHP/CGI)

Discussion forums are a great for interaction, however, not all websites are suitable for one.
It works for sites like these - Recipeland.Net, Anthems.Com

Mailing List Subscription(Perl/CGI)

Offer your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, which can be designed either as plain email or look as nice as your website. It could be sent monthly or weekly or whenever you have something you would like to tell your subscribers.

This is a good way to develop a loyal base of regular visitors, especially that the mailing script offers the facility for 'hassle-free unsubscribe from mailing list' service.

Test the demo - follow the link on the right.



Subscribe to Newsletter

Click here

Email Privacy Guaranteed!

Link Exchange (CGI/Perl)

Exchanging links is great for increasing visitors and your website's search engine ranking.

The script will allow you to easily manage your links and will encourage people to link to your website.

To view the script in action, please click here.







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